High Admiral Ari (# 286)
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HA Ari [Inactive]//
CS-Rx1/CoE/CoLx4/CoB/LoAx3/OV-11E [Fusilier] [Trainee] {TCCORE}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    09/18/19991m,16dCMDR/MAJ Ari/Pi/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus 
    11/03/19991m,23dWC/MAJ Ari/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus 
    12/26/199912dWC/LC Ari/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus 
    01/07/20004m,3dCOM/RA Ari/ISD Colossus 
    05/11/20007m,29dCOM/VA Ari/ISD Colossus 
    01/08/20012dIOA/VA Ari/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/10/20011m,11dIOA-FSEA/VA Ari/SSSD Sovereign 
    02/20/20013m,5dCA:IO-FSEA/VA Ari/CA-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    05/27/20012m,30dCA:IO-FSEA/AD Ari/CA-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    08/26/20011dIO-FSEA/AD Ari/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    08/27/20016m,29dIO-FSEA-PROF/AD Ari/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    03/27/20021y,1m,9dIO-FSEA-PROF/FA Ari/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    05/06/20031y,17dIO-FSEA-PROF/HA Ari/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign 
    05/22/20042m,19dIOA-PROF/HA Ari/SSSD Sovereign 
    08/10/20045m,7dINQ-ISP-PROF/HA Ari/VSD Stalwart 
    01/16/200520dINQ-ISP/HA Ari/VSD Stalwart 
    02/05/20051y,9m,7dRSV/HA Ari/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    11/13/20065y,8m,25dHA Ari 
    08/08/20129y,5m,14dHA Ari [Inactive] 
    Date Information  
    04/15/2005Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Winner of TIE Corps Trivia 06.04.2003
Recommended by: Mordechi Wolfe
    12/05/2004Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
For winning TC meeting weekly trivia contest two weeks ago....Sorry its late!
Recommended by: Cyric
    06/19/2004Iron Star with Platinum Ribbon
For recieving 1st Place in the Best Use of Web Scripting category I hereby recomend High Admiral Ari (#286) for an Iorn Star-Platinum Ribbon as recongition of their peer's voting that their submission was among the best.
Recommended by: Robert Dura
    02/28/2004Commendation of Loyalty
EH Anniversary 2004
Recommended by: Astatine
    02/18/2004Gold Star of the Empire
For his tireless efforts in making the Emperor's Hammer a better place for all members... most recently, with the creation of XPS, a wonderfully coded and valuable tool in gaining feedback about issues from members themselves.
Recommended by: Turtle Jerrar
    01/18/2004Gold Star of the Empire
For achieving 200 Graduates for the IWATS VBS Course.
Recommended by: Keldorn Cochrane
    09/14/2003Commendation of Loyalty
Recommended by: Alex Foley
    06/28/2002Letter of Achievement
Newsletter #84
Letter of Achievement 1 of 1
Recommended by: Alex Foley
    03/10/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
TC trivia winner.
Recommended by: Talek Pter Dei
    11/18/2001Medal of Tactics - red hammer
Long overdue, for creation of TIE-TC #115
Recommended by: Striker
    11/11/2001Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Trivia Winner 11/11/01
Recommended by: Mell Kerrigan
    10/21/2001Commendation of Excellence
Cause Ari just r0xx0rs, both in site creation and in maintaining already existing sites...I've watched him put in a LOT of hours to make sure that ehnet and the THJ site were exactly what they should be!
Recommended by: Darkfire
    09/03/2001Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Go #TC Trivia!
Recommended by: Kawolski
    08/16/2001Gold Star of the Empire
100 VBS course graduates.
Recommended by: Astatine
    08/12/2001Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Trivia winner for TC meeting 12/08/2001
Ignore previous request for IS-SW
Recommended by: Mell Kerrigan
    07/13/2001Silver Star of the Empire
Work on Sabacc http://www.ehnet.org/sabacc, an online version of the popular star wars card game. Most notorious, as the game Lando lost the Falcon in, to Han Solo.
Recommended by: Aiden Cantor Karias
    05/27/2001Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Trivia Winner at TC Meeting 27/05/01
Recommended by: Mell Kerrigan
    04/06/2001Gold Star of the Empire
50 course graduates.
Recommended by: Astatine
    02/17/2001Commendation of Bravery
for flying 5 battles and stuff :P
Recommended by: Havoc
    02/16/2001Letter of Achievement
Recommended by: Fondor
    01/28/2001Silver Star of the Empire
As recommended by VA Jarak et. al. for VA Ari's service as Commodore
Recommended by: Kawolski
    01/08/2001Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Second place winning of TC Meeting Trivia 01/07/01 - 300+ points
Recommended by: Kawolski
    11/15/2000Gold Star of the Empire
Ari has been a determined Commodore and has seen his ship through thick-and-thin. I would be honored to see him bestowed with a reward for his excellent efforts in hope of his continuation as Commodore. He has worked hard, and hopefully will continue to do so. It is a privilige to have him as one of my Commodores. Therefore I support the call of the crew of the Colossus in awarding Vice Admiral Ari with a Gold Star of the Empire!
BGCOM/VA Jarak Maldon/ISD Immortal/TIE Corps Battlegroups GS/SSx2/BS/PCx3/ISMx7/MoI/MoT-2gh/MoC-5BoC-2SoC/CoB/LoA/OV-2E [HUSS] {IWATS-M/1/2-SM/1}
Recommended by: Sarriss
    11/05/2000Imperial Security Medal
Winning TC Meeting Trivia, 11/5/00
Recommended by: Shawshank