General Exar Kit (# 5243)
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FM/GN Exar Kit/Sin 3-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
RS-TS-IS-CSx9/LoS-IS-CSx2-Rx3/CoLx3/CoB/LoAx11/OV-20E [Tesserarius] [Veteran 4th] [Private 3rd]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   General Exar Kit
  ID line:   FM/GN Exar Kit/Sin 3-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
  Gender:   Male
  Species:   human
  Date of Birth:   12/24/34 banh
  Place of Birth:   unknow- no memory of that time believe to be some rebel world
  Marital Status:   Separated
  Family information:   only the colse friends of the squadron are my family, no memory of first 10 years of life , last memory is of cage on some back beat planet.
  Social status:   Wealthy
  Significant events of childhood:   racing skoop bikes to national level on a small back world planet of collera.
  Significant events of adulthood:   learnt how to maintain and fly subfighters of the time period.
  Alignment and attitude:   happy go lucky with out burst of rage against my creaters.
  Previous occupations:   mechaic and subjocky, later commander of EFA
  Hobbies:   saback, skoop bikes and ewok history
  Tragedies in life:   no memory of family, losing the love of my life to a rebel who killed her for sport.
  Phobias and allergies:   going evac
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  the empire brings a feeling of order that bring a certain order to that galaxy that says peace, and that the EH is a way of helping the empire spread that order of peace to the galaxy.
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  want to fly with the best and become one of the best
  Other comments:  
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