Vice Admiral Hav Antiel (# 13020)
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COM/VA Hav Antiel/ISDII Warrior
Rx2/MoC-4doc-4poc-4goc-5soc-36boc/CoLx2/CoB/LoAx20/OV-5E [Executor] [Trainee] [Private 4th]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
 Name and rank: Vice Admiral Hav Antiel
 ID line: COM/VA Hav Antiel/ISDII Warrior
 Gender: Male
 Species: Human
 Date of Birth: 7 BBY
 Place of Birth: Dosuun
 Marital Status: 
 Family information: Hav's great-great-grandfather, Van I, was the first King of Dosuun, one of the first human inhabitants of the planet, and founder of the royal House of Sosuuna. Van I issued letters patent in 120 BBY declaring his heirs as members of the House of Sosuuna and bearers of its name. Hav's great-grandmother, Maur, the first queen regnant of Dosuun, oversaw the increased presence of the Republic on the planet. The policies Maur put in place allowed an easy transfer of executive power to the Empire during the reign of her son, Hav's grandfather, Van II. After taking the throne following Maur's death in 50 BBY, Van II has become Dosuun's longest-serving sovereign. Although Van II witnessed the rise and fall of the Empire, Dosuun has remained relatively unaffected by the turmoil and changing political climate of the galaxy during his reign.

Ancestors on Hav's father's side trace their lineage to Corellia. His paternal great-great-great-grandfather, Rebus Antiel, was a wealthy Corellian merchant who emigrated to Dosuun following the fall of the House of Solo. Hav's paternal great-grandfather, Ran Antiel, worked to increase then-Senator Palpatine's support among Wild Space sectors. During the Clone Wars, Ran supplied infrastructure support to the Grand Army of the Republic during the Outer Rim Campaign. During this time, the royal family was eager to prove their loyalty to the nascent Empire. Sovereign Queen Maur, Hav's maternal great-grandmother, granted Ran the dukedom of Seelona and, by extension, proximity to the royal family. The next thirty years would witness the Antiel family intertwine with the House of Sosuuna, and it was little surprise when King Van II announced Princess Mair's bethrothal to Robus of Seelona in 10 BBY.
 Social status: As grandson to King Van II, King of Dosuun, Hav is currently sixth in line of succession after his mother, Princess Mair, Dutchess of Sosuuna, his older sister Princess Morii, Dutchess of Seelona, and Morii's three children.
 Significant events of childhood: Hav was born on the royal yacht Aledama on the 7th month of 7 BBY as the second child of Mair and Robus of Selona. He was christened with the royal name Hav on return to Meer Castle by his grandfather, Van II. His symbolic regents at the time of his birth were his paternal grandfather, Rebus of Seelona, his sister Morii, Dutchess of Seelona, his paternal uncle Garm (a former Imperial pilot), Lady Lynadim (his maternal cousin), and Sector Admiral Grek DeGrond.

Like their royal precedessors, Hav's parents eschewed the Core World tradition of excessively-long royal names, settling on the monosyllabic "Hav" that would be their son's name both inside and outside of Meer Castle. Because he has not been granted a dukedom (a title traditionally bestowed shortly before male heirs are married), Hav retains the broad title Prince of Dosuun.

Hav's paternal grandfather, Rebus of Seelona, wanted his grandchildren to have a broad range of experiences before settling into the relative monotony of royal life. Hav's Uncle Garm played an important role in this regard, encouraging Hav to study art, music, sport, and flying, frequently inviting young Hav to join him on his flying exploits. Hav joined his parents on their yearly tours of the Core Worlds, and he eventually developed an interest in exploring Wild Space.

Hav received a private eduation from tutors at Meer Castle during his primary years. At age 13, Hav enrolled at Cruthers School, an independent boarding school founded by Sector Admiral Grek DeGrond. At Cruthers, Hav took up smashball and joined the school's strings ensemble. Hav studied literature, history, art, music, and engineering at high level, obtaining certifications in all except engineering. Admiral DeGrond took an interest in young Hav during his time at Cruthers, often granting Hav special privileges and at one point inviting the young prince aboard his Victory-class Star Destroyer Auspice.

Following his matriculation from Cruthers, Hav was torn between his interests in music and education and the desire stoked by Admiral DeGrond to serve in Dosuun's Planetary Naval Auxiliary. As an 18-year-old, he was old enough to earn flight certification, but Hav's family pressured him to continue his education in the Core Worlds like his mother and grandfather. It was Hav's Uncle Garm who convinced the young prince to enroll at Dammon University on Corulag due to its proximity to the Sienar Advanced Research Division facility.

At Dammon University, Hav embarked on a degree course in music but later changed his main subject to history, going on to earn mastery certification with honors. While at the university, he represented Corulag in Quetarra Center's Quetarra-Thon in 13 ABY, placing second runner-up. It was during his time at Dammon that Hav began using the name "Antiel" among his classmates. Proximity to the Sienar Advanced Research Division provided opportunities to witness experimental craft, which regularly flew over the university. This experience cemented Hav's desire to become a pilot, even as he was dedicating his time to his studies.
 Significant events of adulthood: After his sabbatical tour of Wild Space and subsequent kidnapping, Hav decided on a military career, undergoing officer training with the Emperor's Hammer on the Modified Platform Daedalus. While on board the Daedalus, Hav completed practical training in the TIE/ln, TIE/sa, and TIE/IN and simulated training in the TIE/ad, TIE/D, and Alpha-class Xg-1 Assault Gunboat and Missile Boat. The young pilot developed an appreciation for the classic unshielded TIE craft that his uncle had piloted during the Galactic Civil War. He found that the simplicity of the earlier TIE Series models demanded creativity and ingenuity in battle, whereas later models (the TIE/D and Missile Boat in particular) relied more on technical superiority and less on pilot skill.

 Alignment and attitude: 
 Previous occupations: 
 Hobbies: Hav is an accomplished artist, musician, and athlete. He designed and created Sin's squadron patches, and he has painted TIE pilot helmets for a number of his TIE Corps colleagues. During his sabbatical in Wild Space, Hav played quetarra, quintolium, and hallikset in the b'ssa nuuvu band The Pink Banthas, a name that Hav later used for his personal ships in the TIE Corps. It was during his time touring with the group that Hav was kidnapped by Zabrak pirates and held for ransom, ultimately losing both hands (and his musical aspirations) and requiring cybernetic implants: an exquisite set of Mikar Mechno-Arms that once belonged to Hav's great-great-auntie.
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 Phobias and allergies: shielded craft
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