Major Xavier Sienar (# 1609)
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MAJ Xavier Sienar [Inactive]//
MAJ Xavier Sienar [Inactive]//
CS-Rx3/DFC-Rx1/MoC-2doc-2poc-2goc-3soc-18boc/CoLx3/CoS/CoB/LoAx8/OV-19E [Legionnaire]
[Officer 2nd] [Gunner's Mate 4th] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/2-TM/1/3-XAM-XTM/1/2}

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
 Name and rank: Major Xavier Sienar
 ID line: MAJ Xavier Sienar [Inactive]
 Gender: Male
 Species: Human
 Date of Birth: 1.1.1 DE (day the Empire was formed)
 Place of Birth: Coruscant
 Marital Status: Married
 Family information: wife, Rita; all blood relatives deceased
 Social status: Imperial Nobility
 Significant events of childhood: Destruction of both Death Stars. Discovering my Dark Jedi lineage. Learning to move things using the Force. Controlling the minds of some people (mostly a certain girl, now my wife). Suggesting shields on a new TIE design. Flying a (prototype) TIE Defender.
 Significant events of adulthood: Death of my father at Endor. Marriage to Rita Cygnus.
 Alignment and attitude: Cold and calculating yet, short tempered. Refuses to refer to the New Republic as anything but Rebels.
 Previous occupations: Fighter Engineer
 Hobbies: Flying at top speed through ISD trenches.
 Tragedies in life: death of father at Endor
 Phobias and allergies: allergic to bacta
 Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
 I think the Empire is the only way to keep the galaxy united. Once the Rebels, or New Republic as they grow fond of calling themselves, are destroyed everyone shall live in a place of peace and harmony.
 Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
 To better serve the Empire.
 Other comments: "Some people tempt fate... Sienar tempts a firing squad." - FA Darkov, IWCOM
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