Commander Witchblade (# 55753)
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Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  Commander rank badge  Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  
FL-SQXO/CM Witchblade/Beta 3-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
PC/ISMx6/MoC-1poc-1goc-1soc-8boc/IS-1CW-1GR-5SR-19BR-3CR/LoC-Rx3/OV [Fusilier] [Trainee]

Combat Record
in the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Combat Rating: TRAINEE
    Battles completed   (13)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
TIE-TC 1: Capture of Zaarin (Medal of Darkness)
TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander? (Medal of Assassination)
TIE-TC 48: Ski Hoth - Star Wars Mercenaries (Medal of Reconciliation)
TIE-TC 132: Battle of the Bins
TIE-TC 142: New Republic Retaliation
TIE-TC 202: A Wormhole Too Far

Combined Arms Battle
TIE-CAB 3: Secure the Phare System (Medal of Phare)

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
XvT-TC 36: Operation: Dark Hammer (Dark Hammer)
XvT-TC 50: ZT Force: Cerberus Infection (ZT Bravery Credit)
XvT-TC 80: ISD Challenge - a chapter in the History (Crescent of Loyality)
XvT-TC 96: 10 Mission Mess (The crumpled piece of paper of doom)
XvT-TC 121: Mystery in Space - Part 1 (The Bronze Snake)

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
XvT-FCHG 1: ASF: Combat Collection (The ASF Combat)

    Free missions completed   (11)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE-free 2: Ja24 #2
TIE-free 5: Dorja #1
TIE-free 6: Dorja #2
TIE-free 7: Dorja #3
TIE-free 99: Defend the Border
TIE-free 102: Pot o' Gold
TIE-free 137: The Baker's Dozen
TIE-free 145: Demons and Angels
TIE-free 224: Omicron Squadron -- Minos Cluster
TIE-free 231: Tereeka's Folly

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-free 10: VSD Victory

    Participated Combat Events   (0)