Colonel Hawkins (# 356)
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COL Hawkins [Inactive]//
OV-21E [Legionnaire] [Officer 1st] [Campaigner 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MCBS-MP/2-SM/4-TM/1/

Combat Record
in the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Combat Rating: OFFICER 1ST
    Battles completed   (66)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
TIE-TC 1: Capture of Zaarin (Medal of Darkness)
TIE-TC 2: Strike at Calamari (Medal of Vengeance)
TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions (Medal of the Emperor's Gate)
TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarin's Technology (Medal of Retribution)
TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising (Medal of Security)
TIE-TC 6: Destruction (Medal of Destruction)
TIE-TC 7: Betrayal (Medal of Folly)
TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates (Medal of Prevailing)
TIE-TC 9: Tracking the Defectors (Medal of Loyalty)
TIE-TC 10: Battle for the Death Star (Medal for the Death Star)
TIE-TC 11: Renegade Battle (Medal of Victory)
TIE-TC 12: Jedi Hunt (Medal of Pursual)
TIE-TC 13: Finding the Lakul (Medal of Alertness)
TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command (Medal of Sith)
TIE-TC 15: Special Operations (Medal of Stealth)
TIE-TC 16: Dacian Downfall (Medal of Dacian)
TIE-TC 17: Zaarin's Missile Boats (Medal of Finality)
TIE-TC 18: Interception (Medal of Speed)
TIE-TC 19: The Tethys Honeymoon (Medal of Commitment)
TIE-TC 20: Escort Carrier Missions (Medal of Renewal)
TIE-TC 21: Break the Sky (Medal of Pain)
TIE-TC 22: Aftermath (Medal of Avenge)
TIE-TC 23: Daedalus (Medal of Readiness)
TIE-TC 24: Save the Emperors DNA (Medal of Replication)
TIE-TC 25: Spoils of War (Medal of Aries)
TIE-TC 26: The Dark Troopers (Medal of FutureShock)
TIE-TC 29: Communications Wars (Medal of Vigilance)
TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander? (Medal of Assassination)
TIE-TC 46: Back to the Basics (Medal of the Unattainable)
TIE-TC 62: Taco Wars (Medal of Sustanence)
TIE-TC 64: Pruscian Betrayal, Part I (First Medal of Payback)
TIE-TC 65: Pruscian Betrayal, Part II (Second Medal of Payback)
TIE-TC 80: Reassignment (Medal of Reclamation)
TIE-TC 99: Cleanse the Rim
TIE-TC 105: Treachery Aboard the Challenge (Medal of the Tornado)
TIE-TC 108: Unexplored Territory (Medal of a New Race)
TIE-TC 112: Super TIEs (Medal of Amelioration)
TIE-TC 115: Project Emperor's Revenge
TIE-TC 116: GA Ronin vs. Rogues
TIE-TC 119: The Razinki Operation (Medal of Haste)
TIE-TC 120: Thunderer the Victory Star Destroyer (Medal of Zeus)
TIE-TC 124: Rebel Tenacity
TIE-TC 125: Operation 'Silent Scream'
TIE-TC 126: Strategic Termination (Medal of Termination)
TIE-TC 127: Making a New SSD
TIE-TC 132: Battle of the Bins
TIE-TC 133: Punishment Tour (Medal of No Apparent Value)
TIE-TC 140: A New Ally
TIE-TC 141: A New Ally II
TIE-TC 142: New Republic Retaliation
TIE-TC 143: Hit and Fade
TIE-TC 148: Secret Clone Project
TIE-TC 156: EH Wrestling Extravaganza
TIE-TC 171: Fury of the Colossus (Medal of Vengeance)
TIE-TC 177: Space Port F-16
TIE-TC 181: Gladiator (Medal of Rome)
TIE-TC 201: Quarga's bounty: The life and death of COL Beef
TIE-TC 202: A Wormhole Too Far
TIE-TC 234: Pacification (Imperial Pacification Cross)
TIE-TC 245: The Karana Initiative: The Raptor's Hide

Intelligence Division
TIE-ID 1: Intel Joins the Fleet
TIE-ID 2: Secure Endor

Combined Arms Battle
TIE-CAB 3: Secure the Phare System (Medal of Phare)
TIE-CAB 5: Destroy Shipyards of the New Republic (Medal of the Shipyard)

Bounty Hunters Guild
TIE-BHG 1: The Hunt Begins
TIE-BHG 2: Eliminating the Competition

    Free missions completed   (89)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE-free 1: Ja24 #1
TIE-free 2: Ja24 #2
TIE-free 3: Ja24 #3
TIE-free 5: Dorja #1
TIE-free 6: Dorja #2
TIE-free 7: Dorja #3
TIE-free 8: Ronin #1
TIE-free 9: Ronin #2
TIE-free 10: Ronin #3
TIE-free 11: Ronin #4
TIE-free 12: Ronin #5
TIE-free 13: Ronin #6
TIE-free 14: Ronin #7
TIE-free 15: Fish56 #1
TIE-free 16: Pappy #1
TIE-free 17: Pappy #2
TIE-free 18: Pappy #3
TIE-free 19: Pappy #4
TIE-free 22: MFlux #1
TIE-free 49: Dragon #1
TIE-free 50: Griffin #1
TIE-free 56: Drizzt #1
TIE-free 92: The Belhassa Marches
TIE-free 94: Destroy Rebel Morale Event
TIE-free 95: Omicron Squadron Reload
TIE-free 97: The Nightshift
TIE-free 105: Blowing Crap Up
TIE-free 121: Psi Squadron's Reunion
TIE-free 158: Final Training
TIE-free 188: Reconcile a Rebel Dispute
TIE-free 191: The Untouchable
TIE-free 202: ASF: ISDII Vanguard
TIE-free 208: Talons' First Patrol
TIE-free 209: Historic Mission #1367
TIE-free 218: Pirates!
TIE-free 220: Save Odin's Spear
TIE-free 221: The Relentless COM's Honour Guard
TIE-free 222: Emperor's Hammer Postal Service
TIE-free 224: Omicron Squadron -- Minos Cluster
TIE-free 229: Occupation on Inigew
TIE-free 232: Ain't Technology Wonderful?
TIE-free 233: Karuani Encounter
TIE-free 237: The Yod Maniacs
TIE-free 241: Training Mission 1
TIE-free 244: Roaming Ghosties
TIE-free 250: Rescue Brukhar
TIE-free 253: Save the Alcohol
TIE-free 256: Tides Of War
TIE-free 260: A Station Too Far
TIE-free 261: Hot Inport Nights
TIE-free 265: Kappa Squadron: Crackdown
TIE-free 266: Kappa squadron: Escort duty
TIE-free 267: The Mortal Immortal #1
TIE-free 270: Kappa Squadron: Crusader in distress
TIE-free 279: Wing Commander's Own 2009 #1: Cargo Convoy
TIE-free 281: Wing Commander's Own 2009 #7: Taking the bait
TIE-free 284: Starfighter Histories: TIE Interceptor
TIE-free 288: The Rebel Imperium
TIE-free 290: X-wing in TIE Fighter: The Kadorto Rescue
TIE-free 292: X-wing in TIE Fighter: The Farlander Alternative
TIE-free 293: X-wing in TIE Fighter: Dev's Defeat

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-free 164: Convoy Interception
XvT-free 166: TIE Fighter: Demonstration
XvT-free 177: Natural Selection: Act I
XvT-free 178: Natural Selection: Act II
XvT-free 179: Natural Selection: Act III
XvT-free 181: Capture Tre'lam Pirate Convoy
XvT-free 182: Save the ISD Vanguard
XvT-free 183: Python to the Rescue!
XvT-free 187: Saving VA Master's Father
XvT-free 189: Cloak & Dagger
XvT-free 198: Chaos squadron strikes back!
XvT-free 205: Fallen Heroes
XvT-free 211: The Lost Mission: The Duel for Locke's Attention

  XvT - Balance of Power

BoP-free 21: Infiltration of type 40 Cruiser 'Meteor'

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-free 78: Setup
XWA-free 94: The Rebel's Escort Carrier
XWA-free 100: Defend Aegis
XWA-free 103: Diamondback Sqd #1: Rebel Listening Outpost
XWA-free 104: Sword Strike
XWA-free 106: Comp Crash
XWA-free 107: System Cleanup
XWA-free 109: Get Wil Home!
XWA-free 110: The Trouble with Water
XWA-free 123: Drak's Night Out
XWA-free 124: Procure the Seraph
XWA-free 132: A Station Too Far
XWA-free 134: Special Delivery
XWA-free 157: Dempsey: The End of an Era

    Participated Combat Events   (6)  
06/15/2016[]Raise the Flag 2016 – Multiplayer Bonus Competition
06/15/2016[XvT]Raise the Flag 2016 – Multiplayer Bonus Competition
06/15/2016[SC]Raise the Flag 2016 – Multiplayer Bonus Competition
06/01/2016[]COO's Monthly Challenge 2016 - June
06/15/2015[XvT]Raise the Flag 2015: Multiplayer Bonus Competition
01/01/2015[SC]COO Monthly Challenge 2015