Tempest Squadron of Wing X  (Deep Strike)

Banner of Tempest Squadron
Patch of Tempest Squadron
Squadron Commander: Captain Colo Delste
Squadron Executive Officer: Major Morgoth
Nickname: "Riders on the Storm"
Motto: "May the winds blow till they have waken'd death"
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Flight I

Nickname: Storm Knights
Motto: With this lance I judge, for he that dies pays all debts

1-1CPT Colo Delste
1-2CM Akreseus
1-3LT ZedexJ7
1-4  Vacant
Flight II

Nickname: Heretics of Maelstrom
Motto: Hell is empty, and all the devils are here

2-1MAJ Morgoth
2-2LCM Shawn Erso
2-3LT Ezekiel Solomon
2-4  Vacant
Flight III

Nickname: Paladins of Fulmination
Motto: You'll see the lightning but will be dead before the thunder

3-1LC Honsou
3-2LT Dusky Blarg
3-3LT CapukkiOne
3-4  Vacant