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  TIE Corps Commander report #4 (05/12/2020)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-IOA-EDR/FA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Hammer


REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander



This week, I started asking the technical questions related to supporting Classic Battlefront II here in the TIE Corps. AD Miles Prower is looking at some things for me, but if you've spend a lot of time in CBF2 and know a lot about how multiplayer matches are configured, let me know.

The ISDII Hammer and ISDII Warrior both have new Commodores, congratulations to HA Elwood the Brave and FA Silvius!

As previously announced, the other Admiralty Board appointments are now live. VA John T. Clark is now officially the SOO and AD Miles Prower is officially the COO as of the 9th. I'm particularly glad to have a SOO to take over on those duties and I'm sure I'll have more for him as time goes on.

Prior to being selected for Hammer COM, GN Elwood the Brave resigned from the secondary role of COOA and was awarded the GOE for his service to the Corps. Thank you for all that you've done for us and now continue to do in other ways!

The wave of returning veterans and new recruits continues, as you've seen on the mailing list and is listed below. Many thanks to those that are getting the word out about us!



If you’d like to submit something for the newsletter, just attach the file to an email and send it to me. If it‘s something that’s already been uploaded somewhere, just email me the URL.

If you complete a new Imperial University course, you'll notice that your EH database profile gets updated automatically but not your TC database profile. The latter are updated manually, please give us a couple of days after your test is graded for the new course to appear in your TC profile before you email us about it.


  • MAJ Alejandro Araujo of Alpha Squadron was promoted to LC
  • CM Drake Starfire of Rho Squadron was promoted to CPT
  • LT Firebreaker Terrik of Sin Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • LT Genie of Sin Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • SL Garriald of Beta Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Germ of Beta Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Witchblade of Beta Squadron was promoted to LT


  • GN Jarek La'an was given a secondary profile and assigned to Communications Officer (COMM) as FA Jarek La'an
  • AD Miles Prower was transferred from Hammer COM to COO
  • VA John T. Clark was transferred from COO to SOO
  • GN Elwood the Brave was transferred from Epsilon CMDR to Hammer COM as HA Elwood the Brave
  • COL Silvius was transferred from Epsilon Squadron to Warrior COM as FA Silvius
  • COL Doyon added the secondary position COOA
  • MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw returned from the Reserves and was assigned to Delta Squadron
  • CT Apos Steem completed his training and was assigned to Rho Squadron as SL Apos Steem
  • CT Germ completed his training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL Germ
  • CT Witchblade completed her training and was assigned to Beta Squadron as SL Witchblade




  • Earned a few LoSs from EABF2 and SC PvE
  • Everybody's a Critic April results
  • Did some cleanup of the TC Mailing List member roster


  • Greeting new cadets and performing onboarding tasks before assigning them to squadrons
  • Processing transfers and other profile updates in the database
  • Running TIE Corps in Battle, the Trivia Grand Tour, and Everyone’s a Critic
  • Updating TC database profiles with IU course completions
  • Posting news to the feed in the database


  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual update
  • The Commodore Volume 7
  • WARD and EDR selections
  • Last few steps on April evaluations
  • Evaluating CBF2 and Elite Dangerous for inclusion in the TIE Corps


  • Taking TM/3
  • Updating Squadron Management in the IU to SM/5
  • Competition resource - what we’ve done before to serve as a pool of ideas for what we can do next
  • Figuring out another solution for completing the evaluation feedback loop
  • FCHG career awards
  • Evaluation point system for competition participation



If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Telegram at @Plif346, on Discord at Plif#2475, or over email at plif346 at gmail dot com.

Fleet Admiral Plif
CoLx5/CoE/CoB/LoAx13/OV-21E [Centurion] [Ace 2nd] [Ace Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion