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  ISDII Warrior Commodore report #20 (02/19/2018)
This report was submitted by COM-EDR/AD Plif/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Plif, Commodore

  • Sin CMDR promoted
  • Kappa KMDR steps down, new KMDR sought
  • Imperial Storm update
  • SL Acura departs, MAJ Nebular arrives
  • Strong Warrior results in TCoP, TCPL, TCAI, and Trivia

Since the last Warrior Report, MAJ Hav Antiel from Sin Squadron was promoted to the coolest rank in the Corps. Congratulations to LC Hav Antiel!

Following the January MSE, GN Dunta Polo has stepped down from the position of Kappa KMDR and has been reassigned to an FM position in Kappa. Big thanks to GN Polo for taking on the role for as long as he did, and Frown and I are happy he's sticking around. With the Kappa KMDR position now open, interested individuals should contact me.

In Imperial Storm, the Warrior earned its second victory in open space near Ordina against ships from the Hammer Task Force. Led by strong performances from CM Rando and GN Pickled Yoda, the Warrior's fleet suffered no losses while the Hammer's forces suffered from a fair amount of attrition before falling back to another sector of space. I know that's all vague, but there's a third team involved so news is kept non-specific as not to reveal intelligence that might benefit our other opponent. If you're assigned to the Warrior and are interested in getting more specific updates over Telegram or email, please let me know.

Following the December MSE, SL Acura from Sin Squadron was declared AWOL and moved off the roster. Not long after that, communications contact was restored with MAJ Nebular and he's been assigned to Sin. Welcome back!

Recent competition awards earned by Warriors:

  • CM Rando in TCPL Round Two: First place on all three missions and the week, IS-SWx4
  • CM Rando in TCoP Round Three: First place on all three missions and the week, IS-SWx4
  • LC Earnim Branet in TCAI for January: First place for the month, IS-GW
  • LC Earnim Branet in TCoR Weeks 5 and 6: First place for both weeks, IS-SWx2
  • LC Earnim Branet in TCAI Weeks 6 and 7: Second place in both weeks, IS-BWx2
  • LC Earnim Branet in TCPL Round Two: Second place in TIE, IS-BW
  • LC Earnim Branet in TCoP Round Three: Second place in TIE, IS-BW
  • Your fearless leader in TCAI Weeks 5-7: First place in all three weeks, IS-SWx3
  • Your fearless leader in TCAI for January: Second place for the month, IS-SW
  • COL Mark Schueler in Trivia Grand Tour Week One: Tied for second place, IS-BR
  • GN Pickled Yoda in Trivia Grand Tour Week One: Tied for second place, IS-BR

A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current

  • Escort Flights - Fly enough SP and MP to finish in the top four for the Wing/Ship each month, earn awards! - Comp IDs 2972 and 2973

28 Strong (Even) - http://tc.emperorshammer.org/roster.php?type=ship&id=16&all=1



ISDII Warrior Commodore's Escort Flight for January

Just a three-man flight this time around.

  1. LC Earnim Branet
  2. MAJ Keth Aalith
  3. GN Dunta Polo

Wing II Commander's Escort Flight for January

Frown gets a five-man escort flight because he's super popular or something.

  1. LC Hav Antiel
  2. LC Earnim Branet
  3. CM Rando
  4. GN Pickled Yoda
  5. COL Mark Schueler

COM's Escort Flight February Current Standings - MP Mission Completions

  1. MAJ Keth Aalith - 35 missions
  2. LC Earnim Branet - 66 missions
  3. GN Dunta Polo - 2 missions
  4. CM Rando - 2 missions

WC's Escort Flight February Current Standings - SP Mission Completions

  1. LC Earnim Branet - 7 missions
  2. CM Rando - 5 missions
  3. COL Mark Schueler - 2 missions
  4. LC Hav Antiel - 1 mission

Wing II Top Combat Ratings

  1. GN Dunta Polo
    Ace 4th, 1377 points
  2. MAJ Keth Aalith
    Veteran 3rd, 490 points (+35)
  3. GN Pickled Yoda
    Veteran 4th, 430 points
  4. GN Exar Kit
    Officer 1st, 371 points
  5. MAJ Wondra
    Officer 1st, 327 points

Wing II Top Co-op PvE Ratings

  1. LC Earnim Branet
    Master Ranger 3rd, 1672 points (+34)
  2. GN Pickled Yoda
    Ranger 3rd, 851 points
  3. GN Dunta Polo
    Ranger 4th, 714 points
  4. GN Gilad Pellaeon
    Campaigner 1st, 673 points
  5. CM Bodhan Grayson
    Campaigner 2nd, 537 points

Wing II Top FCHG Ranks

  1. GN Pickled Yoda
    Imperator, 5584 points (+1)
  2. GN Dunta Polo
    Gladiator, 2774 points (+1)
  3. COL Mark Schueler
    Gladiator, 2587 points (+1)
  4. LC Hav Antiel
    Centurion, 1736 points (+2)
  5. GN Gilad Pellaeon
    Optio, 1474 points

What I've been up to since my last report:

  • Active on email, Telegram, and Discord
  • Played a lot of Galaxy of Heroes
  • Played a fair amount of SC Co-Op
  • Combat Rating increase to Master Ranger 3rd from aforementioned SC Co-Op
  • Participated in the last two TC meetings on Discord
  • Played some XWA MP with the SOO and CM Rando after the meetings
  • Submitted screenshots for TCAI Weeks Six and Seven

Until next time, remember that the only way forward is Through.

Admiral Plif
CoLx4/CoE/CoB/LoAx9/OV-19E [EXCR] [Ace 3rd] [Master Ranger 3rd]
Commodore of the TIE Corps Flagship, TIE Golf Grand Champion