General Master (# 6252)
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FM/GN Master/Inferno 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
70BW-1PR-4GR-7SR-8BR/LoC-CSx3/DFC-Rx1/CoE/CoLx5/CoB/LoAx7/OV-20E [Centurion] [Certified]

Number of competitions approved: 52
Number of competitions denied: 0
Number of competitions pending: 0

  • Demotivate Me! (finished)
  • WE NEED A BANNER! (finished)
  • And i shall call you.... (finished)
  • Master's Mighty Mission of the Week! - Redux (finished)
  • The Black of Black (finished)
  • Master's Mighty Mission of the Week! (finished)
  • A Rise, Fall & a Birthday!!!!! (finished)
  • Let's learn each other... (finished)
  • What is Question 14? (finished)
  • The AlliED Superweapon (finished)
  • Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUMBLE (finished)
  • Golden Tug Awards 2007 (finished)
  • Competition - the spice of life... (finished)
  • Master's Monthly Map & Mission Mayhem (finished)
  • Master's Anniversary Bash! (finished)
  • TIE Golf 2006 - Grand Championship (finished)
  • Twenty Mission Madness (finished)
  • I'll be back when you least expect it: Next Xmas! (finished)
  • TIE Golf 2006 (finished)
  • Halloween Banner Prank Competition 2006 (finished)
  • Master's Monthly Map Mayhem (finished)
  • FCHG Creation Competition 2006 (finished)
  • Master is an Old Fart! (finished)
  • Master's Birthday Bonanza! (finished)
  • Iron Mission Creator 2006 (finished)
  • ANNNN (finished)
  • TAC'cy Pilot of the Month II (finished)
  • Golden Tug Awards 2006 (finished)
  • Mission Creation Incentive III (finished)
  • Did you hear that meatbag? "I'LL BE BACK!" (finished)
  • *insert cool quote here* (finished)
  • The BIG 2-0-0! (finished)
  • TAC'cy Pilot of the Month (finished)
  • Tempest Squadron - A Call to Arms (finished)
  • Tempest Mascot (finished)
  • 3:16 (finished)
  • Free for The Entire Mission Compendium (finished)
  • Wing X FCHG Race (finished)
  • Whomp in the Wargame (finished)
  • Challenge Weekly Trivia (finished)
  • New Wing Banner (finished)
  • Whip Master into Shape (finished)
  • Wing X Squadron of the Month (finished)
  • Wing X Commander of the Month (finished)
  • Wing X Pilot of the Month (finished)
  • Wing X Morale Boosting Competition (finished)
  • Recruitment Banner (finished)
  • Tornado Squadron - A Call to Arms (March) (finished)
  • Recruitment - A Necessity (finished)
  • Tornado Squadron - A Call to Arms (finished)
  • In search of Activity (finished)
  • Back to Basics (finished)