Firebird Report # 56 (2022-09-09)

This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Taurus/Firebird/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Big Firebird Patch


Date: 9th Septenmber 2022
From: CPT Taurus To: AD Silwar Nailo
CC: TIE Corps



As the X-wing left Hyperspace, the lines of light solidified to wells of luminations and a small green and blue planet appeared in front of the lone T-70.

"That must be it, R3, right? The unknown planet we found by data mining the alliance patrol this week, the cordinates match" R3-T6 responded with a series of affirming beeps. "Let's take a closer look, before we call in the rest of the sqadron, if you could mask our signature to an alliance ranger patrol, please?" CPT Taurus let his S-foils in closed position and switched through the different open comms, while slowly navigating his ship closer to the planet. His eyes were searching for signs of other ships, while he was reaching out with the force into the lonelyness of the vacuum. He could feel something in the distant, scratching for attention. He switched the controls to his astromech, while he concentrated stronger, closing his eyes and let his mind drop into the living force. There. He could feel the overwhelming presence of life radiating from the planet and from behind him three lifeforms approaching his position. "Here they come R3"

The day was a slow one for the outpost of the galactic alliance on Telderan. A few traders did arrive today, but overall nothing really was going one, until a unknown T-70 was detected by the warning system. It displayed an old but familiar siganture, so the outpost sent out a respond team consisting of three e-wings, lead by Captain Zek. Captain Zek was checking the information his R7 unit presented him, all checked out so far. The ship showed as a recon ship, manned by a single pilot and a R3 Astromech, which was a bit odd, but nothing special. "Recon T-70 Mad Bull?, I'm Captain Zek, Eta Squadron Leader, please identify and state your buisness"

"Okay, R3, here goes nothing, transmit my identification codes and send a prayer"
"This is Captain Cade Tezo of the Galactic Alliance, requesting repair and refuelment and a warm bed if possible. Been seperated from my unit after an engagement with imperial remnant forces"

Remnant of the empire? Where ?
Captain Zek's thoughts were racing. "Very good, Captain Tezo, we will escort you to our base. Follow us, you must tell us everything you know about these imperial remnants"

As Taurus followed the three crafts down to the planet, he sended out a encrypted message to his squad: "Will do a recon on the ground, return to base and inform Admiral Silvar Naiilo."

Will be continued...


Since my last report our roster shrinked down from ten active Pilots to seven, with CM Jack Wynand moving to the reserves, SL Alexander Kastle declared lost in combat and CM Turel transferring to Kappa. Farewell until we see us again!

Congratulation to our very own Triji Boliv to his assignment as TOA and Professor of the newly updated TIE Fighter Course!

Also congratulations are in in order for AD Silwar Naiilo for his promotion, RA Robert Hogan for his assignment to Command Attache to the TOA and CPT Colo "Icedsnacks" Delste for assuming command of Tempest.

As you have probably already seen we got a new Nickname for Firebird: "The Lyin' Eyes" Thanks to CPT Colo "Icedsnacks" Delste for the winning suggestion and LC Honsou for the runner up: "The Pretty Flyboys"

RtF is coming....we may be less, but our will is strong......


41.png Flight I - Phoenixes
"Be the fire to inspire"

cpt.png      CPT Taurus

Communication: Discord, Mail

Flight Activity: SWS

Other: Firebird Admin Duties, Editing the Wikia,
Running Banner and Nickname Comp for Firebird,
Charakter Development, Training for SCL

Medals awarded: IAR



cpt.png      CPT Jaxx "Hijacker" Nassin

Communication: Discord

Flight Activity:SWS, SC

Other: LOA Duties, Challenge with Words
Appearance on the Airlock Podcast

Medals awarded: BS, IS-BR, CoL x2

bs.png is.png cob.png   cob.png


col.png     COL Draco Astoris

Communication: Discord

Flight Activity: SWS

New Combat Rating (PvP): Marksman 4th

42.png Flight II - Gryphons
"Fly like a bird, fight like a lion"

col.png     COL Triji Boliv

Communication: Discord

Flight Activity: SP, SC

Completed battles: TIE-IW 2, TIE IW 1, XvT-DB 15,
TIE-DB 17, TIE-DB 16, TIE-DB 15

New Combat Rating (PvE): Campaigner 2nd

Other: XO Duties, Duties for the TO

IU: MP/2 (96%), TIE (100%) Congrats!

Medals awarded: SS, IS-SW x2

ss.png is.png is.png

42.png Flight III - Brahmas
"Peace was never an option"

cpt.png      CPT TI-40026

Communication: Discord

Other: FL Duties

Medals awarded: CoL



lt.png      LT eriksen1803

IU: TCCORE (100%) Congrats!


col.png     COL NiksaVel

Communication: Discord

Medals awarded: PC





  • Fly at least one PvP, PvE or SP Mission in the Month of Septenmber or take part in at least one Competition or IU Course.
    If you take part in one Competition please notify your respective Flight Leader about it, so we can track your Activity better.
    Also if you write a fiction, do a graphic or participate in a greater combat events (SPL, SCL), please also notify your Flight Leaders.
  • If you are unavaible for being active, because you are haunted by work, school, family or you are simply at vaccation. Please notify me. Real Life is always more important than TC, but i need a notice.
  • Open door policy: YOU know where to knock. (Disclaimer: It's the chaotic office with the big open door)


246.png As you have seen by now, i finished designing firebirds new Report Template. It will probably look a litte bit different on the Website, but it is what it is. Also no markup (My COM will be not ammused), but I was just a little bit inspired to give our old template a fresh and modern look.

That said, you also have now a picture of my charakter CPT Taurus designed by LCM Newt. For all of the fiction writers (Atashi, i look at you), who didn't know how to describe me, now you know. I will also add a section in the wikia how to write CPT Taurus and generally everyone is allowed to include me in fiction as long as you follow the guidelines of my character.

Last thing: maybe you saw it in the discord, but i got accepted into my desired university, i already enrolled and at the moment searching for a place to live. Semester starts (of course!) with RtF so i will give my utter best to participate, but will probably reside to cheer you on and do bonus comps. Hopefully i can find time for a few days of flying, which i will signal with a ping before starting. So watch the Channel! ;)

Always remember:

Honor the Past, but look to the future!

CPT Taurus

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