Lieutenant Commander EchoVII (# 55922)
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Flight Member code cylinder(s)  Lieutenant Commander rank badge  Flight Member code cylinder(s)  
FM-SQXO/LCM EchoVII/Tempest 2-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
BSx3/PC/ISM/MoC-1boc/IS-1GW-1SR-1BR/LoC-TS-IS-CSx5-Rx2/LoS-CSx2-Rx2/CoB [Officer 4th]
[Qualified] {TCCORE-MP/2}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    11/07/20202dTRN/CT EchoVII/IWATS/SSD Avenger 
    11/09/202010dRSV/SL EchoVII/M/FRG Phoenix 
    11/18/20204dFM/SL EchoVII/Inferno 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    11/22/202019dFM/LT EchoVII/Inferno 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    12/11/20202m,12dFM/LT EchoVII/Tempest 2-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    02/22/202129dFM/LCM EchoVII/Tempest 2-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    03/23/202130dFM-SQXO/LCM EchoVII/Tempest 2-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    Date Information  
    04/18/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
LCM EchoVII has begun settling into her role as SQXO, helping organize our discord communications and squadron events. She has also participated in over fifty combat events, striking fear into the local pirates who now know better than to set up an unlicensed transfer station within ten lightyears of the ISD Challenge. For her dedication to the fleet, she has earned a Bronze Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    03/07/2021Palpatine Crescent
LCM EchoVII has spent numerous hours off-duty training with her squadron and involved herself in a number of competitions. EchoVII is an excellent FM and a great addition to the squadron; and for her efforts in February, she has earned a Palpatine Crescent.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    03/04/2021Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Runner-up in "Better Know your Spacefighters" with a poem about her B-Wing.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo for competition Better Know your Spacefighters
    02/24/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
LCM EchoVII has been flying continuously with her squadron and the rest of the TC, winning dozens of combat engagements. For her efforts to defend the fleet, she has earned a Bronze Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    02/05/2021Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
In recognition of contributions to fleet communications during December.
Recommended by: John T. Clark
    01/19/2021Bronze Star of the Empire
Despite being a new pilot, LT EchoVII is active and engaged, flying regularly with squadron members and the rest of the fleet. She has additionally been actively recruiting. In a rare case, this lieutenant has contributed highly enough to the fleet to warrant a Bronze Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo
    01/12/2021Iron Star with Gold Wings
Member of the top squadron in TCiB 2020, Tempest
Recommended by: Plif for competition TIE Corps in Battle 2020
    01/04/2021Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Second place in "Stay in the Lines" December! Neko says: "I love the gif! It's so cute."
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo for competition Stay In the Lines
    12/21/2020Imperial Security Medal
For their great contribution to Inferno in November, LT EchoVII is rewarded this Imperial Security Medal. Congrats for your great work!
Recommended by: EvilGrin
    12/14/2020Commendation of Bravery
LT EchoVII has successfully completed over 30 combat engagements, and has thus earned a Commendation of Bravery for her fearless service to the empire.
Recommended by: Silwar Naiilo