Lieutenant Deiro Avisst (# 55858)
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FM/LT Deiro Avisst/Lambda 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
ISM/LoC-CS/LoS-Rx1/MoC-1boc [Trainee] [Beginner]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   Lieutenant Deiro Avisst
  ID line:   FM/LT Deiro Avisst/Lambda 3-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
  Gender:   Genderfluid
  Species:   Human
  Date of Birth:   July 30 2003
  Place of Birth:   Coruscant
  Marital Status:   Married
  Family information:   I was an only child, my father was an officer in the military, but was slain.
  Social status:  
  Significant events of childhood:   After my father was killed, I vowed revenge and joined the Tie Corps
  Significant events of adulthood:   In flight academy, I found out one of my squad mates was a rebel spy attempting to sabotage the academy. I swiftly ended his pathetic life
  Alignment and attitude:   The Rebel Alliance is a cancer. I murderous terrorist regime that must be stopped for the saftey of the galaxy
  Previous occupations:  
  Hobbies:   Tinkering with electronics, flying in simulators, a good round of correlaian spike sabacc or dejarik
  Tragedies in life:   The death of my father
  Phobias and allergies:   None to current knowledge
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  The only hope for the galaxys survival
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  Other comments:  
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