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  Fleet Commander report #1 (01/27/2017)
This report was submitted by FC/GA Rapier/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign

Greetings all…

After some rather ugly and public conversations that took place last year during a tense time due to some outside interference I actually agree with a few of the points made.

The primary one being ‘I don’t tell people what I’m up to often enough’… So I thought I would give you some idea from time to time what I and the rest of the EHCS are up to. I am not saying that this will be weekly, but you should hear from me a couple of times a month if for no other reason than to let you know I’m still here.

Today I awarded the Commendations of Loyalty to celebrate the birth of the Emperor’s Hammer 24 years ago.

On the TIE Corps side these went to:
FA Jarek La'an
RA Silvius
GN Dunta Polo
GN Pickled Yoda
COL John T. Clark
COL Plif
MAJ Phoenix Berkana
CPT Ibram Gaunt
CPT Xavier Sienar
CM Bodhan Grayson
CM Michael LeRoy
LCM Dan-Elin
LT Nathan Cole
LT Reyla Setsune
On the EHDB side these went to:

GM Tomaas Montte
DSP Elwood the Brave
DSP Pellaeon
SBM Rau Aznable
SBM Silvius
SBL Anahorn Dempsey

Some of the ranks might be off as some people might have been promoted since I received the recommendation back in mid-December.

Now I know you all don’t see a lot out of the EHCS and honestly that is how I always thought it should be. Each group should be able to govern itself with its own Command Staff and its own personnel. Then for major structure changes, new games, new medals, new uses for old medals, or major story arcs involving the EH territories I would be consulted in order to bring a continuity to the entire EH.

This has mostly worked for the 5+ years I’ve been your Fleet Commander.

But each and every one of you should know that I am always available. I spend at least a small portion of everyday working on the EH. Even if it’s just monitoring the email activity of the groups or reading some conversation on IRC. I am usually always around… except on those occasions when my wife requires my presence in which case it could be a few hours before I get back to you.

What this means is that I do want to hear from you. If you have an idea, a game you’d like to check out, a position you see as empty that you think you can do something with… or even a group you’d like to see reopened I am willing to listen to it all.

But if you come to me please do it directly to me and not to the general population.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to approve everything… I don’t want ideas that aren’t fully thought out, or that you personally are unwilling to see it through to its conclusion.

So please come to me with your ideas and we’ll see about making them happen.

FC/GA Rapier/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign
CoS/OV-19E [DRAG] [Trainee] [none] {IWATS-AIM-CBX-IIC/1/2-M/1/2-SM/2-TT}