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Reviews for XvT-TC 60

 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 2
 I played this on Easy. There's some decent things about these missions, but there's soooo much waiting around. I would definitely rate these a little higher if there wasn't so much idling around at the beginning of the missions. Other than that, it was decently fun.
 COL Genie
    rating: 4
 It's a decent, bold battle. The last mission pushes the game-engine to its limits as having multiple capital ships circling and numerous factories peppered around, it means some of the times the cap ships disappear, but they are still there. Be wary of your surroundings. I liked this battle, i give it 5/5 on immersion, but I do not believe it is everyone's cup of tea. I took a nice 4/5 sip.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 This battle was rolling down so smoothly. A decent plotline and very well written, with a twist in some missions which made it even more interesting and somehow realistic. The dogfights and tactical layout felt slightly repetitive, with almost identical units present in every mission, but honestly it didn't matter, since the playing experience was challenging, fun and gripping. Not even the point that you fly an old shielded Space Shoe, aka the TIE Interceptor, throughout the campaign seemed like a bad thing to me. At all. Until mission 8 arrived. What a mess. I am trying to guess what it was that the creator intended to throw at us poor players. At least half a dozen capital ships with 200% have to be put down. Or, to be fair, the primary goal is a CRS with double shields. But the problem is that your assisting GUNs have the piloting skills of a slug after a serious hangover. And you are still inside a miserable T/I!. Dogfighting over 4 dozens X-Ws and Y-Ws and highly skilled gunners from all ships conveying on your stranded capital ships to defend. Obnoxious. Barely the chance to load up 4 torps per starfighter, and accurate shooting on the cruiser's turrets and guns, after shields are down, and jumping from fighter to fighter, seemed to do the trick. A terrible way to spoil an otherwise solid work of mission creation. Fly it whenever you have the patience to endure last assignment. You have been warned!
 LC Choosh
    rating: 3
 I completely agree that the last mission is messed up, please feel free to e-mail me at mchenry@jefnet.com for some tips to make it easier.
 AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus
    rating: 2
 I have to say i enjoyed this battle until i got to the final mission. The AI of your allies is so poor that you have to protect your own capital ships as well as destroying a cruiser. The mission is extremely difficult even on easy
 CM TK-9780
    rating: 3
 A nice set of missions, although mission 8 does push the games AI to the limit. Unlike some other long battles, these FCHG points were a pleasure to get.
 LC Girth Snail
    rating: 4
 Fun battle - the plotline was pretty good, and there was a decent amount of dogfighting. Nice work Choosh ;o)