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Reviews for TIE-TC 203

 HA Plif
    rating: 2
 There are a frustrating number of situations that have to be "just so" in order to get a ship to do what it needs to do in order to complete the related goal, like the INT issue in mission 5 that MAJ Cruise mentioned. 1 out of 5 for design, giving one point back for the story which feels like it had some thought put into it.
 MAJ Landon Cruise
    rating: 2
 Nice dog fighting, but good luck playing this without cheats. This is a kill every starfighter type battle. Also send your Interdictor home in mission 5, or else you will never win as it attacks a PLT you must protect.
 GN Master
    rating: 3
 Its Quite good, but the bugs i listed below brought it down
 COL Carl Lost
    rating: 4
 Fast pacing and some missions can be quite "argh! I missed that ship!" but one of the finer missions around here, methinks :)