Colonel Nurel Turr (# 2375)
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RSV/COL Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix
21E [Decurion] [Trainee] {TCCORE-SM/2/3-XAM-XTM/1/2}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    09/23/19992m,1dTRN/CT Nurel Turr/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus 
    11/24/199928dCT Nurel Turr 
    12/22/19991m,28dTRN/CT Nurel Turr/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus 
    02/18/20007dFM/SL Nurel Turr/Aleth 3-3/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    02/25/20004m,13dFM/LT Nurel Turr/Aleth 3-3/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    07/09/20002m,22dFM/LCM Nurel Turr/Aleth 3-3/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    09/30/200016dFL/LCM Nurel Turr/Aleth 2-1/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    10/16/20002m,24dFL/LCM Nurel Turr/Aleth 3-1/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/09/20015m,21dFM/LCM Nurel Turr/Psi 2-2/Wing II/SSSD Sovereign 
    07/01/20013m,17dCMDR/CM Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    10/17/200119dCMDR/CPT Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    11/05/20013m,18dCMDR-TCS/CPT Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    02/22/20021m,8dCMDR-TCS/MAJ Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    04/01/20024m,18dFM-TCS/MAJ Nurel Turr/Beth 1-4/Wing III/SSSD Sovereign 
    08/19/200211m,2dCMDR-TCS/MAJ Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    07/22/20031dCMDR/MAJ Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    07/23/200310m,2dCMDR/LC Nurel Turr/Zayin/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign 
    05/24/200429dCMDR/LC Nurel Turr/Kha/Wing VII/SSSD Sovereign 
    06/22/20042m,17dCMDR/COL Nurel Turr/Kha/Wing VII/SSSD Sovereign 
    09/08/20046m,2dWC/COL Nurel Turr/Wing VII/SSSD Sovereign 
    03/12/20059m,30dWC/GN Nurel Turr/Wing VII/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/10/20068dRSV/GN Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    01/18/200611m,22dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Omega 3-3/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/10/20077m,11dRSV/COL Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    08/22/20072m,4dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Sin 1-3/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign 
    10/26/20072m,11dFM-TOA/COL Nurel Turr/Sin 1-3/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/06/20081m,26dCA:TO/RA Nurel Turr/CA-6/SSSD Sovereign 
    03/02/20087dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Sin 1-2/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign 
    03/09/200810m,18dFM-PROF/COL Nurel Turr/Sin 1-2/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/25/20093m,16dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Alpha 3-2/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior 
    05/12/20091m,4dRSV/COL Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix 
    06/16/20091m,23dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Alpha 1-2/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior 
    08/08/20093dRSV/COL Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix 
    08/11/20093m,5dFM/COL Nurel Turr/Alpha 1-2/Wing VI/ISDII Warrior 
    11/15/200911y,2m,9dRSV/COL Nurel Turr/M/FRG Phoenix 
    Date Information  
    09/04/2008Palpatine Crescent
COL Turr has done an excellent job in the last month keeping up with his IWATS courses. He's one of the few on my staff that will mark his exams without the need for me to nag, prod, or generally threaten. Keep up the good work, COL Turr!
Recommended by: Jon Marcus
    03/02/2008Gold Star of the Empire
RA Turr has been my direct assistant serving as both TOA and later CA:TO for nearly 6 months now, not only performing the duties that I have given him but going above and beyond as well by filling in for me on IRC meetings and ensuring that new would be Professors get their jobs done. Although my bringing the TO staff into a new direction means the loss of RA Turr, he has been in no way a burden to this office and as such I would like to recommend that he be awarded the Gold Star of the Empire for his work and dedication.
Recommended by: Astin
    01/11/2006Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster
Excellent communication level with his wing
Recommended by: Jarek La’an
    01/09/2006Commendation of Loyalty
January 7, 2006 Commendation of Loyalty Awards.
Recommended by: Rei Ayanami
    09/11/2005Imperial Security Medal
Imperial Storm V
Recommended by: Pickled Yoda
    08/14/2005Imperial Security Medal
Turr is making good efforts to keep Wing VII active with wing competitions lately. Although the wing is in a slump with activity, Turr has expressed his determination to keep the wing active and has done so by motivation factors of competitions and communications.
Recommended by: Stele Pellaeon
    01/16/2005Commendation of Loyalty
January 2005
Recommended by: Alex Foley
    12/05/2004Letter of Achievement
NL 105 submission
Recommended by: Astatine
    10/15/2004Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Third place, XWA.
Recommended by: Proton
    10/08/2004Bronze Star of the Empire
Colonel Turr has had an exceptional first month in charge of Wing VII. Activity in the wing has been very low, but Turr has taken numerous steps to improve operations, and get the pilots motivated. He has written excellent reports, attempted to get the pilots chattering, has launched competitions and has been prompt with any and all wing business, including medal and promotion recommendations. He deserves a significant reward for his efforts during this trying time.
Recommended by: Proton
    09/24/2004Iron Star with Gold Wings
Completed TIE Corps Summer Patrol.
Recommended by: Proton
    09/07/2004Commendation of Loyalty
Fleet Commander's Birthday 2004
Recommended by: Alex Foley
    09/06/2004Iron Star with Platinum Ribbon
1st Place - Fiction Division - The True Story behind the TC Database Outage Competition
Recommended by: Astatine
    01/16/2004Imperial Security Medal
December MWE:Turr's been my most dependable commander this month. As well as doing a bit of flying, he always gets his reports in, and it was no suprise that his was the first MSE I got. He's been very helpful in giving his own suggestions and listening to mine for activities in the wing. And his running of the babe of the year poll was very popular. >:P
Recommended by: Mini Minkus
    12/10/2003Palpatine Crescent
LC Turr has been the picture of consistency in Wing IV. He always files great reports, including excellent pictures (!). When sometimes the wing seems to be falling apart around him, Turr is there to remind everyone that Zayin is alive and well. Good job!
Recommended by: Proton
    02/01/2003Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
The best submission for Wing IV War Archives Competition.
Recommended by: Mayk Wolverine
    01/24/2003Medal of Tactics - green hammer
creation of free mission: xwa-f 88
Recommended by: Marcin Szydlowski
    01/14/2003Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Third place, XvT division, December SSSD Sovereign Battles of the Month. Congratulations!
Recommended by: Proton
    11/08/2002Imperial Security Medal
For September Activity:
MAJ Turr has been an active CMDR in his first full month back in command of Zayin. Although he had to take some time off to study for RL tests, he did an admirable job during the month. He managed to send in all reports in on time, as well as motivate his pilots to submit for the SBRB. On top of that, he has managed some activity on top of anything mandatory, including making an XWA mission, doing some IWATS courses as well as flying a handful of missions. While not an extremely highly month, Turr has still done all that he could do and is keeping the squadron alive and active by keeping in constant contact with them
Recommended by: Halcyon
    09/08/2002Palpatine Crescent
Although Turr only joined the wing half-way through the month, he has still kept himself more than busy. He has been able to get in contact with his squadron as well as flying a good number of missions himself. He is beginning to turn the squadron active once again, which is a major feat in itself. He has been highly active on IRC, and has gotten all his reports into me on time. During his time in Wing III for august, he flew dozens of missions as well making it a very highly acitve month for him.
Recommended by: Halcyon
    09/02/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Winning submission- fiction
Recommended by: Aeishline Strathaven
    07/02/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
(1of 2 winning submissions)
It was very hard to choose 1 winning submission. The level of sent entries was high. I decided that there are 2 winning jokes.
Recommended by: Aeishline Strathaven
    07/02/2002Imperial Security Medal
MAJ Turr showed great activity during the last month. His FCHG rating increased for 79 new points of total 488. Moreover, he not only flies but participate in inner and outer squadron competitions, showing great dedication to the squadron and the wing.
Recommended by: Aeishline Strathaven
    06/16/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Author of winning entry in Non-conflict fiction competition.
Recommended by: Philo
    05/25/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
First place in the second part of the competition
Recommended by: Aeishline Strathaven
    04/21/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
winning the first part of the competition
Recommended by: Aeishline Strathaven
    04/16/2002Bronze Star of the Empire
WC/GN Reaper:
MAJ Nurel Turr
During his 9mths in command of Zayin Squadron, he had always shown a sense of loyalty and dedication to his squadron, which appears to be a rare thing nowadays. He was also active, whether it be in setting up Squadron Comps, participating in Wing and ship wide events, mail or irc. This had a positive effect by starting to bring the squadron back to life. I would therefore like to present MAJ Turr (upon his departure from the Wing) with the Bronze Star of the Empire.
Recommended by: Proton
    03/05/2002Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Wing IV CMDRs No. 2 scorer vs Rat Pack, Round IV.
Recommended by: Proton
    02/08/2002Iron Star with Bronze Wings
For being the highest scoring Zayin pilot in the competition
Recommended by: Reaper
    02/02/2002Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Placing third in the Mascot Power Battles fiction event.
Recommended by: Ford Prefect
    09/16/2001Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
For finding the Ewok in the Wing IV 'Where are the Ewok's Comp' Week 3
Recommended by: Reaper
    09/11/2001Commendation of Bravery
For having completed over 30 Missions from the battle compendium
Recommended by: Reaper
    06/12/2001Letter of Achievement
NL submition
Recommended by: Crix Talra
    05/21/2001Imperial Security Medal
A myriad of fiction writing...Turr compiled a small compendium of five TC stories, all of which have gone previously unrewarded, as well as good activity throughout the month of May.
Recommended by: Ford Prefect
    02/17/2001Letter of Achievement
Recommended by: Fondor
    10/05/2000Palpatine Crescent
1st place in the Fiction Division of the Wing III MCC
Recommended by: Sasquatch