Colonel Wraith (# 2880)
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COL Wraith [Inactive]
2poc-3goc-2soc-16boc/CoLx2/CoE/CoS/CoB/LoAx2/OV-20E [CNTR] [Veteran 4th] [Campaigner 1st]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
 Name and rank: Colonel Wraith
 ID line: COL Wraith [Inactive]
 Gender: Female
 Species: Zeltron
 Date of Birth: 8 BBY
 Place of Birth: Zeltros
 Marital Status: Single
 Family information: Unknown
 Social status: Wealthy
 Significant events of childhood: In 5 ABY, enlisted in the Imperial Navy at the age of 13 using forged identification and was assigned to M/PLT Daedalus in the Phare System for basic training. Within a year, Wraith had advanced to the rank of Brigadier General (Major in modern ranks) and earned command of Python squadron aboard the ISD Vanguard. By 16, Wraith was also a Battlemaster of the Sith, Quastor of House Acclivis Draco; and a Master Hunter, with a privately-owned HT-2200 medium freighter called the "Hyperion".
 Significant events of adulthood: In 12 ABY, leading a small fleet of freighters and corvettes from the M-CRV "Cerberus", Wraith departs the EH territores, not to be heard from for over a decade. Then, 11 years later in 23 ABY, Wraith returned to the Aurora system. Commission as a Major re-instated, Wraith was assigned to Sin squadron aboard the ISD Warrior. Recently, Wraith has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and has taken over command of Sin squadron.
 Alignment and attitude: 
 Previous occupations: Mercenary, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter
 Hobbies: Gambling, Flying
 Tragedies in life: 
 Phobias and allergies: 
 Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
 I've been an Imperial officer over half my life...I wouldn't be anywhere else!
 Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
 Big ships, bigger bars, and the best in theme songs!
 Other comments: 
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