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  Epsilon Squadron Commander report #2 (12/04/2017)
This report was submitted by CMDR/GN Coranel Both/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

-==Epsilon Squadron Weekly Report==-
Report # 2
December 3, 2017
-==Intro/CMDR Rant==-
November has come to a close! I submitted my MSE this weekend so with luck, we'll have awards handed out shortly to everyone who earned one. Since it's the last month of the year, I'm going to hold off on kicking out any squadron competitions for the time being and will wait to do so in January for the next year. You'll just have to make do with the numerous TC-wide and ship-wide comps going on at the moment!
As a reminder, we currently have both Flight Leaders positions vacant. If anyone in Epsilon (or elsewhere within the Corps) is interested in the position, drop me a line!
Now, on to the Tale of the Tape.
-==Squadron News==-
* November MSE has been submitted!
* If you're interested in the position of Epsilon Squadron Flight Leader, please email AD Prower and me.
GN Coranel Both
Iron Star with Silver Ribbon (IS-SR)
CM Witcher
Iron Star with Silver Ribbon (IS-SR)
Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon (IS-BR)
GN Coranel Both
Email and Telegram activity
CM Drake Starfire
No contact
CM Witcher
Submitted to TC Trivia Week 14
COL Gyssler
Flew BoP-TC# 12 & 13
Email activity
LC Kyle Kroan
Email activity
GN Golbez Harvey
No contact
MAJ Landon Cruise
No contact
CPT APanasyuk
No contact
-==TIE Corps Competitions==-
* TIE Corps on Patrol: go fly TIE-FREE# 200, XvT-FREE# 203, and/or XWA-FREE# 151! BSF the files and email the pilot files to Woody and me by Saturday at 7am GMT (2am ET)!
* COO's Star Wars Challenge; Episode III: submit your PvP & PvE MP screenshots for the Star Wars game platforms!
* TIE Corps on Recon: Send in your Star Conflict Domination/Beacon Hunt/PvE/Team Battle/Combat Recon to FA Pellaeon and me, in addition to your normal LoC/LoS submission!
* TIE Corps vs. AI 2017: Send in your Star Conflict Player vs. AI victory screenshots to the COO and me!
* ISDII Hammer Blacksmith: Top three Single Player, PvP and PvE pilots each month to earn Iron Star's with Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings!
* Squadron Simulation Supremacy 2017: The top three squadrons (based on SP/MP activity) each month will earn the participating pilots Iron Stars with Gold/Silver/Bronze Wings!
* Warrior Trivia Phase Six: Hammerfall: participate in the weekly trivia competition sent out by AD Plif to earn Iron Star's!
* Hammer Weekly Trivia: Participate in LC Berkana's weekly Trivia competition for a chance at Iron Star's!
* COO Monthly Assignment: Battlefront II Efficiency: Send in your Battlefront II screenshots with a high efficency score via the standard LoC process!
-==Squadron Roster==-
COMMANDER   General Coranel Both
NICKNAME   Dragonkind
MOTTO   "Death from above"
WEBSITE   http://wiki.emperorshammer.org/index.php?title=Epsilon_Squadron
MESSAGE BOARD  http://mb.emperorshammer.org/viewforum.php?f=129
REPORTS   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/showreport.php?id=1&nid=11
BATTLEBOARD   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=11
Nickname: Fire Dragons
Motto: "Trailblazers"
[1] GN Coranel Both
[2] CM Drake Starfire
[3] TBA
[4] CM Witcher
Nickname: Azure Dragons
Motto: "The Emperor's will"
[5] TBA
[6] COL Gyssler
[7] LC Kyle Kroan
[8] GN Golbez Harvey
Nickname: Shadow Dragons
Motto: "We bring the darkness"
[9] TBA
[10] MAJ Landon Cruise
[11] TBA
[12] CPT APanasyuk
Total: 8
Squadron Citations Earned: 87
Respectfully submitted,
CMDR/GN Coranel Both/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
GOE/GSx2/SSx4/BSx7/PCx13/ISMx13/IS-17GW-59SW-138BW-3GR-18SR-30BR/MoI/MoT-1rh/LoC-RS-TS-CSx5-Rx3/LoS-PS-RSx2-IS-CSx4-Rx4/DFC-Rx2/MoC-2doc-2poc-2goc-3soc-19boc/CoLx6/CoB/LoAx5/OV-16E [EXCR] [Officer 1st] [Ranger 2nd]