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  Delta Squadron Commander report #61 (11/12/2019)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer






Delta Squadron Weekly Report

November 12th 2019


Date Submitted: November 12th 2019

From: CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana

To: COM/AD Miles Prower

CC: TIE Corps




Welcome all to this week's Delta Squadron weekly report.


It's been a good week for us, we've had some decent activity on the trivia, a couple of submissions for the Delta on Tour competition and I've seen that the October MSE has already been commented on by the COM & SOO, so we're well on the way.


LT Seppen continues to show some great activity and has recently submitted an IWATS course for consideration by the TO. MAJ Shadowclaw has also received a missing Imperial Security Medal - good catch by our SOO, FA Plif.


Also a reminder that activity for this report is counted off ATR’s since the last report, so if I have missed anything please let me know 😊


Finally, I hope everyone has had a good start to the week!





Delta on Tour - 


We had three submissions for Delta on Tour, with LT CharlieX taking the plaudits and winning this round, so well done Lieutenant!


CharlieX : 157,535

Seppen : 124,729

Phoenix : 10,478


Good work to both Lieutenants for their work. No new medals this time around, but several pilots are close to earning one with their next submission as per the rules below.


Next up we have TIE TC#227 with a deadline of November 24th! As requested by GN Dempsey we're going to the other end of the battle compendium! :)



Top scorer for each round earns 3 points, 2nd place earns 2 points and all other submissions earn a pilot 1 point.

5 points is worth a IS-BW, 10 points a IS-SW, 15 a IS-BW, 20 a IS-SW and so on.


Table as November 12th 2019

Phoenix - 11

Dempsey – 8

Impulse – 6

Aval - 4

CharlieX - 3

Seppen - 2



Delta Trivia -

This weeks round focused on the planet of Dathomir and its infamous Rancors. Good work to Lieutenant Seppen who scored a full 12/12 points available, an Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons is in the mail!


Q1: What species sat at the top of the Dathomir's foodchain?

A1: Rancor


Q2: In which sector of the Galaxy would you find Dathomir?

A2: Quelli Sector


Q3: What was the Gibbit Bird famous for doing?

A3: Cleaning a Rancors teeth


Q4: What Dathomiri clan was Tosh associated with?

A4: Singing Mountain Clan


Mirei - 12

Impulse - 6

Aval - 5

Dempsey – 1






Delta CMDR: COL Phoenix Berkana

  • Ran this weeks round of Delta Trivia
  • On email, Telegram and Discord


Delta 1-2: LT Mirei Seppen

  • Earnt 24 Legions of Skirmish
  • 3 TIE Battle (16 missions)
  • New FCHG Rank: Knight
  • New COOP/PVE Rating: Private 2nd
  • Completed 2 IWATS Courses
  • Submitted a new IWATS Course
  • Recruited SL Genie
  • Wrote two fictions (being uploaded to profile)
  • Won this weeks Delta Trivia
  • On Email / Telegram / Discord
  • Included her own report (https://mireiehpilotreports.blogspot.com)


Delta 1-3: LT Charlie X

  • Flew 1 TIE Battle (4 missions)
  • On Email / Telegram / Discord


Delta 1-4: GN Anahorn Dempsey

  • Flew 6 TIE Battles (31 missions)
  • Took part in the this weeks Delta Trivia
  • On Email / Telegram / Discord




Delta 2-1: MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw

  • Earnt an Imperial Security Medal
  • On Email / Telegram / Discord


Delta 2-2: MAJ Shado Fenn

  • On email


Delta 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

  • On email




Delta 3-1: COL Impulse

  • Took part in the this weeks Delta Trivia
  • On Email / Telegram / Discord


Delta 3-2: LCM Aval

  • Took part in the this weeks Delta Trivia
  • On Email 


Delta 3-4: LT Mingdug

  • On Discord





Delta Squadron – Assassination

COMMANDER   Colonel Phoenix Berkana

NICKNAME   Razor of Retribution

MOTTO   "Celerant mortalis"

WEBSITE   http://deltasquad.emperorshammer.org/

MESSAGE BOARD   http://www.emperorshammer.org/hessageboard/viewforum.p...

REPORTS   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/showreport.php?id=1&nid=10

BATTLEBOARD   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=10



Nickname: The Razor's Edge

Motto: "Novaculum Mortalis"

[1] COL Phoenix Berkana

[2] LT Mirei Seppen

[3] LT Charlie X

[4] GN Anahorn Dempsey



Nickname: The Razor's Touch

Motto: "Strike First - Strike Once"

[5] MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw

[6] MAJ Shado Fenn

[7] LCM Mazr Donir

[8] TBA



Nickname: Razor's Gleam

Motto: "And in a flash it ended..."

[9] COL Impulse

[10] LCM Aval

[11] TBA

[12] LT Mingdug


Total: 10





Thanks for reading all.




CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

GS/PCx9/ISMx13/IS-1SW-3SR-24BR/MoI/MoC-3doc-3poc-3goc-4soc-26boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoA/OV-20E [LANC]