Inferno Squadron of Wing X  (Special Forces)

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Patch of Inferno Squadron
Squadron Commander: Captain Xylo Pethtel
Nickname: "Great TIE's of Fire"
Motto: "Tread lightly, if you fly too close you'll be devoured by our Inferno"
Site: TBA
Officer Reports: Inferno Squadron Reports
Description: Wherever the spark of resistance flares up, you can count on Inferno Squadron to be there to put it out. A Special forces unit specializing in air superiority and expert ground maneuvers, there's nowhere to hide from the fire, outside on the battlefield, and inside each of her determined pilots.

Practicing complex space combat maneuvers, and constantly drilling on "Pilot on the ground" scenarios, there's no terrain or mission Inferno isn't equipped to handle, and no fight too big for the flames to consume. Inferno Squadron is a Special Forces Squadron of Wing X on the ISD II Challenge that primarily flies the fast and deadly TIE Interceptor, with guest appearances from the classic special forces TIE fighters and Reapers to fire forth on any mission!
Current Squadron Citations: None - View Battleboard
Flight I - TIE Interceptor - "The Flaming Banthas"
"Save the Milk for when the job is done. There is warmth in Duty."
Squadron Commander
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight II - TIE Interceptor - "Frontier Flame Defenders"
"Fire so strong in our hearts, they are engulfed before they even know it."
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight III - TIE Reaper - "Oven Masons"
"Death is no longer cold, for we carry our flame wherever we go. Inferno Infinite."
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member