ISDII Challenge Report # 24 (2022-06-22)

This report was submitted by COM-COOA-IOA/VA Silwar Naiilo/ISDII Challenge

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The Storm's Gaze #24

Submitted: 2022-06-22

Commodore's report: 2022-06-09 - 2022-06-21

From the Desk of Silwar Naiilo

CM DrummerTheGunnerNate, LCM Newt, and the Challenge CMDRs have created an amazing comic about Father's Day on the Challenge! Here's a sneak preview, and you can download and read it on the Wiki in PDF. This was a truly kind and incredible gift, and a reminder of how we are all a family on the Challenge.

Page 4 of the 'Father's Day Special' comic, available on the EH Wiki.

The TIE Punisher.TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4 has begun. Each squadron is tasked with completing a number of goals, from fiction- writing through singleplayer, PvE, and PvP games. Most goals require squadron members flying together, so group up when you can! The rewards at the end are unique to this competition - a chance for each squadron to change its craft and objective. This year, after a proposal from LC Honsou was accepted by Fleet Commander Rapier, a new TIE model is available: the TIE/ca "Punisher"! This craft is a heavy bomber with a wide array of heavy weaponry, an extremely strong hull, and a strong deflector shield generator. Its primary target is capital ships and heavily defended battlestations, both orbital and planetside. As they don't have hyperdrives, I expect our Arquintens cruisers to see a lot of activity, should any squadron achieve the ReMob goals to switch to these heavy bombers.

ISDII Challenge: On the Offensive has ended. COL Phalk Sturm took first place with a score of 200,262 and a new battle high score, and has earned an IS-GW. CPT Colo Delste took second with a score of 149,522 and a high score on mission #5, and has earned an IS-SW. GN Anahorn Dempsey is in third with 121,775, and has earned an IS-BW. COL Triji Boliv has also earned an IS-CW for scoring above 50,000. Congratulations to all who took part!

The Moving Day competition comes to a close on July 1st. Write fiction, create a custom battle storyline, draw a picture, or do anything else creative relating to the Challenge Battlegroup's new MC-40 - home of Eagle and Firebird squadrons. This is also a rare chance to impact the name of the ship itself, which we get to select - a name which will last forever!

Welcome LT Tiberius Duck, who joined Thunder Squadron and earned his promotion almost instantly. We shall watch your career with great interest. SL CapukkiOne has also earned their first Legions, and I expect to announce a promotion in my next report.

Ship Stats
  • Missions completed: 118
  • Reviews submitted: 24
  • LoCs earned: 69
  • LoSs earned: 61
  • Badge icon for LieutenantSL -> LT Tiberius Duck
Icon for ssSilver Star of the EmpireIcon for ss
MAJ Kalve Ryder
Icon for bsBronze Star of the EmpireIcon for bs
CPT Colo Delste, GN Anahorn Dempsey, CPT Morgoth
Icon for ismImperial Security MedalIcon for ism
CPT Richlet, COL Phalk Sturm, LCM Newt
Icon for iarImperial Achievement RibbonIcon for iar
CM Drummer The Gunner Nate, LC Honsou, CPT Colo Delste, CPT Morgoth, COL Phalk Sturm, LT Atashi Rain, CPT Jaxx Nassin, CPT Taurus, CPT TI-40026, CM Ryuzokin, CPT Xylo Pethtel, VA Silwar Naiilo
Icon for dfcDistinguished Flying CrossIcon for dfc
LC Honsou
Icon for is-gwIron Star with Gold WingsIcon for is-gw
COL Phalk Sturm
Icon for is-swIron Star with Silver WingsIcon for is-sw
CPT Colo Delste
Icon for is-bwIron Star with Bronze WingsIcon for is-bw
GN Anahorn Dempsey
Icon for is-cwIron Star with Copper WingsIcon for is-cw
CPT Colo Delste, GN Anahorn Dempsey, COL Phalk Sturm, COL Triji Boliv
Icon for locLegion of CombatIcon for loc
CM Cupcake, LT jospence, CM Drummer The Gunner Nate, CM SirCaleb, CPT Colo Delste, CPT Richlet, CPT Morgoth, SL CapukkiOne, GN Stryker, CPT Jaxx Nassin, CPT Taurus, CPT Xylo Pethtel, LCM LQC-75-3
Icon for losLegion of SkirmishIcon for los
CM Cupcake, LT jospence, CM SirCaleb, CPT Jaxx Nassin, COL Triji Boliv, CPT Xylo Pethtel, CM Cody Lance, LCM LQC-75-3, VA Silwar Naiilo
Combat Ratings Advancements
PvP Rating Advancements
  • CM SirCaleb: Veteran 4th
  • SL CapukkiOne: Trainee
Co-Op Rating Advancements
  • LT jospence: Qualified
  • LCM LQC-75-3: Private 4th
Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4 until 2022-07-15 for the Entire TC.

One of the big yearly competitions - achieve the goals for medals and to update your squadron information.

Moving Day until 2022-07-01 for the ISDII Challenge.

Relating to the MC-40, Eagle, and/or Firebird, write a fiction piece, create a work of art, or create a storyline for a battle including plot lines and ships involved by July 1.

Logo for the Bastion until 2022-06-30 for the Entire TC.

Create a logo for the Bastion, the Hammer's cantina.

The Challenge with Words until 2022-08-31 for the Entire TC.

Finish the word search as fast as possible.

TIE Fighter Total Conversion - Reimagined until 2022-06-30 for the Entire TC.

Fly as much of the TFTC campaign as possible - with additional medals for art and fiction.

MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2022 until 2022-12-31 for the Entire TC.
COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2022 until 2022-12-31 for the Entire TC.
SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2022 until 2022-12-31 for the Entire TC.
Activity for VA Silwar Naiilo
Email, Discord
Flight Activity:
Working through the battle center, 3PO matches, ReMob battles, SWS PvP, SWS PvE, XWA PvP, XWA PvE
Submitted Reviews:
TIE-F 2, TIE-F 28, TIE-F 299, TIE-F 117, TIE-TC 116, TIE-TC 28
Completed Battles:
TIE-TC 116, TIE-TC 28
Running a competition: "Moving Day"
Medals Awarded: 2x LoS; 1x IAR
Icon for losIcon for iar