Vice Admiral Zósite Kónstyte Styles (# 12450)
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RSV/VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles/M/FRG Phoenix
Rx1/DFC-SW-BW-Rx4/MoC-2doc-2poc-4goc-5soc-28boc/CoLx5/CoE/CoB/OV-12E [IMPR] [Veteran 1st]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
 Name and rank: Vice Admiral Zósite Kónstyte Styles
 ID line: RSV/VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles/M/FRG Phoenix
 Gender: Male
 Species: Human (I think :P)
 Date of Birth: 10/19/14 BBY
 Place of Birth: Dark Diamond City (Moonlightshadow System)
 Marital Status: Married
 Family information: Father: Rathmmír Kónstyte, Former Lord of Moonlightshadow (dead).
Mother: Vickë Styles, Former Lady of Moonlightshadow (dead).
Wife: Aredhel Elenna Kalemmírë, Lady of Moonlightshadow (alive... Beware!!!).
 Social status: Well-to-do. Officially NUTS beyond any hope.
 Significant events of childhood: Born in the Moonlightshadow System as the only son of the local Lord, thus being also the heir of the title. Not to mention his family was but VERY wealthy so his childhood was typical for a stupid sn00b kid. Here must be said that he took part on most of his planet civil wars piloting local starfighters. Moonlightshadow's starfighters are well known for being quick-as-hell and weak as butter, so perhaps this is the reason which can explain that Zósite's most preferred starfighters are the TIE Interceptor and the A-9. He somewhat managed to survive long enough to be ellegible for his father title.

Now comes the funny thing... He was engaged while he was still a kid, as it's usual on his system. Aredhel was her name and Zósite thought the luck was on his part because the beauty and intelligence were on her. She was also an amazing pilot but even a more excellent poilitician and vizier. Three months of happyness, that was all... They started arguing with each other to the point that they couldn't be on the same room for more than 2 minutes before it being declared catastrophic zone, although they were compelled to maintain the image of an excellent matrimony for the sake of the "Lord-Lady" throne. And then, one day as any other else, Zósite's parents died due to some problems dealing with a Dreadnaught which crushed into their Summer Palace. The Dreadnaught's Captain, only known as Cpt. Annele, fleed before he could be mutila... err... processed according to local laws. So Zósite was now Lord of Moonlightshadow as well as Aredhel was the Lady. But things became even worse... After some time it became more and more obvious that the beloved Lord was following the path of crazyness with an alarming haste; he was seen piloting strange things that he used to equip with engines one way or another as local fauna and all assortments of things that weren't actually designed to fly except if being thrown. He also used to write articles for some local newspapers, thus causing overall insanity among his subdits. So the Lady of Moonlightshadow thought her time had come and declared his husband "Officially NUTS" thus ordering him to be secluded in a high-security prison. So it was written, so it was done. But in the end Aredhel became a much more cruel tyrant than his (only mad) husband. Anyway she managed to keep untouched the loyalty of her great Army so there was nothing to do against her.

And then came the day when an Imperial Corvette crushed upon that prison mentioned above and permitted Zósite, who was amazed about the irony of his destiny, to flee. As everybody should have noticed already it's dangerous to fly over Moonlightshadow due to some electromagnetic mania of the very planet's atmosphere to attract ships to its surface. He took passage on a shuttle which quickly departed from the planet carrying a complete shipment of parrots which accompanied poor Zósite all the trip, contributing to his already damaged mind.

Not to mention that Zósite always remembered the kind gesture by the nice Galactic Empire for freeing the true Lord of his reign... Yes, he STILL thinks that the Corvette was there just to do that... (*sigh*)
 Significant events of adulthood: After wandering the entire Galaxy as Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, plain Pirate, Scientist, starfighter technician, fisherman and shoe-maker among other classified (for the sake of loyal Imperial crew's sanity) things, he signed for The Emperor's Hammer, looking for an opportunity to return to his home with a vengeance and a divorce form on fire. Soon, his skills as an uber pilot showed up and he obtained his Imperial Flight Certification (which lost two days after when he thought it was some kind of taxes request striking again). He also spent much time in the IWATS learning all which was able for him to learn. He was finally assigned to ISD Challenge where he serves nowadays within the ranks of Cyclone Squadron as CMDR, looking forward to HIS DAY.

And about his TIE Corps career... well, first some crazy dude should have lost Zósite's personal biography since he was appointed as COOA and PROF. Obviously this can only mean doom for everybody else; yes, he can be excellent when piloting for the mayhem, but sometimes he also thinks that the best way for his lasers to reach the enemy is to vape first everything that crosses on their way, as other Flight Members. As if it wouldn't be enough, later he made his way to the Tactical Office and blackmailed the TAC to appoint him also as TCS under menace of having him flying the Mission Compendium TWICE on a yearly basis. Then LC Kadon Beir, former Cyclone CMDR, appointed him as Flight II Leader... poor guy... few months after that Zósite himself was appointed Cyclone CMDR and LC Beir stepped down after been found guilty of some kamikaze attacks against Wing X Cantina featuring explosives and trying to lure everyone around into madness using some 60's Song Hits on his reports.

Then he drove his Squadron to the prestigious position of "TCCOM's Own" in "Raise the Flag 2007"... Sincerely, if the Flight Officer wanted to die so badly there are better, less painful and frustrating ways than some heavy rocket-surprise coming up your six.

After some time someone up there obviously even worse than him awarded the NUTS CMDR The Gold Star of The Empire!! So this is how pays to remain there for over a year providing the whole Fleet with reasons enough to build a brand new Death Star only to enclose everybody there later and blow it up on purpose...

And then something horrible happened!!
Returning from a mission on The Outer Rim the ISD Challenge jumped into hyperspace! Oh well... it wouldn't have been so horrible if not for the fact that Zósite was still working at his office *OUTSIDE* the ship when it happened. Actually many high-ranking officers within 'The Chal' say that this curious event was rather a LUCKY one and some of them even claim to have ordered it exactly that way on purpose...
About 6 months passed and just when everybody onboard the Challenge have almost managed to get their lives and sanity back... someone knocked at one of the Challenge's maintenance airlocks. And there was Zósite again carrying his desk and chair at his back.
- But Zós!! What happened?! How the hell... we mean, how on earth did you manage to survive out there? We thought we were already free of... of our sorrow and you come back after so a long time!
- ...
- Sooo?
- So what? And what time are you talking about? I was just finishing my last paperwork when I saw the Chal returning from a hyperjump I didn't notice, so I just came around and knocked at the door, as usual. By the way, has anybody seen my chalquilla jar? I left it on the bridge when I went out and...

In the end, Zósite returned to his beloved Cyclone, now commanded by Captain Vertigo, his former Flight Leader (a Squadron with no CMDR for 2 months is not exactly their idea of an inspiring sight), but now as Flight Leader of its Flight III, "The Gale Providers". And hell followed...
 Alignment and attitude: Absolutely loyal to The Emperor's Hammer and the Chain of Command. Extremely active and motivated. On the other hand he doesn't sleep much and he's CRAZY.
 Previous occupations: Bounty Hunter (as the half of the Fleet).
Smuggler (potatoes and booze most of the time).
Pirate (from those few that survided the Galactic Empire & Rebel Alliance cleanings).
Scientist (brilliant science-man indeed, specialized on Astrophysics and Maths Theories... He was fired after blowing up an entire continent on one of his experiments).
Starfighter Technician (Unshielded starfighters mostly).
Fisherman (he was ordered to do so by the New Republic Sanity Commission in an attempt to regain his sanity with calm and relax. They suspended the therapy after finding him fishing corpses and other nasties on Tatooine, at Sarlacc's Pit).
Shoe-maker. (He needed the job. Period).
Classified Profession I. (Evil).
Classified Profession II. (Plain Mean).
Classified Profession III. (Could it be even worse? IT CAN).

TIE Corps stuff:

Cyclone Flight Member (1-4)
Cyclone Flight II Leader (2-1)
Cyclone Commander (1-1)
Cyclone Flight Member (3-2)
Cyclone Flight III Leader (3-1)
Cyclone Commander II (1-1)
 Hobbies: Piloting quick and unshielded starfighters.
Piloting almost everything with the sole condition of not being designed to be piloted.
Vaping Rebels.
Vaping Anarchists.
Vaping everybody else.
Crushing starfighters into ISD Challenge's Hangar.
Tossing heavy rockets to innocent and defenseless ejected pilots.
Plotting and plotting to regain his former throne.
Enslaving defenseless alien races.
Making booze, developing even new recipes.
Repeated attempts to kill his former Squad. Commander burying him under a mountain of BSFs.
Repeated attempts to kill his current Wing Commander exactly the same way.
Causing overall havoc within his Wing communication system.
Being NUTS and trying to make everybody else to follow his example.
To drink.
To drink some more.
To go floor...
To get lost into vacuum and then return against all logic, not to mention against all hopes.
 Tragedies in life: Let's try to be serious, ok? He is THE tragedy...
 Phobias and allergies: Aredhel Elenna Kalemmírë.
Crappypilotphobia (as COL Fr0d0 March. Look at his INPR, if it's still there, for more info about it).
Rebel Starfighters.
Anarchists so far.
Some moderate to severe photophobia.
Unexpected racoons who come in and...
To stay sober.
People who somehow got a BIG-FAT-SHINY payment for NOTHING.
 Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
 It means Peace. It means Order. It means the dream of my beloved Emperor. It means the use of the force upon those who try to think differently. I love to be here!! I love my ship, it's the ISD Challenge... It means booze...
 Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
 He wants to regain his former leadership of his home planet. First he thought about returning there after having seen all the "Die Hard" series, but then he decided to strenght his possibilities a little more and signed for the best representative symbol of peace and order in the whole Galaxy, the remnants of the glorious Galactic Empire. The most strong and capable of them: The Emperor's Hammer. Oh, and they complain much lesser whenever he kills some Rebel just for fun; the New Republic Security Division seemed very disappointed about.
 Other comments: If you have managed to keep reading until now resign immediately to your current assignment and come to my Squadron. You're crazy. You're dangerous. You will be safe here under my command. People out there don't like you, they're conspiring against you, you see...? You'll be safe here and they will not if you are... >:D
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