Lieutenant Crane Baxa (# 55721)
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FM/LT Crane Baxa/Theta 2-2/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
ISM/IS-2BW/MoC-1boc [GREN]

Historic Record
    DateTime heldPosition 
    04/27/20192dTRN/CT Crane Baxa/M/PLT Daedalus 
    04/28/20191dFM/SL Crane Baxa/Theta 2-2/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    04/29/20193m,22dFM/LT Crane Baxa/Theta 2-2/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    07/18/2019Imperial Security Medal
Over the last three months, LT Crane Baxa has completed 19 single player missions and earned a spot on the Wing Commander's Escort Flight. To recognize these activity levels, I recommend the Imperial Security Medal.
Recommended by: Hav Antiel
    06/26/2019Iron Star with Bronze Wings
LT Cane Bana rounded out the top four pilots from the Warrior in May. Oh, that’s not his name? Well, I tried. That’s more than most new pilots get from me, there are just too many that cycle through to learn all of their names.
Recommended by: Gilbert H. Frown for competition Wing II Commander's Escort Flight
    05/25/2019Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
In recognition of contributions to fleet communications during April
Recommended by: Plif
    05/15/2019Iron Star with Bronze Wings
One of our new pilots placed in the top four pilots in Wing II during April and has earned a position on my Escort Flight for the month. Time will tell whether I bother learning his name or not. In the meantime, keep coming back from missions without losing any of my precious fighters and we’ll see how it goes.
Recommended by: Gilbert H. Frown for competition Wing II Commander's Escort Flight