Colonel Nav'ric Trow (# 4226)
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COL Nav'ric Trow [Inactive]//
BSx2/PCx7/ISMx6/IS-1SW-1BW-1SR-2BR/LoC-Rx1/MoC-1soc-2boc/CoL/CoB/LoAx2/OV-9E [LGNR] [Trainee]

Historic Record
    DateTime heldPosition 
    05/15/20001m,22dTRN/CT TrojanWar/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus  
    07/06/20003m,30dTRN/CT Trow/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus  
    11/04/20002dFM/SL Trow/Sword 2-3/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    11/06/20002m,2dFM/LT Trow/Sword 2-3/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    01/08/200127dFM-AMB/LT Trow/Sword 2-3/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    02/04/200125dFM-AMB/LCM Trow/Sword 2-3/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    03/01/20013m,9dFL-AMB/LCM Trow/Sword 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    06/09/20011m,3dFL-AMB/CM Trow/Sword 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    07/12/20013m,28dFL/CM Trow/Sword 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    11/08/20012m,9dFL/CPT Trow/Sword 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    01/17/20022m,8dCMDR/CPT Trow/Sword/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    03/27/20022m,12dRSV/CPT Trow/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves  
    06/08/200213dFM/CPT Trow/Typhoon 3-2/Wing X/ISD Challenge  
    06/21/20024m,5dFL/CPT Trow/Typhoon 2-1/Wing X/ISD Challenge  
    10/26/20022m,28dPREX/VA Trow/VSD Warhammer  
    01/23/20038m,23dPREX/AD Trow/VSD Warhammer  
    10/17/20037m,11dRSV/AD Trow/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves  
    05/28/20041m,1dFM/COL Trow/Sword 3-4/Wing IX/ISD Relentless 
    06/28/20044dFM/COL Nav'ric Trow/Sword 3-4/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    07/02/200419dFL/COL Nav'ric Trow/Sword 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    07/21/200421dFL/COL Nav'ric Trow/Hammer 3-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless  
    08/11/20044y,6m,3dRSV/COL Nav'ric Trow/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    02/12/20092m,28dFM/COL Nav'ric Trow/Tempest 1-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    05/12/20093m,12dFL/COL Nav'ric Trow/Tempest 3-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge 
    08/24/20091dFL/COL Nav'ric Trow/Delta 3-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 
    08/25/20097m,14dFM/COL Nav'ric Trow/Delta 1-4/Wing I/ISDII Hammer 
    04/09/20109y,3m,11dCOL Nav'ric Trow [Inactive] 
    01/11/2010Commendation of Loyalty
In the words of GA Cyric himself: "I'd also like to announce that I will be awarding the CoL to every member of the EH who has perservered through the last several months. Without you the member, we wouldn't be able to function. This CoL is being awarded for the Jan 7th anniversary of the EH. "
Recommended by: Frodo March
    07/28/2009Medal of Communication - silver oak cluster
April 2009 MoC.
Recommended by: Brukhar
    05/06/2009Palpatine Crescent
Merit award for great activity during the March MWE period. Great work, Colonel.
Recommended by: Domi
    04/19/2009Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
March Moc.
Recommended by: Brukhar
    04/13/2009Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Winner of Riddle me this, TACcy
Recommended by: Anahorn Dempsey for competition Riddle me this, TACcy
    04/08/2009Iron Star with Silver Wings
Member of Tempest Squadron who did his best on 'Fire Demons vs. Storm Riders!', which in the end meant Tempest victory over Praetorian Elite Squadron.
Recommended by: Domi for competition Fire Demons vs. Storm Riders!
    03/21/2009Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
February MoC.
Recommended by: Brukhar
    03/19/2009Imperial Security Medal
Colonel Nav'ric Trow has demonstrated a great enthusiasm and activity since he decided to return to active duty on the reopened Tempest Squadron. And despite he couldn't be too active (at least on the flying side) due to his lack of TC game platforms 'till the last week of February, he did what he could with mantained excellent levels of communication, especially by IRC, and quality FM reports in time. Then those game platforms arrived and he displayed more flying activity in a single week than some people in a full month, including a couple of highscores and participation on "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only competition with both the completed battle and an excellent fiction. Therefore, given his activity and commitment, I strongly reccomend Colonel Trow to be awarded The Imperial Security Medal. And note that if this kind of activity can be mantained for a full month in further MSEs this reward shall be upgraded.
Recommended by: Zósite Kónstyte Styles
    03/16/2009Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Tempest Pilot of the Week from 03/09 - 03/15! Impressive, Colonel! Truly impressive.
Recommended by: Zósite Kónstyte Styles for competition Tempest Pilot of the Month - March '09
    03/10/2009Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Second "I think therefore I lose" competition issue ended with a tie thus with not one but two winners, for two e-mails with the right answer arrived exactly at the same time; Colonel Trow was one of those two winners, having solved this riddle not even a minute after official competition starting time. Impressive, Colonel, truly impressive.
Recommended by: Zósite Kónstyte Styles for competition I think therefore I lose (II)
    03/02/2009Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Winner of first issue of "I think therefore I lose" Tempest-only competition involving logic, having demonstrated he can perfectly be the smart guy of the day with his fast-as-light answer, which came to be the right one. Outstanding, Colonel!
Recommended by: Zósite Kónstyte Styles for competition I think therefore I lose
    09/04/2004Imperial Security Medal
During the month of March, Colonel Trow completed the following TIE battles for a FCHG gain of 20 points:*TIE-TC #36*TIE-TC #38*TIE-TC #39*TIE-TC #40He also passed the IBX IWATS course with a score of 90%. I'd like to recommend an ISM for the Colonel.
Recommended by: Trido
    07/26/2004Palpatine Crescent
Colonel Trow has been the most invaluable FL the wing has seen since I've been in command. Trow is a constant source of motivation for his pilots, and is once of the best leaders I've ever worked with. He constantly leads by example to his flight, and he has one of the best flights in my wing. COL Trow also flew 50 battles this month, took several IWATS, and has participated as much as can be expected in discussions, wing competitions, etc. This is an overdue award for a very capable officer
Recommended by: Thorin Oakenshield
    06/19/2004Imperial Security Medal
Missing from database
Recommended by: BubbaX
    08/24/2002Letter of Achievement
Submitting an INPR to EHNL86.
Recommended by: Tomaas Banys
    08/15/2002Palpatine Crescent
FL/CPT Trow – Very High Activity
Last Promoted: 11/18/2001
7.02 Passed IWATS TM – 94%
7.03 Awarded PC
7.06 Email contact
7.06 Excused from comp – technical problems
7.08 Flew TIEFCHG-2
7.08 FlewTIETC-200
7.09 Completed TIE-TC #15
7.09 Completed TIE-TC #16
7.09 Completed TIE-TC #17
7.09 Completed TIE-TC #152
7.09 Completed TIE-TC #199
7.10 Completed TIE-TC #133
7.11 Completed TIE-TC #19
7.11 Completed TIE-TC #20
7.11 Completed TIE-TC #22
7.12 Completed TIE-TC #24
7.12 Completed TIE-TC #29
7.12 Completed TIE-TC #30
7.12 Awarded LoC for Frozen Doom MP event
7.13 Completed TIE-TC #31
7.13 Completed TIE-TC #32
7.17 Email contact
7.17 Completed TIE-TC #34
7.19 On leave
Additional comments: Trow continues to impress me with his dedication to flying. Although he was on leave for 1/3 of the month, he is still the most active pilot in the squad. In adition to all the missions e has wracked up, he has also completed work on the Typhoon webpage and continues to edit/maintain it as requested. Even while on-leave, he made appearances on IRC. It is a pleasure to have such a dedicated officer in my service.
Recommendation: BS if possible, at least a PC.
Recommended by: Mairin Astoris
    07/16/2002Bronze Star of the Empire
For flying like a crazed loon! Trow has flown an awesome 82 missions this week alone, and nearly every time I see him on IRC he has a "TIE" in his nick and is away flying even more. He has also managed to find time to redesign the Typhoon webpage, be active via emails and message boards, and generally provide encouragement for the squadron as a whole. Trow is a wonderful Flight Leader! Excellent work!
Recommended by: Corran Force
    07/03/2002Palpatine Crescent
FL/CPT Trow - Very High Activity
Last Promoted: 11/18/2001
7 June-Joined Typh
14 June-Flew TIE-TC 4
-Flew TIE-TC 190
-Flew TIE-TC 194
-Flew TIE-FREE 40
-Flew TIE-FREE 41
15 June-Flew TIETC-5
-Flew TIETC-6
-Flew TIETC-7
-Flew TIETC-8
16 June-Flew TIETC-9
? June-Appointed FL
19 June-Email contact
20 June-Flew TIETC-12
21 June-Passed IWATS SM/3
26 June-IRC Contact
-Passed IWATS XTM/1 92%
-Passed IWATS TT 85%
-Appointed Typhoon Webmaster
-Redesigned Typhoon web page (work in Progress, near complete)
29 June-Flew TIEFREE-100 for comp
Additional comments: I am thrilled to have CPT Trow among Typhoon. He also has shown an incredible level of flight activity. He has also passed a couple of IWATS. In addition, I often see him on IRC and he emails me often. Trow has accepted the task of >Webmaster for Typhoon, and has so far impressed me with what he has accomplished in a short amount of time, and it is now near complete. Trow even had one of his buddies create a new Typhoon Banner for the webpage. He did miss a comp, but he emailed me several times (and reached me on IRC) regarding problems he was having with it and made a REAL effort to participate. He is truly a good FL and sets a great example for the FLs.
Recommendation: ISM, PC, and I wish there was something else too.
Recommended by: Mairin Astoris
    03/14/2002Imperial Security Medal
In spite of his lack of an ATR, Trow did a good job with Sword this month. The presence of a number of veterans contributed to the Squadron’s stability, as did his steady leadership. He organized a competition with Spear in the middle of the month, and generally remained an active presence on his Squadron’s mailing list. His flying was low, but he made up for it in other areas.
Recommended by: Krax Tarnisar
    11/19/2001Commendation of Bravery
This officer has flown well over 30 missions, the minium for this honor.
Recommended by: Krax Tarnisar
    09/14/2001Palpatine Crescent
CM Trow
Activity Rating - *****
02/08/01 - On IRC
03/08/01 - Talked to me on IRC
04/08/01 - Sent in MSE eval along with FL comments on Tom
05/08/01 - Talked to me on IRC
07/08/01 - Emailed me about possible squad competitions
08/08/01 - sent me weekly report
10/08/01 - emailed we wanting to know if he could help me
12/08/01 - Flew Free TIE #29
12/08/01 - Flew Free TIE #33
12/08/01 - Flew Free TIE #34
14/08/01 - Talked with me on IRC
15/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #36
16/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #3
17/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #30
17/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #17
17/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #22
18/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #23
18/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #12
18/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #13
18/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #14
18/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #
19/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #24
19/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #8
19/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #9
19/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #10
19/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #11
20/08/01 - Talked with me on IRC
25/08/01 - Flew TC-TIE #50
25/08/01 - Flew TC-TIE #52
25/08/01 - Flew Free-TIE #25
26/07/01 - emailed me for the heck of it
27/08/01 - Awarded ISM for activity in July
28/08/01 - sent me weekly report
30/08/01 - Flew TC-TIE #2
Personal Evaluation:
Well, Finally a working version of TIE95 was given to me, so now my flying has increased and is more reliable! Whoo! Flying has proven to be something which i'm enjoying now...
Communications is per usual, on IRC quite a bit these days, email is being processed very quickly. Nothing hughly new to report other than i'm really happy with what i've done this month and i've made 100 FCHG points due to a plenty of flying and that there's more to come! >:P
CMDR's Evaluation:
Well, his activity record says all that needs to be said here. Trow gained over 100 FCHG points this month, which is simply astounding. He maintains a very high level lof communication with the squadron, and he is very helpful to me as an assistant. He is an exceptional officer, and I feel that all his efforts this month should be awarded with a PC.
Reccommendations: PC For activity in August.
Recommended by: Dan Malaktos
    08/27/2001Imperial Security Medal
Taken from MSE:
01/07/01 - Flew Free TIE #15
01/07/01 - Flew Free TIE #16
01/07/01 - Flew Free TIE #18
01/07/01 - Flew Free TIE #19
01/07/01 - Talked with me on IRC
02/07/01 - Flew TC-TIE #1
02/07/01 - Flew TC-TIE #176
03/07/01 - Flew Free TIE #28
04/07/01 - On IRC
05/07/01 - On IRC
07/07/01 - On IRC, talked to me about battles he had flown
11/07/01 - Awarded Bronze Star
14/07/01 - Went on leave for a week to catch up on HF Stuff
18/07/01 - Sent out several recruitment letters to cadets in his off time.
20/07/01 - Talked with me On IRC
23/07/01 - Talked with me on IRC
26/07/01 - reported trouble with TIE - unable to fly for WCO
27/07/01 - On IRC
30/07/01 - Talked with me on IRC
Personal Evaluation:
Well, this month has been plagued with and on and off working TIECD. When it works, i Fly... When it doesn't, there's always something like WCs Own on. I had kinda hoped to get over 100 FCHG points if my TIE had allowed me, but it didn't, so i'm still pinned down in the 80s, which anyway is a hell of an achievement for me :P
My Communications Skills this month have been mainly my strong point. Always on IRC, AIM and email has been my spearhead this month. I'm using this strength as a base to continue my TC career. So far it works.
CMDR's Evaluation:
This month, trow started off with a great start, going crazy, having flown several battles within the first week of the month. He was then plagued with TIE trouble, which barred him from competing in the WCO competition, as well as any flying activity for the rest of the month. He kept up communitcation skills at very pleasing levels however, being on IRC and AIM just about every day, as well as recruiting for the squadron. An all around good month for Trow, even with being on leave for a week, I feel he has earned an ISM.
Reccommendations: ISM for great activity in July
Recommended by: Ted
    07/11/2001Bronze Star of the Empire
Where to begin? Commander Trow has been with the Relentless for his entire career, save for time spent aboard the PLT Daedalus, and his loyalty, and continued enthusiasm, have been a shining example to us all. He has consistently and dutifully carried out orders, flying missions not only when he has to, but also when he wants to of his own volition, which is quite a lot of the time. As a senior pilot within Sword Squadron he puts his experience to use encouraging younger, more junior officers in the wing, guiding them, offering them advice, and is also a much-appreciated figure of wing life and morale. A fine officer!
Recommended by: Ricaud
    05/12/2001Palpatine Crescent
From Sword MSE: For outstanding activity.
Details: Trow has gone absolutely crazy this month. He has outflown the rest of the squad in the last 3 weeks and then some. He even did a few IWATS courses, and got remarkable scores on them. He is highly communicative, and is by far the most active pilot I have. Trow is becoming a great officer, and I am glad to see him get TIE to finally work. He is doing a great job as FL, and sets a great example for his squadmates to follow.
Recommended by: Lohr Zadash
    04/22/2001Imperial Security Medal
Taken from this month's MSE -
Trow has been very communicative, and is always willing to help me out with stuff, seeing as he has a very unreliable copy of TIE, and doenst get to fly much. His having flown at all this month takes a great deal of patience and time on his part, and I feel he should be commended for it. Trow participated in the first two phases of OCR, and would have flown had he gotten TIE working properly. He also took several IWATS courses, and I am glad that he is furthering his education. A good month for Trow, I feel he has earned an ISM for his work as FL and for his flying activities. His example as a FL is very inspirational to his squadmates.
Recommended by: Ted
    02/17/2001Letter of Achievement
Recommended by: Fondor
    01/06/2001Imperial Security Medal
Outstanding activity in December
Recommended by: Ted
    12/03/2000Palpatine Crescent
Excellent service and activity through November 2000
Recommended by: Ricaud