High Admiral Frodo March (# 5956)
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RSV/HA Frodo March/M/FRG Phoenix
HA Frodo March [Inactive]//
21E [Executor] [Marksman 4th] {TCCORE-MCBS-MP/1-SM/2/3/4-TACS-TM/1-XAM-XTM/1/2}

Number of competitions approved: 68
Number of competitions denied: 1
Number of competitions pending: 0

  • ISD Warrior COM Protector and High Score Theft Competition (finished)
  • Warrior of the Year (finished)
  • ISD Warrior Warrior Day Banner Celebration Competition (finished)
  • Find the COM (Clue Trivia) (finished)
  • Find the COM, Star Conflict (finished)
  • Find the COM, SP (finished)
  • TIE Golf 2014: The ISD Warrior Invitational Tournament! (finished)
  • ISD Warrior SC Bonanza! (finished)
  • TIE Corps FFL (finished)
  • ISD Warrior Trivia 2014 (finished)
  • ISD Warrior, the Story Begins! (finished)
  • Sin Banner and Uniform Patch Creation (finished)
  • Commodore's Wingman/Commodore Protector (denied)
  • Commodore's Wingman/Commodore Protector (finished)
  • ISD Warrior Free Mission Plotline Competition (finished)
  • ISD Warrior Nickname and Motto Competition (finished)
  • Raise the Flag May 2010 (finished)
  • Raise the Flag May 2010 Fiction Comp (finished)
  • RTF Secret Missions (finished)
  • RTF Single Player Competition May 2010 (finished)
  • SOO's Wingman (finished)
  • Citation Race March 2010 (finished)
  • Wing I needs a banner! (finished)
  • RtF Multiplayer Competition (finished)
  • Raise the Flag November 2009 (finished)
  • RTF Nov 2009 Fiction Competition (finished)
  • RtF Single Player Flying Competition (finished)
  • Praetorian Centurion March 09 (finished)
  • Praetorian Centurion February 09 (finished)
  • Praetorian Centurion December 08 (finished)
  • Praetorian Centurion January 09 (finished)
  • RO Youtube Video Competition! (finished)
  • Entire EH 2007 Hallowe'en Prank Banner Competition! (finished)
  • TIE Corps Squadron Tournament (finished)
  • Frodo's Crazy Flying Challenge! (finished)
  • TIE Corps Meeting Trivia (finished)
  • RTFC 2k6 MP Comp (finished)
  • RTFC 2k6 SP Comp (finished)
  • Raise the Flag 2006 (finished)
  • RTFC 2k6 Fiction Comp (finished)
  • Kill the TCCOM! (finished)
  • Name the Flagship competition! (finished)
  • Mission Creation Incentive II (finished)
  • Sovereign Squadron League 2005 (finished)
  • Golden Tug Awards 2005 (finished)
  • 2005 FCHG Battle competition! (finished)
  • Iron Mission Creation Flying Challenge! (finished)
  • Iron Mission Creator (finished)
  • Mission Creation Incentive (finished)
  • Pilot of the Week Comp (finished)
  • Python Helicopter Comp! (finished)
  • Python MP race! (finished)
  • Prank the Wing Commander! (finished)
  • Python CR Race! (finished)
  • Python Recruitment Comp! (finished)
  • Beat the COM at XvT SP! (finished)
  • Wittle GFX Recruitment comp! (finished)
  • Beat the COM Protector! (finished)
  • The COM needs a ship! (finished)
  • Desing a Battle Plotline! (finished)
  • ISD-II Intrepid Top Squad Activity Comp!! (finished)
  • ISD Intrepid Nickname/Motto/Banner Comp!! (finished)
  • Wing V recruitment Comp II (finished)
  • Wing V FCHG RACE!!! (finished)
  • Wing V Elite Squadron Comp!!!!! (finished)
  • Design a Webpage for Wing V (finished)
  • Wing V Pilot of the Month Comp (finished)
  • Find LC Frodo a pet!!! (finished)
  • Wing V recruitment comp (finished)