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  Delta Squadron Commander report #53 (08/20/2019)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer






Delta Squadron Weekly Report

August 20th 2019


Date Submitted: August 20th 2019

From: CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana

To:  COM/AD Miles Prower

CC: TIE Corps




Greetings all and welcome to this weeks Delta Squadron Weekly.


It’s been a decent week of activity amongst the squadron with the trivia reasonably well competed in and several medals coming out of the recent Delta on Tour competition. We’ve also made good progress with the Squadron ReMobilization competition, so please read on!





Squadron (Re)Mobilization:
Another week gone in the Squadron competition and we are seeing some significant progress with regards to ticking off the tasks.
As of this report we are - by my estimation - done with 6 tasks and have another 3 well under way. Good work to all involved and I'm sure AD Plifs next SOO report will be a rewarding read!


Complete 80 free missions from the Battle Center
Earn 40 Legions of Combat
Earn 100 Legions of Skirmish
Earn 25 Legions of Skirmish with another EH member present in the mission
Complete 5 IU courses
Submit 20 battle or mission reviews with at least 50 words each


Complete 40 battles from the Battle Center – 62.5%
Complete 20 free missions from the Battle Center with at least 80% of the high score - 55%
Earn 10 Legions of Combat in missions flown against other EH members - 20%
Complete 10 battles from the Battle Center with each mission’s score at least 80% of the high score - 0%



Delta on Tour:

Round two of the competition is now complete, Colonel Impulse claiming maximum points with the highest total, but everyone received something for taking part.

We also saw several pilots breach the 5 point mark which equates to a nice shiny Iron Star with Bronze Wings – so congratulations to everyone there!

Next assignment is out today – so I look forward to seeing the results!!!


Impulse : Battle - 164,021 (laserless: 159,890) [79.17% of current high score]

Phoenix : Battle - 94,489 (laserless: 92,581) [45.61% of current high score]

Aval : Battle - 56,853 (laserless: 55,488) [27.44% of current high score]

Dempsey : Battle - 9,076 (laserless: 9,076) [4.38% of current high score]



Impulse – 6

Phoenix - 6

Dempsey – 5

Aval - 4



Delta Trivia:

Q1: What class of fighter did Lord Vader fly during the Battle of Yavin?

A1: TIE Advanced x1


Q2: Lord Vaders fighter from Q1 eventually entered production as what class?

A2: TIE Advanced / Avenger


Q3: The fighter from Q2 was often paired with the Assualt Gunboat - why?

A3: I guess because AG had ion cannons and they both had shields. SO this make them an excellent pair for disabling missions.


Q4: Which fighter class ultimately succeeded the fighter from Q2?

A4: T/D


Impulse -11

Aval - 6

Shadowclaw - 3







Delta CMDR: COL Phoenix Berkana

  • Ran this weeks Delta Trivia
  • Earnt an Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
  • On email / telegram


Delta 1-3: LT Nel Folling 

  • No contact this week


Delta 1-4: GN Anahorn Dempsey

  • Earnt an Iron Star with Bronze Wings
  • On leave



Delta 2-1: CPT Tygra Shadowclaw

  • Took part in this weeks Delta Trivia
  • On email


Delta 2-2: MAJ Shado Fenn

  • On email


Delta 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

  • On email



Delta 3-1: COL Impulse

  • Won this weeks Delta Trivia
  • Earnt an Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
  • Earnt an Iron Star with Bronze Wings
  • On email / telegram


Delta 3-2: LCM Aval

  • Took part in this weeks Delta Trivia
  • Flew TIE-TC 30
  • On email


Delta 3-4: LT Mingdug

  • No contact this week





Delta Squadron – Reconnaissance

COMMANDER   Colonel Phoenix Berkana

NICKNAME   Razor of Retribution

MOTTO   "Celerant mortalis"

WEBSITE   http://deltasquad.emperorshammer.org/

MESSAGE BOARD   http://www.emperorshammer.org/hessageboard/viewforum.p...

REPORTS   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/showreport.php?id=1&nid=10

BATTLEBOARD   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=10



Nickname: The Razor's Edge

Motto: "Novaculum Mortalis"

[1] COL Phoenix Berkana

[2] TBA

[3] LT Nel Folling

[4] GN Anahorn Dempsey



Nickname: The Razor's Touch

Motto: "Strike First - Strike Once"

[5] CPT Tygra Shadowclaw

[6] MAJ Shado Fenn

[7] LCM Mazr Donir

[8] TBA



Nickname: Razor's Gleam

Motto: "And in a flash it ended..."

[9] COL Impulse

[10] LCM Aval

[11] TBA

[12] LT Mingdug


Total: 9





Thanks for reading all!




CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

GS/PCx8/ISMx13/IS-3SR-18BR/MoI/MoC-3doc-3poc3goc-3soc-26boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoA/OV-20E [GREN]