Admiral John T. Clark (# 11690)
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SOO/AD John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Challenge
OV-17E [Aquilifer] [Elite 3rd] [Top Ace Ranger] {TCCORE-SM/4}

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   Admiral John T. Clark
  ID line:   SOO/AD John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Challenge
  Gender:   male
  Species:   Human
  Date of Birth:   12 BBY
  Place of Birth:   Kuat, Habitat Module E-3588190
  Marital Status:   single
  Family information:   Clark's family never was one of military heritage, even though his Grandfather Terrance Clark had been a fleet NCO in the old Republican Navy. His father Richard Terrance Clark, and his mother Sanilia Clark were operating a small shop selling all things of the daily need near one of Kuat's orbital shipyards. John's two elder brother's Michael Thomas and Anthony Marcus had decided on not work in the family business and had left Kuat to pursue their careers. Especially Anthony was successful, and had managed to even get a loan to buy his own bulk transport to make a living as a resource merchant. Michael chose a different approach and was on university studying to be come a finance broker. So it more or less was on John to continue the family business after he had grown of age, and he was determined to do it. Then on a summer day when John was 15 it all changed. A group of men clad in Imperial Navy uniforms appeared in their shop to speak with John's mother. The news had been shocking. Anthony's ship had been assaulted by members of the so called Rebel Alliance, and when he wasn't surrendering and leave his freight the ship had been boarded and all crewmen killed. On the day of Anthony's funeral John had a talk with his parents, disclosing that he wanted to join the Imperial Navy to avenge his brother's death. But they wouldn't agree, not even listen to his arguments, and thus John after a couple of weeks grudgingly accepted their verdict. Another couple of months passed and news of growing aggressiveness of the Rebels were frightening many people on and around Kuat. Then in 3 ABY the situation for the Clark's finally escalated. Michael had landed a small Job on Zaloriis, after having graduated with honours. But his job-site choosing couldn't have been worse. A small group of Rebels had started and uprising against the small Imperial Garrison force. Offended by this Michael decided to join a group of imperial army members to endow them with his help. But he didn't even manage to talk to them as they were all cut down by an explosives rigged speeder that blew up after driving right into the group. Now John's mind was set firmly on the idea of joining up with the imperial forces. He couldn't wait to turn 18 to enlist. This time his parents couldn't convince him otherwise, and even as Imperial Center fell to the Rebels he joined a group of young man who had decided follow an enlistment call from the ISDII “Colossus” that just was in the system and planning to join one of the new imperial factions, this one lead by an Admiral Ronin.
  Social status:   John's family was never rich, but the shop was generating a certain profit that the Clark family never had to be to carefull with their money. Especially for the schooling of his "Boys" Richard Clark was never on to keep his money. All in all Clark is a rather middle class person, that appreciates good working people and thinks that good work should be well paid.
  Significant events of childhood:   Clark always liked spaceships, and when he was 11 his father took him to a shuttle tour of Kuat. The large Capital Ships really impressed John, but the small fighters that swarmed around seemed an even bigger curiosity to him. When he became 16 he was allowed to fly in some orbital transports with his elder brother Anthony.
  Significant events of adulthood:   The deaths of his Brothers. Furthermore Clark was in Rebel Custody from 18ABY to 25ABY, which installed an even stronger disgust of the so called New Republic in him.
  Alignment and attitude:   Clark had always had the reputation to be calm in battle. The question remains how well he can keep his emotions in check during combat now, after spending years in Rebel prisons.
  Previous occupations:   Clark has worked a little in his parent's shop, and has come to know hard physical work during his time in prison camps.
  Hobbies:   John likes rock music from various planets, and is also interested in an occasional game of cards in the cantina.
  Tragedies in life:   Deaths of his brothers.
  Phobias and allergies:   medium allergic reaction to Bacta
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  John believes the TC is the only remaining imperial faction that actually still holds high the ideals of the Empire. The peace treaty between the so called Imperial Remnant and the New Republic has proven his idea to be right.
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  Revenging the deaths of his brothers and, to a degree, also the wish to break out of the live his parents planned for him.
  Other comments:  
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