TIE Corps Personnel Record #55563
 Lieutenant Kordath Bleu (# 55563)
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Lieutenant rank badge  
RSV/LT Kordath Bleu/M/FRG Phoenix
PCx2/IS-1SW-1BW/LoC-TS-CSx3/MoC-1boc/CoB/OV-4E [Marksman 1st] {TCCORE}

Historic Record
    DateTime heldPosition 
    12/28/20152dTRN/CT Kordath Bleu/M/PLT Daedalus 
    12/29/20151dFM/SL Kordath Bleu/Kappa 2-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    12/30/20151m,14dFM/LT Kordath Bleu/Kappa 2-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior 
    02/13/20164y,4m,27dRSV/LT Kordath Bleu/M/FRG Phoenix 
    02/21/2016Palpatine Crescent
Before RL put LT Kordath's TC career on hold he was a valued member of Kappa and earned 60 LoC's for the month of January to almost ensure the FL's and FM's Victory in the KMDR's Challenge. Nice work and I hope you find you way back to us when your time permits!
Recommended by: Ulrich Drachen
    02/04/2016Iron Star with Bronze Wings
In January, the Kappa KMDR challenged Kappa to beat his total for LoCs and LoSs. The members of Kappa rose to the challenge and defeated their KMDR! As a contributing pilot, LT Kordath Bleu has earned this IS-BW.
Recommended by: Plif for competition Kappa KMDR's Challenge
    01/14/2016Palpatine Crescent
For Joining Kappa in the Month of December 2015 LT Kordath Bleu earned 55 LoC's and a IS-SW for winning the MP Squad Comp.

Great way to hit the ground running!! Keep it Up
Recommended by: Ulrich Drachen
    01/13/2016Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
High levels of communication
December 2015
Recommended by: Elwood the Brave
    01/03/2016Commendation of Bravery
For achieving over 30 points in Combat Rating.
Recommended by: Pellaeon
    01/02/2016Iron Star with Silver Wings
For winning the Ruler of the Stars Competition with 55 points.
Recommended by: Ulrich Drachen for competition Ruler of the Stars (MP & MP COOP)