Lieutenant Commander Honsou (# 55973)
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Flight Member code cylinder(s)  Lieutenant Commander rank badge  Flight Member code cylinder(s)  
FM/LCM Honsou/Tempest 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
SS/BSx2/ISMx2/IAR/MoI-BC/MoC-1boc/MUA-Rx1/IS-1GW-1SW-1CW-1SR/LoC-RS/LoS-CSx9-Rx2/CoB [Officer 3rd]
[Private 4th] {TCCORE}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    01/27/20211dTRN/CT Honsou/IWATS/SSD Avenger 
    01/28/20213dFM/SL Honsou/Tempest 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    01/30/20212m,21dFM/LT Honsou/Tempest 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    04/22/20211m,25dFM/LCM Honsou/Tempest 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    Date Information  
    06/15/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of SirCaleb, PIN 56053
Recommended by: Plif
    06/15/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of Taurus, PIN 56071
Recommended by: Plif
    06/15/2021Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
In recognition of contributions to fleet communications during February.
Recommended by: John T. Clark
    06/12/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
LCM Honsou has spent months training not only the squadron, but many of the pilots on the ISD-II Challenge in anti-capital ship maneuvers. Despite the time this takes, he has also earned 60 Legions of Combat and Skirmish and taken part in several competitions, helping Tempest complete all fourteen ReMob tasks. For his service to the Challenge and the Empire, I recommend the Bronze Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    06/06/2021Iron Star with Copper Wings
LCM Honsou has participated in at least ten Tempest Raid Nights and has earned an IS-CW for his efforts.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo for competition Tempest Raid Nights
    05/30/2021Iron Star with Gold Wings
Contributed to Tempest Squadron’s completion of all 14 tasks in Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3
Recommended by: Plif for competition TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3
    05/30/2021TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award
Contributed to Tempest Squadron’s second place finish in Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3
Recommended by: Plif for competition TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3
    05/31/2021Imperial Achievement Ribbon
Thank you for joining us on episode 10, the special pop-up episode of The TIE Pilot Podcast!
Recommended by: Zekk Terrik
    05/24/2021Imperial Achievement Ribbon
LCM Honsou is the Challenge's star Fleet Battles pilot, but rather than resting on his laurels, he is dedicated to make all members of the Challenge better pilots regardless of squadron. In yesterday's Firebird Squadron Training, he willingly forwent playing games and earning LoCs to act as a referee and coach. For this, and his many other similar acts, he deserves an Imperial Achievement Medal.
Recommended by: Stryker
    05/19/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
LCM Honsou has been a vital member of the squadron, leading anti-capital training and participating in competitions and combat events. Earning 51 Legions of Combat in April alone, he has earned a Bronze Star of the Empire for his dedication to the fleet.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    05/07/2021Iron Star with Silver Wings
Member of the Storm Knights for the Cadet Cup tournament. The Storm Knights placed 15th overall and 2nd between the two EH teams.
Recommended by: Genie
    04/18/2021Silver Star of the Empire
LT Honsou flew in over one hundred combat engagements, took part in fleet-wide and squadron-wide competitions, and has taken the lead in anti-capital strike training. He has been a tremendously influential member of the squadron and strives to improve not only himself, but the squadron and the entire fleet. For his efforts and dedication, he has earned a Silver Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    04/06/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of RedKnight, PIN 56024
Recommended by: Plif
    04/07/2021Imperial Security Medal
For attaining Marksman 1st in the Combat Ratings
Recommended by: Miles Prower
    03/25/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of Coldsnacks, PIN 56017
Recommended by: Plif
    03/15/2021Commendation of Bravery
LT Honsou has survived over 30 battles victoriously and has thus earned his commendation of bravery.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    03/13/2021Medal of Instruction
For the recruitment of Akreseus, PIN 56005
Recommended by: Plif
    03/07/2021Imperial Security Medal
LT Honsou has only recently joined, but has already begun his training and flown a number of combat engagements, both live and in the simulators. He has engaged with squadron competitions and has been working closely with CPT Kalve Ryder. For his activity in the month of February, he has earned an Imperial Security Medal.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    03/04/2021Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Tied for first place in "Better Know your Spacefighters" with a fiction about his time in a TIE Reaper as a cadet.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo for competition Better Know your Spacefighters