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  Strategic Operations Officer report #33 (03/15/2019)
This report was submitted by SOO-EDR/AD Plif/TC-2/ISDII Challenge


REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Plif, Strategic Operations Officer


Quiet week from me, been pulled into in an unusual number of things in RL. Things should be back to normal this coming week.

The Warrior’s evaluation for February was processed early, big thanks to everyone involved. Their medals are summarized below and I’m working on recommending their MoCs. The Hammer’s evaluation hasn’t been submitted yet, looking forward to working on that as soon as I have it.

The Trivia Grand Tour is in its sixth week, URL for this week is http://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=706127. Congratulations to last week's top two, AD Miles Prower and FA Pete Mitchell!


If you complete a new Imperial University course, you'll notice that your EH database profile gets updated automatically but not your TC database profile. The latter are updated manually by me and the TCCOM, please give us a day or two after your test is graded for the new course to appear in your TC profile before you email us about it.

MP Nights for XvT and XWA are on... Tuesdays and Thursdays now? I need to catch up. We meet up in the Hangar voice channel in TC Discord starting at 4:30pm, but feel free to sign in after that if you can’t be there right at 4:30.



  • Wrapped up Week Five of the Trivia Grand Tour
  • Processed the Warrior’s evaluation for February
  • Pitched a reward structure rework and a completely new direction for the two Hammer comps currently pending in the database


  • MSE spreadsheeting
  • Warrior MoCs for February


  • Approving awards, competitions, and uniforms, correcting submissions as needed
  • Keeping track of CoB eligibility


  • Putting aside some time to take TM/3
  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual update
  • Squadron Management 5
  • Title review for anything that awarded a title that isn’t reflected in the database yet
  • Trivia Grand Tour bonus rounds
  • Building the CMDR pool
  • Wiki profile updates
  • Report automation/shortcutting
COL Earnim Branet
In six months at the helm of Sin Squadron, COL Earnim Branet has proven to be an exemplar of leadership. Branet remains one of the most active pilots on the Warrior, nabbing LoCs and LoSs in large quantities every month and earning Iron Stars for his consistent participation in TC-wide competitions. In addition, Branet's weekly squadron reports are timely, well-written, and often include entertaining fiction entries. He models friendly, supportive communication to the pilots of Sin Squadron, and I have come to rely on his feedback when writing my ship evals. For his efforts and dedication to Sin and the TIE Corps, I recommend the Bronze Star of the Empire.
COL Earnim Branet
In February, COL Earnim Branet continued to lead from the front, earning 28 LoCs, 82 LoSs, and 9 Iron Stars. COL Branet balances his flying exploits with regular squadron reports and friendly, supportive communication with his pilots. For this level of activity, I recommend the Bronze Star of the Empire.
LT SL8c8
55 missions flown, including a new mission high score, represent an excellent contribution to Wing II activity and an example for Theta to follow. Well done!
MAJ Rando
In February, MAJ Rando flew 13 SP missions with 23 LoS, showing excellent participation in the internal competition of his squad. With his continuous performance showing that he is the most active pilot of the Sin squad, I recommend that he receive the Imperial Security Medal.
GN Jarek La’an
In February, GN Jarek La’an flew 30 SP missions and earned 2nd place on the Kill Boards, reminding the TIE Corps that Theta's aces do fly outside of Raise the Flag. GN La'an also issued a squadron report and continued his outreach to Theta's younger pilots. For this level of activity, I recommend the Imperial Security Medal.
VA Hav Antiel
During February, then-RA Hav Antiel continued doing all the things that has distinguished him in the role of WarCOM: submitting solid reports, writing an insightful ship evaluation, spending a fair amount of time in the cockpit, running two competitions to recognize Warrior achievement, and taking time to participate in a number of competitions himself. For his efforts, he’s earned my recommendation for the Imperial Security Medal.
LT SL8c8
LCM DarkSith_99
CM Witcher
MAJ Rando
COL Earnim Branet
COL Gyssler
GN Dunta Polo
GN Elwood the Brave
GN Jarek La’an
GN John T. Clark
GN Pickled Yoda
GN Ric Hunter
VA Hav Antiel
AD Miles Prower
FA Pete Mitchell

If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Telegram at @Plif346, on Discord at Plif#2475, or over email at plif346 at gmail dot com.

Admiral Plif
SOO-EDR/AD Plif/TC-2/ISDII Challenge
CoLx5/CoE/CoB/LoAx10/OV-20E [EXCR] [Ace 2nd] [Master Ranger 1st] {TCCORE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion