Rho Report # 5 (2022-06-20)

This report was submitted by FL-SQXO/CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan/Rho 2-1/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Commander Alexandre Morgan, Squadron Executive Officer
DATE SUBMITTED: 06.20.2022


(Rho's Executive Officer, Commander Alexandre Morgan, sat at his small desk in the small XO quarters, juggling desires in his mind. He spoke aloud as he typed on his datapad's To-Do List. "Maintain increased flight activity, keep XO log, Rho Squadron Theme..."

He was interrupted by a knock. His door opened with a quiet hiss, revealing Commander Westric Davalorn on the other side. Morgan stood up and snapped a salute which Davalorn returned before entering.

"Morgan, do you have a minute?" Davalorn asked, his tone clearly indicating it wasn't much of a question.

"Of course, sir. I apologize for not having a drink in here for you, I don't drink myself," Morgan said.

Davalorn waved off the apology and sat at the only other chair in the room. "When the time is due for another Squadron Report, I will be on a short leave. As XO, the duty of completing the report falls to you. Would you mind writing it?"

Morgan replied immediately. "Of course, sir, it would be an honor."

Davalorn nodded, clearly expecting nothing less. "It may be complicated, with the fourth annual Squadron (Re)Mobilization beginning shortly before the report is due, but I have every confidence you can do it well."

Morgan smiled appreciatively. "Sir, I enjoy reading your reports every two weeks, so I shall strive to uphold the high standard."

Davalorn smiled, stood, and saluted. "Thank you, Alexandre." He left and Morgan turned back to his desk, deleting out all he had just typed. "I suppose I have a new highest priority," he said, and typed the words "Squadron Report" at the top of the list. He opened up a new document and began, excited about his newfound way to contribute to the glory of Rho Squadron.)


Pilots of Rho Squadron,

With our Squadron Commander Westric Davalorn enjoying a well-deserved leave this past weekend, the duty of writing this report has fallen to me. I will do my best to follow his excellent example for this report.

Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4 has begun, with various tasks needing to be completed by each squadron. Please remember that this competition is not a race against other squadrons but a race against time and ourselves, so if you find any information or tricks that may make the competition easier, share with our sister Warrior squadrons!

In addition, a warm welcome is in order for our newest recruit, SL Chudan, who is currently occupying Rho 4-2. Please assist in ingratiating and acclimating the SL to Rho Squadron in any way you can!

As there are no new promotions or more roster changes, that's all the news I have for now.

For peace and order throughout the galaxy!  For the Empire!  Long may it reign! 

  • Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4 has begun, and will last from June 15 to July 15. The details can be found in the Competition Center on the EH website or at this link here
  • Welcome SL Chudan to Rho Squadron!
  • The participation details below represent the range of time since the last report on 06.05.2022. Therefore, the details cover 06.06.2022 - 06.19.2022.

Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4

All TIE Corps squadrons are assigned the following tasks:

  1. Complete 20 battles from the Battle Center with a score at least 59.50% of the battle's high score
  2. Complete 100 free missions from the Battle Center with at least 59.50% of the high score
  3. Submit 60 battle or mission reviews with at least 30 words each, must have completed the mission or battle during Squadron (Re)Mobilization 4
  4. In each of 10 separate SC and/or SWS won matches, have one of your squadron's pilots score 15 or more player kills
  5. Complete 25 PvP matches with another member of your squadron on the opposing team
  6. Win 50 PvP matches with another member of your squadron on your team
  7. Win 100 MP PvE matches with another member of your squadron on your team
  8. Submit 8000 words of fiction

The complete rule set and rewards can be found in the Competitons Center or here

Signal Scramble Infection

Before VA Marenta's time as the Warrior Commodore, she used her faithful TIE Reaper, BESSIE, during a mission in which her com circuitry was corrupted and led to cascading and repetitive damage. Being the brilliant logistician she was, she decided to appropriate her vessel from Inferno Squadron and bring it with her to the ISDII Warrior. Unfortunately, it still has the bug of a strange frequency being transmitted into her ship. The messages are simply random 3, 4, and 5 letter combinations repeated for approximately 2 standard weeks before the letter combinations change again. In an effort to help figure out what the messages mean, Marenta has tasked the Warrior to make up phrases for the letter combinations and polling the fleet to determine which is the most likely. Every 2 weeks VA Marenta will generate 3, 4, and 5 random letter combinations and create a Google Form to allow personnel onboard ISDII Warrior to fill out with a time frame of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the responses will be put up in a poll where the Warrior members will vote on the responses provided. The members voting will NOT be able to see which phrase was submitted by which member. After a 2 week voting period, to keep the submissions along the same time period as the voting, VA Marenta will announce the winners. Each season will have 6 full rounds of entries/voting/results. Example: VTK Vocal Tauntauns? Kill! FTWN Free The Wookies Now! VAAAS Vacations At Alderaan Are Stupid

A Bounty Hunter's Puzzling Dilemma

This is a Star Wars themed logic puzzle competition. Testers outside of the TC have taken 20-30+ minutes on average for those without extensive logic puzzle experience. If the puzzle is well-received, I would hope to make an ongoing multi-month series of logic puzzles for a longer competition later on.

Intro: You are working as a bounty hunter, and you just ambitiously accepted five jobs at once. Unfortunately the data tape with the details on the bounties is corrupted. Only a few details can be extracted from the garbled transmission you received from the Bounty Hunter's Guild when you reported the data tape problem. Using the clues available from the transmission, can you determine which bounty matches for each description, planet that posted the bounty, and prize for capture? (Full puzzle details can be sent to you directly to avoid spoiling it in the description before competition start time).

Format: The full puzzle would be available via a link on the competition page, where players can also upload their solution as an image file. Players have one month to complete the puzzle. I would encourage players to keep the image file as well after submitting, in case there is any issue retrieving the file for grading. Winners will be judged first by completeness of the solution, then by fastest time for submission.

Squadrons Feats of Strength I

There are EIGHT feats of strength with increasing difficulty. Settings: Squadrons, Fly Solo FB vs AI (with AI pilots ON) Duration: 30 mins Map: Yavin

Level 1: Play as Imperial and destroy the Enemy Calamari Cruiser on Easy Level 2: Play as New Republic and destroy the Enemy ISD on Easy Level 3: Play as Imperial and destroy the Enemy Calamari Cruiser on Medium Level 4: Play as New Republic and destroy the Enemy ISD on Medium Level 5: Play as Imperial and destroy the Enemy Calamari Cruiser on Medium without reinforced hull Level 6: Play as New Republic and destroy the Enemy ISD on Medium without reinforced hull Level 7: Play as Imperial and destroy the Enemy Calamari Cruiser on Medium Ironman (No deaths) Level 8: Play as New Republic and destroy the Enemy ISD on Medium Ironman (No deaths)

In case of a tie, two players reaching the same level, their position will be determined by the time they took to complete their last level. Example: managed to reach level 3 but never completed it, your best time for level 2 will be used to determine any ties with other players.

Each attempt will need to be either video-recorded (streamed) or spectated by a judge. Judges' names to be announced.

The Challenge with Words

After a particularly bad batch of Chalquilla was distributed by Inferno Squadron, medical was inundated with severely hungover and somewhat illiterate members of the fleet. The tanks had been infected with a spore that ate sugar and spit out alcohol, like yeast. But, this spore also had a side effect, it secreted a neuro inhibitor that ate away people’s knowledge. To help “stimulate” some learning, Inferno, along with the medical crew, have started sending out word puzzles to help the members of the fleet regain some of their lost knowledge.

At the beginning of every month, VA Marenta will generate a word search and post the link along with announcing the previous month’s entrants. Each month, the puzzle will be related to something specific like planets, people, craft, manufacturers, wars, a movie/book/series, etc. Each puzzle will be 50 words and the site will keep track of all submissions.

This competition will utilize the time test on the website in lieu of using the first-entrant on the host site.

Logo for the Bastion

In 2021, the crew of the Hammer came up with a series of contenders for the Hammers on-board bar & recreation area, the winner being the Drunken Bastion submitted by TheBlackxRanger, read about it here: https://wiki.emperorshammer.org/Drunken_bastion

As part of the wiki page and general focus on building the back story, we want to give the place a logo. So for the rest of the month of June 2022 we will be running a competition to do just that. Familiarise yourself with the location background via its wiki entry, and send any submissions for a logo to phoenixberkana AT gmail DOT com.


  • Must feature the bar's name
  • Would prefer a linkage to the Hammer

Winner will receive an Iron Star with Gold Ribbon, the runner up will receive an Iron Star with Silver Ribbon and third place an Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon. If I receive over 6 entries in total, we will extend a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon to fourth place as well.

The full list of current competitions can be found here in the Competitions Center.


Rho Squadron - Strike
The Steam Rhollers || 'Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy'
Wing II - ISDII Warrior

Flight I - TIE Interceptor
Antiel's Aces || 'Remember the Past, Forge the Future'
[1-1] CM Westric Davalorn
[1-2] LT Ayre
[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious
[1-4] LT Bronx Bluar

Flight II - TIE Interceptor
Dagger Flight || 'Death Comes on Dagger Wings'
[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan
[2-2] CPT Jarion Renalds
[2-3] CM FamePlane
[2-4] SL Krownest

Flight III - TIE Interceptor
Emperor's Will || 'In Peace, Vigilance - In War, Victory - In Death, Sacrifice'
[3-1] LT Tiran Marr
[3-2] LC fr0Zen
[3-3] LT Varnin Goldsbane
[3-4] LT Rotarg Kradak

Flight IV - TBA
TBA || 'TBA'
[4-1] Vacant
[4-2] SL Chuban
[4-3] Vacant
[4-4] Vacant


Flight I

[1-1] CPT Westric Davalorn

  • Flying: 5 LoC, 13 LoS
  • Non-flying: Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Email, Discord

[1-2] LT Ayre

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[1-4] LT Bronx Bluar

  • Flying: 3 LoC, 1 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Certified
  • Communication: Discord

Flight II

[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan

  • Flying: 83 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating (MP PvE) rank achieved: Campaigner 2nd; Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[2-2] CPT Jarion Renalds

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: Encyclopaedia Imperia Wiki updates
  • Communication: Discord

[2-3] CM FamePlane

  • Flying: 9 LoC
  • Non-flying: Squadrons Championship League Staff; Squadrons Championship League Twitch Caster
  • Communication: Discord

[2-4] SL Krownest

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: None

Flight III

[3-1] LT Tiran Marr

  • Flying: 3 LoC, 2 LoS
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[3-2] LC fr0Zen

  • Flying: 42 LoC, 2 LoS
  • Non-flying: Squadrons Championship League Team Captain
  • Communication: Discord

[3-3] LT Varnin Goldsbane

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: None

[3-4] LT Rotarg Kradak

  • Flying: 11 LoC, 1 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating (MP PvE) ranks achieved: Beginner; Flight Certification Wings awarded: 1st Echelon
  • Communication: Discord

Flight IV

[4-1] Vacant

[4-2] SL Chudan

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: None

[4-3] Vacant

[4-4] Vacant


Pilots, to your cockpits! Please watch out on Discord for instructions on how Rho will strategically tackle ReMob.

CM Alexandre Morgan
FL-SQXO/CM Alexandre Morgan/Rho 2-1/II/ISDII Warrior