Lieutenant Commander Wodi Untok (# 55837)
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Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  Lieutenant Commander rank badge  Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  
FL-SQXO/LCM Wodi Untok/Theta 2-1/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
SS/BS/ISMx5/MoC-1goc-1soc-4boc/IS-1SW-3GR-3BR/LoC-IS-CSx9-Rx1/LoS-IS/CoB [Dragoon] [Marksman 2nd]
[Private 3rd] {TCCORE-SM/5}

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   Lieutenant Commander Wodi Untok
  ID line:   FL-SQXO/LCM Wodi Untok/Theta 2-1/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
  Gender:   Male
  Species:   Human
  Date of Birth:   17 BBY
  Place of Birth:   Corellia
  Marital Status:   Not married
  Family information:   Wodi was close to his father but didn't know his mother. Wodi learned from an early age not to ask his father, Igo about it. Wodi felt like Igo had a past he would never know about, but his father did teach him to be tough and resourceful. When Wodi was 16, his father disappeared leaving no trace of his whereabouts. Wodi packed what he had in a rucksack and hitchhiked to the nearest large city, Kor Vella.
  Social status:   Wodi didn't have any status to speak of, his father lived a simple live repairing datapads and droids before his disappearance.
  Significant events of childhood:   Igo's disappearance was the reason Wodi moved to the nearby Kor Vella. Without this, Wodi would have likely continued Igo's small business and lived a relatively simple live.
  Significant events of adulthood:   During a job gone wrong, one of the criminals Wodi was working with gunned down a family in the street to "tie up loose ends" that was the day Wodi realized that Correllia and the rest of the core would never be safe unless the law and order of the Empire was absolute.
  Alignment and attitude:   Wodi is a firm believer in the right of the Empire to impose it's laws on the galaxy and he believes that all people would be better under Imperial rule.
  Previous occupations:   Wodi spent time as a low level slicer working for small time criminals outside of Kor Vella. His time working with street level thugs reinforced his ideas of honor and order and helped push him to join the Empire.
  Hobbies:   Wodi still like to tinker with datapads, to keep his slicing skills sharp.
  Tragedies in life:   The disappearance of Wodi's father still haunts him, and he continues to look for clues of his location. Wodi is secretly worried Igo joined the nascent rebellion.
  Phobias and allergies:   Wodi is secretly afraid Igo joined the rebellion, and worries what might happen if this is true.
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  Wodi is firm believer in the aims and goals of the Empire and the TIE corps.
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  Wodi originally wanted to join the ISB, but quickly learned he'd rather be in a cockpit than behind a desk.
  Other comments:  
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