Major Prost Varsis (# 8637)
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MAJ Prost Varsis [Inactive]
[DRAG] [none] [none] {IWATS-BOT-CBX-IIC/1/2/3-JS-SM/3-TT}

Combat Record
Dragoon FCHG wings
in the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Combat Rating: NONE
    Battles completed   (17) 

  TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions (Medal of the Emperor's Gate)
TIE-TC 13: Finding the Lakul (Medal of Alertness)
TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command (Medal of Sith)
TIE-TC 15: Special Operations (Medal of Stealth)
TIE-TC 24: Save the Emperors DNA (Medal of Replication)
TIE-TC 26: The Dark Troopers (Medal of FutureShock)
TIE-TC 42: Jealousy (Medal of Envy)
TIE-TC 48: Ski Hoth - Star Wars Mercenaries (Medal of Reconciliation)
TIE-TC 141: A New Ally II
TIE-TC 158: A New Start
TIE-TC 191: The Great Beef Acquisition
TIE-TC 199: Shinsen Gumi Saga #1: The School For Scandal
TIE-TC 213: Locke Setzer's Day Off (The Tempest Crescent)
TIE-TC 222: Challenge ECR Missions (Medal of Challenge ECR Tour)
TIE-TC 224: ECR IV - Training Maneuvers
TIE-TC 225: Inferno's Crazy Adventure

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-TC 4: Privateer

    Free missions completed   (42) 

  TIE Fighter

TIE-free 25: Ace #1
TIE-free 54: Chipmis #1
TIE-free 78: Corran Horn #1
TIE-free 95: Omicron Squadron Reload
TIE-free 100: Lord Bufford's Manor
TIE-free 103: Smuggling
TIE-free 105: Blowing Crap Up
TIE-free 106: The Courtship of Callista
TIE-free 117: Fight for Chalquila
TIE-free 119: Snake Eyes
TIE-free 145: Demons and Angels
TIE-free 147: Kill Drones
TIE-free 149: Patrol of Somewhere
TIE-free 163: Farewell Celebration
TIE-free 164: Evacuate Platform
TIE-free 182: 16gerous Intentions
TIE-free 191: The Untouchable
TIE-free 193: Red Baron's Demise
TIE-free 195: System Patrol
TIE-free 207: ASF Avenger Elite Squadron
TIE-free 208: Talons' First Patrol
TIE-free 219: The Rush
TIE-free 228: Ronin's backseat driving
TIE-free 229: Occupation on Inigew
TIE-free 230: ISD Colossus vs. the Pitful Pirates
TIE-free 233: Karuani Encounter
TIE-free 238: Save Dirk Logan's Marriage!
TIE-free 241: Training Mission 1
TIE-free 249: TIE Fighter: Demonstration
TIE-free 259: Interceptor Escort
TIE-free 260: A Station Too Far

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-free 28: Deepspace Recon
XvT-free 149: Imms Monkey Trouble
XvT-free 153: Tempest Tango
XvT-free 160: Jedi Run
XvT-free 185: Protect the Fleet Commander...from Fleas
XvT-free 200: XvT-Free 200

  XvT - Balance of Power

BoP-free 30: Oldschool SSD Beatin'- Krayt Style

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-free 1: Battle of Midway
XWA-free 2: Destroy Ackbar
XWA-free 3: A Simple Patrol
XWA-free 4: Defend the ISD Colossus

    Participated Combat Events   (0)