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  ISDII Warrior Commodore report #10 (11/01/2017)
This report was submitted by COM-EDR/AD Plif/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Plif, Commodore

  • LCM Rando sweeps TCoP weeks 42 and 43
  • MSEs due again, one already in!
  • Warrior Trivia expanded Corps-wide
  • Warrior Trivia Phase Six October winners: GN Pickled Yoda, COL Mark Schueler, and MAJ Hav Antiel
  • MAJ Keth Aalith wins Warrior Trivia Phase Six Week Nine, GN Pickled Yoda wins Week Ten

LCM Rando won all three sections in both weeks 42 and 43 of TIE Corps on Patrol and set two new high scores along the way. Well done!

With October ending, it's MSE time again. MAJ Hav Antiel heard GN Frown's grumbling last month and took it to heart, turning in this month's MSE about half an hour before the new month! I think Frown even smiled for a moment before he caught himself, but I didn't dare bring it up to him. Smiling goes against his vision of proper Imperial bearing.

Warrior Trivia was expanded Corps-wide this week in preparation to make it a Platinum-level competition next season. Seasons will also need to last a bit longer as a result, but I think it'll be worth it. Each ship has its own awards and the Corps-wide awards are in addition to the ship awards, so Warriors won't be missing out on anything by having the rest of the Corps join in. Only one Hammer pilot has dipped in so far, looking forward to seeing more of them try it out as the week progresses.

At the end of the October month in Warrior Trivia Phase Six, GN Pickled Yoda was the overall winner! Second place was a tie between COL Mark Schueler and MAJ Hav Antiel. Excellent work!

In the last two weeks of Warrior Trivia, MAJ Keth Aalith won Week Nine and GN Pickled Yoda was the winner of Week Ten. Great job!


A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current


28 Strong (Even) - http://tc.emperorshammer.org/roster.php?type=ship&id=16&all=1


Wing II Top Combat Ratings

  1. GN Dunta Polo
    Ace 4th, 1361 points (+13)
  2. GN Jarek La'an
    Veteran 1st, 610 points
  3. MAJ Keth Aalith
    Veteran 4th, 436 points
  4. GN Pickled Yoda
    Veteran 4th, 430 points
  5. GN Exar Kit
    Officer 1st, 371 points

Wing II Top Co-op PvE Ratings

  1. LC Earnim Branet
    Master Ranger 4th, 1401 points (+71)
  2. GN Pickled Yoda
    Ranger 3rd, 851 points
  3. GN Dunta Polo
    Campaigner 1st, 680 points (position up, +19)
  4. GN Gilad Pellaeon
    Campaigner 1st, 673 points
  5. CM Bodhan Grayson
    Campaigner 2nd, 537 points

Wing II Top FCHG Ranks

  1. GN Pickled Yoda
    Imperator, 5587 points
  2. GN Dunta Polo
    Gladiator, 2772 points (+1)
  3. COL Mark Schueler
    Gladiator, 2585 points
  4. MAJ Hav Antiel
    Centurion, 1540 points (rank up, position up, +155)
  5. GN Gilad Pellaeon
    Optio, 1474 points

What I've been up to since my last report:

  • Active on email and Telegram
  • Played a lot of Galaxy of Heroes
  • Running Warrior Trivia
  • Working on Wookieepedia Races
  • Played a few rounds in Star Conflict
  • Got my Rank 8 Destroyer in Star Conflict, finally

Until next time, remember that the only way forward is Through.

Admiral Plif
CoLx4/CoE/CoB/LoAx9/OV-19E [EXCR] [Ace 3rd] [Master Ranger 4th]
Commodore of the TIE Corps Flagship, TIE Golf Grand Champion