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  Communications Officer report #1 (06/07/2020)
This report was submitted by COMM/FA Jarek La\'an/CS-4(a)/SSSD Sovereign

Fleet Admiral Jarek La'an
REPORT DATE: 6th June 2020
Opening Comments
Greetings all from the long vacant and largely abandoned desk of the Communications Officer. The Fleet Commander saw fit to appoint me to the position a little over a month ago, granting me the distinction of a 3rd assignment as COMM. Having served in this position from 2005-6 and 2007-8, it's safe to say that in the 12 years since the wonderful world of online communication has changed beyond almost all recognition.

Many of you will recall bustling mIRC channels, a constant litany of abusive b0ts and the dozens of SG or BG, House, Clan and Squadron areas active at the time. Our current world of Telegram and Discord, to name two platforms in common use, is different but also very similar - both are great, active communities for like minded people to talk and interact. It's always been true that as the fortunes of the EH have waxed and waned, it's been on the backs of increasing or decreasing communication and participation from our members.

Looking at us, as we currently stand, it seems to be an area that's growing again and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. I'm as surprised as anyone to note that the Message Boards still live and a small but growing group of pilots are continuing to use them - as such I'll be clearing and monitoring users and forums on a weekly basis, so please flag up any format changes or issues you may be having with access. If you spot a spam account that's got past me, don't hesitate to let me know!

In closing, I'm very much getting used to a new portfolio and the emerging opportunities we as a group are able to exploit. All I ask from you is that you all continue to communicate in a respectful and considerate manner, remembering that we're in this together and all on the same side. I'm not here to censor views or opinion, or shout about the CoC whenever someone uses bad language, but I would ask that you remember our membership includes a diverse age range, cultural backgrounds, creeds and genders to name a few - consider the effect of your words before they're published and remember that every username is a person as well.
Communication Platforms

This section will, in future, focus on communication platforms or software in use by specific units or elements of the EH. For now I will simply signpost those that new pilots or cantankerous veterans alike may find useful;

EH Message Boards

I won't profess more than basic familiarity with most, but if there are other systems in use then please let me know. Specific links to Discord or Telegram groups can be requested from your Squadron CMDRs or across the mailing lists, so don't be shy!

Good - our first quote... of the day
“In three words I can summarise everything I've learned about life; it goes on.”

Robert Frost
La'an cleared his inbox quickly, flagging some messages and reports for later analysis, discarding a great many others for his staff to deal with in his name. The awakward juncture between the communications systems of the fleet, government and populace of the Emperor's Hammer seemed to be far more of a challenge than he recalled from his last assignment to this office - but he would have been a fool to assume that nothing had changed in over a decade.

"Pass the word to my staff, I want to review the comms holdings in the Aurora system over the next 3 days. Snap inspections, no warnings - have my shuttle ready in 2 hours." He deactivated the unit on his desk, trusting his assistant to make the necessary arrangements without his unhelpful presence looking over their shoulder. He would start at the centre and work his way to the outer reaches of the network, then follow any bugs back in.

The Fleet Commander had graciously allowed his requisition of a specialist support ship to allow his work to proceed without dependence on other offices or pulling assets away from areas they were sorely needed. La'an had located an Arquitens class command ship in the reserve fleet, mothballed but otherwise in good condition and now recommissioned as the Herald. The installation of additional hyperwave transceivers and arrays had compromised some of its offensive capabilities, but created a vessel capable of handling or relaying a fleet's traffic with bandwidth to spare.

It would suit his purposes for now, although La'an had no doubt that if his office was seen to add value then additional resources might flow towards him, away from the more well known Tactical or Logistics divisions, but for now he would make do with scraps.
In Closing
Stay engaged, stay active and communicate. Treat your peers with respect and heed the CoC - if you have any queries or ideas, drop me a line!

Until next month,


COMM/FA Jarek La'an/CS-4(a)/ARQ-C Herald