Colonel Phalk Sturm (# 6874)
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Flight Member code cylinder(s)  Colonel rank badge  Flight Member code cylinder(s)  
FM/COL Phalk Sturm/Tempest 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
22SW-30BW-1CW-6GR-12SR-17BR-9CR/LoC-CSx2/LoS-CSx7-Rx1/CoL/CoB/OV-20E [Imperator] [Certified]
[Private 4th] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/2/5-TM/1/3}

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   Colonel Phalk Sturm
  ID line:   FM/COL Phalk Sturm/Tempest 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
  Gender:   Male
  Species:   Human
  Date of Birth:   27th day of the 2nd Month
  Place of Birth:   Anaxes
  Marital Status:   Widow then Re-married
  Family information:   Father was MAJ Deouggan Sturm. A covert operator and acting as a liasion officer in the Intel Division. In one mission to disrupt rebel cells of Uvena, he entangled in a relationship with rebel guerrilla fighter Ahylla Garaint, sibling to notorious bounty hunter Noval Garaint, who was his captive and source of information. After marrying and sending his wife to serve a 2 yrs prison term in Gentes, they reunited in Coruscant, where Deouggan Sturm held a diplomat position in the Diplomatic Corps as an attaché to Ambassador Bin Essada. Phalk was born on Anaxes following the tradition of the Sturm family, as an old lineage of naval officers, now stern supporters of the New Order and the Imperial Navy. In the days after the Battle of Endor his mother died at the hands of rebel spies that abducted and executed her for crimes against the Alliance and as a desperate attempt to capture either Deouggan and his father, retired Admiral Gus'Stav Sturm or his infant son, Phalk. All of his paternal family perished in the clashes while defending the last imperial buildings near the Imperial Palace in Coruscant. Phalk was evacuated among other imperial families in the last stages of the final rebel assault. Now an orphan, Phalk's life was to follow the steps of his forefathers in service of the Navy.
  Social status:   former Imperial Naval Officer. Now Finance Trader
  Significant events of childhood:   Living the life of an orphan, destitute and alienated from all former family, his hatred for the Alliance was a beacon for all the efforts and hardships he endured. Joined the Imperial Youth Cadets soon after his evacuation. A year later, he was reunited with his uncle, an Imperial Army Stormtrooper officer, who restored the wounds of broken bonds and built back the sense of family which was by then, only connected to the Imperial Navy. It was his uncle who introduced him in the tactics of the mandalorians and encouraged him to leave in order to join the Hammer's Fist, an elite formation of former imperial army personnel. At the age of 17, he joined the Hammer's Fist and after graduating as Scout Sniper in Carrida II, he was deployed in Vindictive platoon, enrolling for 6 years in active duty. He saw action in many theatres. On his 6th year of service, he was indicted and sentenced to 1 year of reclusion and forced training in Carida II for breaking both legs and arms of a high-ranking New Republican prisoner.
  Significant events of adulthood:   After serving his reclusion time, he was reassigned to Imperial Commandos Special Operations Group Detachment 961. On a classified mission on planet Nixus he was heavily wounded. Honorably discharged at age 24, as a Staff Sgt., he found himself alone again, and for once, with no clear purpose in life. His uncle was reported MIA while he was serving his prison time in Carida. Fate found him to marry shortly after, with Krilla Vandor, a corellian native, and daughter of a petty pirate, Luxis Vandor, whom introduced Phalk to the privateer life and trained him in the basics of flying and maintenance. For 3 years, Phalk Sturm and his wife Krilla were part of the Hessian Pirate Syndicate in the Vergesso asteroid sector. Upon a raid on New Republican freighters headed for Kuat, his wife was killed and he was injured and captured. While detained and enroute to Fornax, his prisoner convoy was assaulted by Emperor's Hammer Aggressor Strike Force. Successfully liberated, he was once again directed into the arms of his beloved Imperial Navy. Immediately joined the TIE Corps and graduated from PLT/Daedalus. Served for 5 years onboard the ISD Colossus, always as pilot, from FM to eventually CMDR of the sole assassination specialized squadron of the Fleet: Eta Squadron of Wing VIII. Retired from active duty as a Lt. Colonel, at 38, he eventually re-married with Alyssa Hlena, an Echani, ballet dance ballerina he met in Hrnandi, a city on Eshan. The couple finally settled in Akritt'ar, a remote temperate forest planet in the Outer Rim. He ran a business of finance and trading cryptocurrencies across the Mayagil Sector.
  Alignment and attitude:   Quiet, disciplined and not very fond of social company. He has severe anger issues which he struggles to tame with a high degree of efficiency. However, occasionally his quick temper has played problematic developments in the past. Served 1 year for aggravated battery on Carida II.
  Previous occupations:   Scout Sniper in the Hammer's Fist. Pirate and mechanic. Imperial fighter pilot. Market and finance operator. Merchant
  Hobbies:   All-around hedonist. Smoking Ta-Habanya cigars and drinking aged and palateful brandies. Following the Mandalorian Shinobi Enlightened Way martial art. Assembling and racing hover motorcycles of any kind. Roaming the stars. Gunsmithing
  Tragedies in life:   Loss of almost everyone he ever loved. Mother, father, grandparents, wife and father-in-law.
  Phobias and allergies:   Rebels and rebels, again.
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  The TIE Corps was the safehaven where he could channel his life after the void the rebel Alliance obliterating anything dear to him. Now that the Empire is in dire need of able hands, he is willing to relinquish his quiet existence in retirement for an effort that help to win the day eventually.
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  LC Phalk Sturm was reincorporated into service upon compliance of Emergency Order 6544 from the Office of the Fleet Commander.
  Other comments:   A dinosaur still rumbling about in a starfighter cockpit. He is too old for this.
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