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Reviews for XvT-TC 70

 LC Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 This battle is one hard bone to gnaw. Missions are well designed and laid-out flawlessly. In hard level, dogfighting in a GUN is going to prove a real challenge against missile shooting A-Ws and T-Ws. Player will find a very demanding battle with some missions on the brink of frustrating. For hardcore pilots. If you want an easy day at the beach, check elsewhere. But if you want a nice challenge, fly it on hard level. You have been warned!
 MAJ Genie
    rating: 4
 Played this on hard. The briefing is excellent and the story reasonably well-crafted. There is some failing on the orders of the enemy craft (several missions esp the ones you have a decoy beam) and in one mission of the friendly craft. It is enjoyable but XvT is unforgiving. A good battle overall and I can see from the timings of some craft that its creator tried to design the scenario well. The only failing is some of the orders of the enemy craft. In addition, mission #2 exceeds the craft limit and as a result one flight group does not appear on hard. Reported it as a bug.
 CPT Aardvark
    rating: 5
 Fun missions. The duration and difficulty level was just about right when I played on medium. On hard was a different story...so many missiles!!! I was dreading yet another "Kill the rebels escaping Hoth" scenario, but this battle was different and interesting. I loved the appearance of some familiar names from XWA and getting to blow them up because they are troublemakers. I also enjoyed the variety of craft (unshielded interceptor, missile boat and TIE/advanced) and the different roles from inspection to assault so it didn't get repeative or boring. There is lots of inspection and you have to hustle to get the objectives at times so that made it challenging.
 RA Zekk Terrik
    rating: 4
 This battle was pretty fun! I took one point off for making me fly an Assault Gunboat. That is always a detractor from what was otherwise a good battle. I swear, those things are like flying pregnant yaks. I thought the story was a bit boring as the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth has been a bit done to death. Also, that inspection mission (I think mission 4? I forgot. I’m hungover) was pretty seriously frustrating with mag pulse torpedoes flying everywhere and me only being able to move like 10 feet at a time before being hit by another. Also, the stuff I was supposed to capture kept getting blown to bits and I could not figure out why for a while...once I did, I had to tell everyone to ignore them and I concentrated on them myself so we would not keep failing the mission. Overall good battle!
 COL Stryker
    rating: 3
 This battle was fun and reasonably challenging on Medium for the first three missions, although I do not usually enjoy inspection missions when the enemy are spamming Mag Pulses. Mission 4 was a letdown brought about by the Space Bombs flying everywhere - if you do not kill the Y-Wings, you'll lose the mission at the same time you win it.
 LCM Solohan50
    rating: 4
 I played on Easy. This was a decent battle. The missions were all varied and it wasn't just an endless stream of bad guys. It was very easy on Easy, except for the mission where you have to inspect containers. For some reason, the capture objectives kept getting destroyed and I couldn't tell from where. Other than that, not a bad mission.
 CM Jack Wynand
    rating: 5
 I enjoyed this- I was able to focus mostly on blowing apart enemy ships, which is what I like to do so I had a lot of fun here.
 FA Mark Schueler
    rating: 4
 Pretty good, not too hard, not overly easy. I quite liked it.
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 3
 Personally..I'm not a fan of this series, its quite, well I thought it boring. Technical side it was quite good but the story just wasn't...magical.
 LCM Luca Fett
    rating: 5
 This is ONE COOL Battle... although you fly in old Ties and Gunboats are considered "state of the art", it is a journey to a better time, when the Empire was in power and the coolest thing was to look 80ish...
 CM TK-9780
    rating: 5
 This is a historic look at situation in and around the Hoth system, time period is a few months before the attack on Echo Base. XWA owners will recognise some of teams used, the missions were not designed to leave the player combating alone against overwhelming odds, but more the integration of team work. I've tried to cover most aspects from the XvT game from 'Inspection to Heavy assault. Please enjoy, any and all feed back is welcome.