TIE Corps on IRC

SSD Executor crew pit -- from 'The Empire Strikes Back'

The members of the TIE Corps have several ways of staying in touch with each other and their Chain of Command. One of them is the medium of Internet relay Chat (IRC). Though not as popular as several years ago, the two main IRC channels still generate activity. Come along if you wanna have a talk with your fellow members!

There's no rule preventing a non TIE Corps nor Emperor's Hammer member from joining our channels. Be welcome, and feel the pulse of the Fleet before finally deciding to take the step and join us, if so you wish. However, take note that everybody there, non members included, shall obey Emperor's Hammer IRC Code of Conduct (IRC CoC)! Otherwise they'll face the rage of the Emperor's Hammer Communications Officer, who is in charge of enforcing this Code. Additionally, Squadron Commanders and higher position members may have operator (@) status, and their word must be heed by everybody else following Emperor's Hammer/TIE Corps chain of command.

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