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  Delta Squadron Commander report #41 (04/18/2019)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer


Delta Squadron Weekly Report

April 18th 2019

Date Submitted: April 18th 2019
From: CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana
To: COM/AD Miles Prower

CC: TIE Corps


Welcome all to this week’s Delta Squadron Weekly Report.


First and foremost, let me mention that as of two nights ago I am back in London after three weeks out of the country (Hong Kong & China) so I am once again back behind the desk and able to reply to emails, fly and run the trivia with much more ease than relying on an iPhone and occasionally patchy Gmail coverage!


This weeks major items include the loss of LT De Anggul, sadly the Lieutenant has proven to be unresponsive as of late and has been transferred to the Phoenix. We wish him luck in returning to us at some point in the future!


Also of note is the IS-SR awarded to LCM Aval for claiming the trivia top-gun spot in March, congratulations!

Delta Competition Info

Last weeks trivia competition featured questions all drawn from the background information of the Executor class Super Star Destroyer. Nothing contentious such as length but plenty of other bits of trivial information.


For starters did you know that the Executor was built at Fondor – not at Kuat as the rest of the class were. This was due to the yards at Kuat being occupied by the construction of the Lusankya – which occurred simultaneously to the Executors construction and fitting-out at Fondor.


Good participation again, and congratulations to LCM Donir who took the crown for last weeks round!


Questions and answers:


Q1: Who was the lead designer of the Executor class Super Star Destroyer?

A1: Lira Wessex


Q2: How many main reactors did a Executor class Super Star Destroyer possess?

A2: 1


Q3: Which shipyard built Lord Vader’s flagship - the SSD Executor?

A3: Fondor (all others were Kuat)


Q4: Where on an Executor class Super Star Destroyer was the Admirals escape pod located?

A4: Near the command bridge


Donir - 8

Impulse - 5

Aval - 3

Dempsey - 3

Squadron Activity Report

Delta Activity Reports




Delta CMDR: COL Phoenix Berkana

§  Present on email

§  Present on Telegram / Discord

§  Ran this weeks round of Delta Trivia

§  Back in London after three weeks away


Delta 1-2: LT Ravin

§  No contact


Delta 1-3: LT Nel Folling

§  Present on email


Delta 1-4: GN Anahorn Dempsey

§  Present on email

§  Present on Telegram

§  Took part in this weeks Delta Trivia




Delta 2-1: CPT Tygra Shadowclaw

§  Present on email

§  Present on Discord


Delta 2-2: MAJ Shado Fenn

§  Present on email


Delta 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

§  Present on email

§  Won this weeks Delta Trivia

§  Earnt a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons


Delta 2-4: TBA




Delta 3-1: COL Impulse

§  Present on email

§  Present on Telegram / Discord

§  Took part in this weeks Delta Trivia


Delta 3-2: LCM Aval

§  Present on email

§  Took part in this weeks Delta Trivia

§  Earnt an Iron Star with Silver Ribbons


Delta 3-3: LCM Stradlin

§  Present on email


Delta 3-4: LT Mingdug

§  Present on email


Squadron Roster

Squadron Roster


Delta Squadron – Reconnaissance

COMMANDER   Colonel Phoenix Berkana

NICKNAME   Razor of Retribution

MOTTO   "Celerant mortalis"

WEBSITE   http://deltasquad.emperorshammer.org/

MESSAGE BOARD   http://www.emperorshammer.org/hessageboard/viewforum.p...

REPORTS   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/showreport.php?id=1&nid=10

BATTLEBOARD   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=10



Nickname: The Razor's Edge

Motto: "Novaculum Mortalis"

[1] COL Phoenix Berkana

[2] LT Ravin

[3] LT Nel Flling

[4] GN Anahorn Dempsey



Nickname: The Razor's Touch

Motto: "Strike First - Strike Once"

[5] CPT Tygra Shadowclaw

[6] MAJ Shado Fenn

[7] LCM Mazr Donir

[8] TBA



Nickname: Razor's Gleam

Motto: "And in a flash it ended..."

[9] COL Impulse

[10] LCM Aval

[11] LCM Stradlin

[12] LT Mingdug


Total: 11



A reminder that I am back in London and available J





CMDR-WARD/COL Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

GS/PCx8/ISMx9/IS-3SR-18BR/MoI/MoC-2doc-2poc-2goc-3soc-20boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoA/OV-19E {IWATS-SGBMC-SM/2}