Lieutenant Commander fr0Zen (# 55977)
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Flight Member code cylinder(s)  Lieutenant Commander rank badge  Flight Member code cylinder(s)  
FM/LCM fr0Zen/Rho 2-3/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
SSx2/BSx2/IAR/MoI/MoC-1boc/IS-1GW-1BW-3CW/LoC-PS-CSx4-Rx2/LoS-CS-Rx2/CoB [Lancer] [Veteran 3rd]
[Beginner] {TCCORE}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    02/04/202111dTRN/CT fr0Zen/IWATS/SSD Avenger 
    02/14/20211dTRN/SL fr0Zen/IWATS/SSD Avenger 
    02/14/20212dFM/SL fr0Zen/Rho 2-3/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    02/16/20212m,8dFM/LT fr0Zen/Rho 2-3/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    04/27/20211m,20dFM/LCM fr0Zen/Rho 2-3/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    Date Information  
    06/15/2021Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
In recognition of contributions to fleet communications during February.
Recommended by: John T. Clark
    06/14/2021Silver Star of the Empire
Fr0Zen is one of the most active pilots I have ever seen in my TC career, this did not change in the month of May. Fro received 108 LoC's and 5 LoS'. For his high level of dedication to Rho and the TC, I hereby recommend he receive the Silver Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: acetiepilot
    06/11/2021Iron Star with Copper Wings
For participating in at least 10 games for the Emperor's Hammer in the first Star Wars Squadrons Week of War, LCM fr0zen has earned an IS-CW.


Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    06/03/2021Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Paired with LCM Morgoth, LCM fr0zen took third place in the May COO Objective Scramble by attaining 29 points. They both get 1 point for the annual standings.
Recommended by: Plif for competition May COO Objective Scramble: May The Force Be With You
    06/03/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of Kevinbackroom, PIN 56054
Recommended by: Plif
    05/19/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
In the month of April Fr0Zen flew 22 SP missions and amassed an amazing 96 LoC's. For his dedication to duty, I hereby recommend we pin a Bronze Star of the Empire on his uniform.
Recommended by: acetiepilot
    05/10/2021Imperial Achievement Ribbon
Thank you for joining us on Episode 9 of The TIE Pilot Podcast!
Recommended by: Zekk Terrik
    05/10/2021Imperial Achievement Ribbon
For destroying the opposition's capital ships and his enduring performances in the Twin Suns Tournament. After a grueling 6+ hour marathon, he helped the Storm Pickle Horns reach 24th place fighting amongst the best of the best on what Squadrons has to offer.
Recommended by: Genie
    05/07/2021Iron Star with Gold Wings
Member of the PickleHorns for the Cadet Cup tournament. The PickleHorns placed 8th overall and 1st between the two EH teams.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    04/26/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
For the month of February, fr0Zen claimed 65 LoC, 1 LoS and competed in 1 competition. An absolutely fantastic start to the young LT's TC career. For this level of activity, I hereby recommend him for the Bronze star of the Empire.
Recommended by: acetiepilot
    04/26/2021Silver Star of the Empire
For the month of March, fr0Zen posted a whopping 172 LoC, 1 LoS and competed in 2 competitions. For this level of outstanding service to both Rho and the TIE Corps, I hereby recommend him for the Silver Star.
Recommended by: acetiepilot
    04/26/2021Iron Star with Copper Wings
For achieving over 80 team kills (88) in the Chalquilla Cup as part of the Jolly Rho-gers Team.
Recommended by: Genie for competition The Chalquilla Cup I
    04/17/2021Iron Star with Copper Wings
Winning at least five matches in "TRA Presents: War that Lasts a Week":
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    02/22/2021Commendation of Bravery
Since his appointment to Rho a little over a week ago, LT fr0Zen has already racked up over 30 LoC's. An excellent start to his pilot career. This is well earned LT!
Recommended by: acetiepilot