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  Combat Operations Officer report #2 (11/09/2019)
This report was submitted by COO/RA John T. Clark/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor


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FROM: COO/RA John T. Clark
TO: whole TC
DATE SUBMITTED: November 9th 2019

I've started my first week as Combat Operations Officer and was already involved in many Command Staff level communications and decision making. A lot of that is new to  me, but overall it is not that much different from communications in an active squadron.

As you can see I have tried to experiment with getting a nicer report out, I like the colours so far, please feel free to send in recommendations, or improved templates...

Marksman 1st - 100 points -  Imperial Security Medal
COL Horus Blackheart: 61 points (39 points required)
Officer 1st - 300 points -  Palpatine Crescent
COL Gyssler: 268 points (32 points required)
AD Impulse: 226 points (74 points required)
Veteran 1st - 600 points - Bronze Star of the Empire
MAJ Keth Aalith: 490 points (110 points required)
Ace 1st - 2,000 points - Silver Star of the Empire
AD Plif: 1,884 points (116 points needed)
FA Silvius: 1,822 points (178 points required)
TAN - 5,000 points - Gold Star of the Empire
GN Elwood the Brave: 4,143 points (857 poitns required)
COL Pellaeon: 2,331 points (2,669 points required)
Private 1st - 100 points - Imperial Security Medal
MAJ Rando: 91 points (9 points required)
CM Steve Dermody: 79 points (31 required)
Gunner's Mate 1st - 300 points - Palpatine Crescent
FA Mark Schueler: 271 points (29 points required)
LC Nile Rosenau: 227 points (73 points required)
Campaigner 1st - 600 points - Bronze Star of the Empire
COL Len Eode: 528 points (72 points required)
CPT Alejandro Araujo: 507 points (93 points required)
Master Ranger 1st - 2,000 points - Silver Star of the Empire
GN Coranel Both: 974 points (1,026 points required)
GN Dunta Polo: 943 points (1,057 points required)
Top Ace Ranger - 5,000 points - Gold Star of the Empire
COL Pellaeon: 3,986 points (1,014 points required)
GN Earnim Branet: 3,729 points (1,271 points required)
COO's Monthly Challenge 2019 - whole TC

This Combat Event will be for the Distinguished Flying Cross. Your goal will be to submit a victory screenshot with the highest number of kills + half assists you can get in one round of and Star Conflict PvP matches. For this event, Assists are counted, but only at half weight and we round down. If a pilot finishes a match with 10 kills and 5 Assists, the score for the match would be recorded as 12. Submissions to this competition are made through the database like any other 24/7 LoC submission. While processing LoCs, the COO and COOA keep an eye out for new personal bests and update a shared spreadsheet.

When a pilot has won the DFC 3 times in a row, he cannot win it in the fourth month. His points will be tracked, but not counted for the Combat Event. For his efforts, he will be rewarded with a IS-SW.

Current top 3 ranked pilots:
1: GN Earnim Branet
2: COL Silvius
3: GN Elwood the Brave
All Combat Competitions are open to the whole TIE Corps.

Weekly Competitions:

TIE Corps vs AI 2019
no submitted screenshots

TIE Corps on Recon 2019
no submitted screenshots

Monthly Competitions:

MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2019
current top 3 pilots:
1: GN Elwood the Brave
2: GN Earnim Branet
3: FA Plif

MP COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2019
current top 3 pilots:
1: GN Elwood the Brave
2: COL Silvius
3: GN Earnim Branet

COO's Star Wars Challenge - Episode V
current top 3 pilots:
1: GN Elwood the Brave
2: CPT Alejandro Araujo
3: FA Plif

COO Monthly Assignment 2019
current top 3 pilots:
1: LT Mirei Seppen
1: GN Elwood the Brave
1: LCM Coremy Jertese


Every week I will include an encoded transmission in my COO report. Your task will be to decode the transmission.

The code will be different every time, and the solution must be an readable and understandable English sentence. The theme of the transmission will be the Star Wars based. 

 The first pilot sending the correct answer to the mailing list wins and get an IS-BR. 5th victory will be updated to an IS-SR, 10th to an IS-GR and 25th to an IS-PR.

The 2nd pilot who send the correct answer to the list will be given 3 points, the 3rd pilot 2 points and everyone else 1 point. Those points will be summed up: 10 points will give you a IS-BR and 25 points an IS-SR.

This week's transmission:
"Go gobo yx dro fobqo yp qbokdxocc."
Hint: G is an encoded W.

Last Week's winner: GN Anahorn Dempsey

standings wins:
GN Schueler 3
LCM Dermody 3
GN Hunter 1
FA Plif 6
GN Dempsey 2
GN Elwood 3
LT Seppen 1
standings points:
GN Clark 3
LCM Jertese 3
CPT Araujo 4

E-Mail activity
Telegram & Discord activity
processed LoSs
played some SW: GoH
created this wonderful report

I hope to get some flying done from next week. Please remember to send in screenshots for competitions...

respectfully submitted

John T.Clark
COOA/RA John T. Clark/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor GSx2/SSx7/BSx7/PCx17/ISMx45/IS-9GW-30SW-92BW-1PR-14GR-49SR-219BR/MoI/LoC-TS-CS-Rx4/LoS-PSx4-IS-CSx5/DFC-Rx2/MoC-6doc-6poc-8goc-9soc-63boc/CoLx6/CoB/LoAx7/OV-14E
[DCRN] [Marksman 1st][Master Ranger 1st]