Tempest Squadron of Wing X  (Deep Strike)

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Patch of Tempest Squadron
Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Honsou
Nickname: "Riders on the Storm"
Motto: "May the winds blow till they have waken'd death"
Officer Reports: Tempest Squadron Reports
Description: So, you want to join the TIE Corps? Well here's the good news pilot, Tempest Squadron can back up their claim to being the very best that the TIE Corps has to offer. With every member boasting the medals to prove that they have stepped up and out flown their opposition.

Tempest's mission is simple, Deep Strike. We go where the larger ships of the fleet cannot and other squadrons do not dare. Where speed and surprise is the mandate and utter annihilation the goal.

Whether you're a team player in SWS, a lone wolf of the classic Star Wars flight titles or like to play game after game of Star Conflict. Tempest has pilots to join and support you. Boasting a roster that ranges from new, raw talent in the cockpit to grizzled veterans. During our off duty hours we partake in trivia and assorted other competitions too.

Across the galaxy when battles rage and conflict decimates the New Republic we are the Storm that heralds their destruction, the maelstrom that wreaks havoc throughout their forces and the riders who lead the Emperor's Hammer to victory.

Always remember... "We are the Storm!"
Current Squadron Citations: 9 - View Battleboard
Unit Titles Earned
Escort Squadron 2021
Flight I - TIE Defender - "Storm Knights"
"With this lance I judge, for he that dies pays all debts"
Squadron Commander
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight II - Spectre Advanced Missile Boat - "Heretics of Maelstrom"
"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here"
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight III - Spectre Advanced Missile Boat - "Paladins of Fulmination"
"You'll see the lightning but will be dead before the thunder"
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member