TCCOM Report # 3 (2009-01-25)

This report was submitted by TCCOM/FA Jarek La'an/SSSD Sovereign

TCCOM Report #3
FA La’an, 20/1/09

Its an unfortunate truth that no plan survives contact with the enemy or ever goes unchanged. The same is true of the pending restructure whose finer points continue to be finalised whilst the TC site is implemented, the two going hand in hand and thus arriving at the same time, as well as facing the same unavoidable delays. As such I have a few updates regarding the likely structure of the TC, an application to open, and an officer removal to announce. Some of these things are good news, others bad, all a case of necessity.


Wing VI has confirmed that their relocation will take them aboard the ISDII Warrior, a fine vessel longstanding on our Order of Battle. They will retain their numeric ID as well as squad names to compensate for the loss of their traditional mothership.

After consideration and consultation with the Chal WC it is my unfortunate duty to asdjust the restructure plan by removing the Collie from the equation. I had hoped to have the supreme joy of reopening the ship but personnel losses over the preceding months and other issues have meant that to do so means crippling one wing to create two horridly understrength and non-competitive. I wont do this to satisfy my own vanity, so the Chal will remain as it is and compress to two squads. Details will be made available by Domi as and when they are finalised with his CMDRs.

On a related note it is my sad duty to announce the removal of Angel from the ChalCOM position, effective immediately. In the past he has been a fine officer but his lack of presence or contact over preceding months has been nothing but damaging. This issue should have been dealt with earlier and the fault is entirely mine for not acting sooner. He will be reassigned to a Chal squadron with a demotion to COL and given a last chance to make contact within 30 days or be AWOLd.

Discussion with the FC, XO and SCO regarding the exact nature of the TC flagship continues. It has been agreed that an SSD is perhaps too large a vessel, whilst arguments include retaining the Sov but removing the EHCS presence aboard, or alternate designs such as the Allegiance-class. Full info will be released as and when it is finalised.


The TC is not just the purview of one man, rather a triad of officers is needed - a TCCOM, a SOO and a DEAN. The latter positions are now open for any applicant interested in taking on the responsibility.

SOO will be responsible for handling medal approvals as well as primarily acting as a TCXO. Applicants should have an excellent online presence, experience within the TC at CMDR or any level above it, a good attitude and strong ideas for directions to take the group in the coming year. All applicants will be considered.

DEAN will be responsible for resurrecting the IWATS system and establishing a functional test and grading system in conjunction with the TACs site, whilst working under the aegis of the TO, when one is reappointed. The same standards for SOO apply with the additional request that any applicant has experience as a PROF.

Promotion in both cases will be to RA upon appointment, with the expectation of weekly reports, strong online presence, rapid mail response, and the ability and drive to see the long-term future of the TC prosper. Any applications will be considered from active to reserve officers, reserve flags will retain rank upon appointment. All interested mail me at - please clearly indicate topic in the title ie 'DEAN Application - COL X'.

TC Site & Conclusion

The work with the TC site is unfortunately slow due to the sheer volume of data (multiple GBs) requiring converting to the new site format. Its unavoidable but necessary work being taken on by a handful of skilled volunteers, so spare a thought for them before fielding criticism.

The best I can ask of you all now is to stay communicative and loud until the site goes live, whilst we can still fly and earn reward, write, post and mail I know its not an ideal situation. If we allow ourselves to stagnate then we do more damage to ourselves before we even get to a new site. We have had losses over the previous weeks and every one is felt keenly, moreso than many might think, but each is utterly avoidable if as a community we pull together and last the distance.

With utmost regard,

FA Jarek La’an, TCCOM