Kappa Report # 25 (2022-05-14)

This report was submitted by CMDR/LC Aardvark/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior



KAPPA SQUADRON WSR #25 (May 14, 2022 - 30 ABY)


STRAIGHT TO THE POINT - an original short story by LC randyrumrnr

As Tommy hauled himself out of the Tie Defender simulator for what felt like the 100th time of the week, he was surprised to find himself lamenting the fact that he was stuck flying perhaps the empire's greatest spacecraft. While he wasn’t sad to have returned to active duty, quite the opposite, he did miss however the pure joy brought on from piloting, what he thought to be, the deadliest fighter in the galaxy.

As he dragged his sweaty body towards the refreshers, Tommy mulled over the news that the fleet was looking at experimenting with larger sized squadrons. This meant that a new flight was to be added to Kappa Squadron. Tommy thought it a weird thing to do, as squadrons traditionally have always flown as a twelve pilot unit. He was however interested to see what new tactics could be spawned from the idea.

As he hit the handle on the refresher, spawning a cascade of lukewarm water over himself, he was also interested in seeing what the new nickname and motto would be for Kappa’s newest flight.

Tommy chuckled to himself. “Rulers of the stars' ' he thought out loud. A unit based on the mythical Krayt dragons of old. Oh how he would have loved to have hunted one of those behemoth’s. So much like the legendary Mandalorian Mythosaurs, which is perhaps why Tommy felt so at home in Kappa squadron, there was some sort of connection there, however faint.

He imagined himself hunting and ambushing a Krayt, in the baking hot twin suns of the Dune Sea of Tatooine, envisioning the striking tail, the claws large enough to shred a man in half, despite his beskar armor. And those fangs, oh man those fangs! They would be nearly able to bite through a…

“Haar’chak! I think I have it!” Tommy exclaimed out loud. “You have what, you Mandalorian mad man?” came the familiar voice of Lieutenant Colonel Adom Wietu from the refresher over. “Oh hey Fro, I didn’t hear you enter. And it’s nothing, just another crazy concoction of mine I’ve thought up.” “Yeah well last time you had one of those ideas, your Gonk droid nearly set the bar on fire. So keep me out of whatever it is you’ve dreamt up.” Adom retorted, trying valiantly to stifle a laugh. “You got it bud!” Tommy replied, as he rushed out of the refreshers, barely drying himself and nearly stumbling over what he could have sworn was an Ewok wearing a pilot's suit…

Tommy raked his fingers through his still damp hair in a last ditch attempt to tidy up his looks, as he knocked on the door of his commanding officer's meeting room. “Enter” came the distinctive voice of Lieutenant Colonel Aardvark.

As the door slid open almost silently, Tommy made his way into the stark room, which Tommy knew was only for appearances sake. Kappa’s Kommander as they were affectionately known, was a keen hoarder of rare ancient weapons and what some would consider to be lewd or sordid material, these items were hidden away behind secret wall panels. This is why Tommy and his Kommander got on so well, they were two of a kind.

“What can I do for you Tommy?” asked Aardvark. “Well Sir, I’ve been thinking alot about it as of late. And by a lot I mean, the past thirty minutes or so, about what we are going to do about the new flight nickname and craft being looked at for Kappa.” Aardvark swiveled slightly back and forth in his desk chair, while nonchalantly rolling around an old bolt caster round on his desk. “I’ve seen this look on your face before Lieutenant Colonel, last time you had it, you set the bar on fire.” “Well Sir, if you want to get technical about it, it was actually Combat Gonk and not me that…” Tommy’s words fell away as his Kommander raised an eyebrow at his excuse.

“But I digress,” Tommy continued. “As I was saying, I’ve been thinking about it. I know that when my old squadron Sigma was decommissioned, most of her craft have been sitting around gathering dust in one of the reserve hangers. I thought we could put them to good use, along with a new flight nickname and motto.” Aardvark leant back this time in his chair, sticking his boots up on the corner of the desk. “Go on,” he replied. “Well Sir I have to admit, it is a great honor to be placed in the cockpit of the Tie Defender. I know most Imperial pilots would lick the toilet bowl to have a chance at flying one. But for myself, I have always felt more at home in the cockpit of an Interceptor.” “An interceptor flight, huh?. Why would we choose that over another flight of Defenders, an arguably better craft?” replied Aardvark “Permission to sit, Sir?” Tommy asked. Aardvark waived at the chair to Tommy’s left.

As he slid into the chair Tommy continued. “Well Sir, the maintenance on the Interceptor is far lower. They take up less room in the hanger than the Defender and well…” Tommy appeared to pause, looking lost for his next sentence. “And well what?” Aardvark asked, leaning forward on his desk, planting his elbows upon it. “And well. They look like the fangs of a Dragon, Sir.” Tommy blurted out. Aardvark’s eyebrows raised, if slightly. Kappa’s Kommander once again leant back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest. Head and eyes tilting up towards the ceiling. “You said something earlier about the nickname for the new flight.” Aardvark prompted. “Yessir, as I was saying, I thought we could nickname the new flight The Dragon’s Fangs. Seeing as the Interceptor somewhat resembles them.” Tommy explained. “I see. And have you thought about a motto for the flight also?” Aardvark asked. I have Sir. I thought we could use The Crushing Blow. In reference to the fact that the fangs of a dragon could crush nearly anything our enemies could throw against us.” Aardvark sat impossibly still for a few moments, seeming to mull over what his pilot had just put forth to him. As he opened his mouth to reply, the warning klaxons sounded.

“I’m sorry Lieutenant Colonel, we are going to have to postpone this conversation until after we sort out whatever is being thrown against us.” Aardvark stated as he rose quickly from his chair. As the two pilots ran towards Kappa’s ready room, Tommy shouted above the noise of a ship getting ready for combat. “If it were to sweeten the pot at all Sir, I would put my gauntlet up to be flight leader of Flight Four!” Tommy yelled, as he dodged an MSE droid and then nearly barrelled straight over a very short Tie pilot. “Holy hell, was that an Ewok!?” Aardvark yelled.

Kappa_Squadron_copy.pngKAPPA SQUADRON NEWSKappa_Squadron_copy.png


Greetings brave and glorious pilots of Kappa Squadron! Much has happened since the last report, so let's get right to the news!

First of all, we welcome LT Crono Zeal Mawell to Kappa Squadron as the inaugual member of Flight Four, Dragon's Fangs. We also salute LC randyrumrnr for volunteering to take on the FL role in Flight Four. A competition was held to pick the name, motto and ship for Flight Four. LC randyrumrnr and CM Rachel Drachon offered up suggestions and both suggested Dragon's Fangs for the flight name! By popular vote, LC Drakon's nomination of "Our Bite Is Worse Than Our Roar" was chosen as the motto and LC randyrumrnr's pick of the TIE Interceptor was chosen as the F4 craft.

The Warrior rose to first place in the Imperial Storm 4 wargames. It made me proud to see so many Kappa pilots jumping into the cockpit to help with the war effort and all that participated will receive the coveted Meritorious Unit Award (MUA). CM Rachel Drakon and KMDR Aardvark will also receive a IS-CR for fighting in at least two ship vs ship PVP matches. Great work, Kappa!!

Finally, the final month of TIE Corp in Batttle (TCiB), the single player game comp, was running at the same time as IS4. KMDR Aardvark maintained his lead to win the comp and title of TIE Corp Battlemaster. Through the efforts of LC randyrumrnr and GN Mark Schueler, Kappa Squadron came in second place in the multi-month comp and all three will receive a MUA. Good job!

Kappa_Squadron_copy.pngSQUADRON ACTIVITY Kappa_Squadron_copy.png

1-1 LC Aardvark: BS for Apr activity. Lots of SP missions and reviews for TCiB and IS4, 72 Legions, Stacks of Iron Stars, IARx2, Ran squadron comp. CMDR+ meetings. Email and Discord comms.

1-2 LT Cole Veerhaan: MoC-Bronze, Discord comms.

1-3 LT Anson Tang: Passed TCORE with 93! Great job! Updated INPR and Earned 2 Legions. Discord comms.

1-4 GN Mark Schueler: ISM for April. Lots of SP missions and reviews for TCiB and IS4. Good work! Order of Vanguard, Happy Anniversary! MoC and Discord comms.

2-1 MAJ Sparky: ISM for April and earned many Legions during IS4. Discord comms

2-2 COL Farrin Xies: Absent during April but checked in by discord in May.

2-3 CM Rachel Drakon: PC for April and and outstanding performance during IS4 with scores of Legions, PVP matches and two IAR. MoC and Discord comms.

2-4 COL Ulrich Drachen: No activity but some Discord comms.

3-1 CPT Shang Khan: New PVE combat rating of Campaigner 2nd. Earning Legions in SC PVE. Order of Vanguard, Happy TC Anniversary! MoC and Discord comms

3-2 LT Purpletiger_z: MoC - gold and a BF2 LoC. Glad to see you back in action!


3-4 GN Dunta Polo: Earning Legions for IS4.

4-1 LC randyrumrnr: PC for April. Single player missions and reviews for TCiB and IS4. Also over three dozen Legions and three IAR's! New PVE combat rating of Gunner's Mate 2nd. Overall winner of Squadron comp. IU Course at 91%, well done! Discord comms.

4-2 LT Crono Zeal Mawell: Welcome! Promptly promoted to LT with an updated INPR. Went on to quickly earn two LoC and 10 LoS - great job! New PVE and PvP ratings. Discord comms.


An up to date listing of all current competitions. Also keep an eye on the Discord #COMPETITIONS channel for breaking news about comps.

The Challenge With Words: COM Marenta's monthly word search. https://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=691568ec26

Signal Scramble Infection: Every 2 weeks VA Marenta will generate 3, 4, and 5 random letter combinations. Make up phrases to go along with the letters!

TIE Fighter Total Conversion: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3377

Kappa_Squadron_copy.pngCLOSING COMMENTSKappa_Squadron_copy.png

Have a great week, Kappa! KAPPA HYPE!

CMDR/LC Aardvark/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

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