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  Delta Squadron Commander report #10 (03/06/2017)
This report was submitted by CMDR/MAJ Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer



CMDR/MAJ Phoenix Berkana for Delta Squadron - WSR #10

March 6th 2017





I'm freshly back on seat in my office after what was hopefully my final long haul trip for a good number of months. What this means is that I will now actually be able to fly as opposed to being flown around.


Despite being on the road I've been in regular comms with then Squadron and conducted a poll of which members have certain gaming platforms and got a VERY positive result.


Thus I'm looking forward to seeing Delta in action in Xavier's Elites of the TC competition... and firmly nailing down Deltas pre-eminence amongst TC squadrons... :)


Squadron News

This week has been a fairly decent one in terms of activity from the majority of members, we've seen almost across the board activity in the trivia with a new winner. We've also seen several BSF's from Impulse and Dempsey.


I've also submitted the February MSE's to the Vice Admiral, so hopefully we'll be seeing the outcomes of this round of evaluations in due course.


Squadron Competitions

This week’s trivia competition saw a very good turn out with the winner being run to within one point of victory.


Step forward Major Shado Fenn! Congrats on your victory this week, and the first victory for March.


This week’s topic was the planet Tatooine with both questions and answers found below.


Q1: What was the name of the Sector containing the planet Tatooine?

A1: Arkanis


Q2: What was the capital of Tatooine?

A2: Mos Espa (defacto)


Q3: What mineral was the famous Dune Sea rich in?

A3: Sodium


Q4: What were the names of Tatooine's two suns?

A4: Tatoo I & Tatoo II


Q5: Tatooine was a dry planet, so dry intact that the average humidity was reported to be what percentage?

A5: 5.4%


Q6: What was the name of the shipping lane that Tatooine was situated on?

A6: 5709DC



Squadron Status

Basic Combat Qualified.



Activity Reports


Delta 1-1: Phoenix Berkana

§  Email and TC group / telegram activity.

§  Running this week’s Delta Trivia.


Delta 1-2: John T. Clark

§  Email and TC group / telegram activity.

§  Competing in this week’s Delta trivia.

General activity in the COOA role.


Delta 1-3: Miakiri

§  No contact.


Delta 1-4: Anahorn Dempsey

§  Email and TC group / telegram activity.

§  Received an Iron Star with Bronze Wings (IS-BW).

§  Received 3 Iron Stars with Silver Wings (IS-SW).

§  Received 2 Iron Stars with Gold Wings (IS-GW).


Delta 2-1: Trideo Arkson

§  No contact.


Delta 2-2: Shado Fenn

§  Email activity.

§  Won the weekly trivia competition.


Delta 2-3: Mazr Donir

§  Email and TC group activity.

§  Competed in the weekly trivia competition.


Delta 2-4: Tygra Shadowclaw

§  Email and TC group activity.


Delta 3-1: Impulse

§  Email and Telegram group activity.

§  Competed in weekly trivia.

§  Received an Iron Star with Silver Wings (IS-SW).


Delta 3-3: Mauser

§  Limited contact.



Squadron Roster


Delta Squadron – Reconnaissance

COMMANDER   Major Phoenix Berkana

NICKNAME   Razor of Retribution

MOTTO   "Celerant mortalis"

WEBSITE   http://deltasquad.emperorshammer.org/

MESSAGE BOARD   http://www.emperorshammer.org/messageboard/viewforum.p...

REPORTS   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/showreport.php?id=1&nid=10

BATTLEBOARD   http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=10




Nickname: The Razor's Edge

Motto: "Novaculum Mortalis"

[1] MAJ Phoenix Berkana

[2] GN John T. Clark

[3] LT Miakiri

[4] GN Anahorn Dempsey



Nickname: The Razor's Touch

Motto: "Strike First - Strike Once"

[5] CPT Trideo Arkson

[6] MAJ Shado Fenn

[7] LT Mazr Donir

[8] CM Tygra Shadowclaw



Nickname: Razor's Gleam

Motto: "And in a flash it ended..."

[9] COL Impulse

[10] TBA

[11] MAJ Mauser

[12] TBA


Total: 10





CMDR/MAJ Phoenix Berkana/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

PCx7/ISMx9/IS-2SR-17BR/MoC-1goc-1soc-5boc/CoL/OV-17E {IWATS-SGBMC-SM/2}