XvT-F 129: Wing XVI: Wampa Squadron

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 2003-01-31
Last updated: 2009-02-22

HA Ender mBind

Average rating: 3
Reviews: 3
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 25
Patches used
  • EH Ship Patch for XvT
  • Battle Reviews

    CPT Xye



    Blowing up cap ships, defending your cap ships - what's not to love? On easy at least, this was of little difficulty. You have the choice of TIE/D if you so desire, which is always a favorite of mine. It doesn't make you feel overpowered in this mission though, because some of your mission-critical craft are FRGs while the Rebels have caps for critical, and cruisers as secondaries. Just watch out for constant Y-Wing attacks on your most vulnerable cruisers.

    COL Genie



    A bit of Missile Boat fun with a ton of flying torpedoes lighting up the air. It's ok, just nothing too fancy.

    COL Phalk Sturm



    Another mission recreating squadrons from the former ASF. This goes as a nice and entertaining bombing run on several rebel capships, while flying a MIS. Too bad, the warheads available are underperforming. This is more tedious than challenging, in my opinion, but overall, the mission is fun to fly and worth a try.

    Battle Bug Reports

    There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

    High Scores

    Mission: 69,132 COL TK-7764

    Top Ten

    (of available records)

    1 69,132 COL TK-7764 2003-03-19
    2 64,900 GN Dax Corrin 2014-09-20
    3 60,606 COL Zystem Fryar 2005-01-18
    4 58,805 COL Genie 2021-10-23
    5 35,662 MAJ Hunter 2003-05-23
    6 33,545 GN Dunta Polo 2010-11-29
    7 33,351 COL Shae Kitane 2003-02-09
    8 32,015 COL Phalk Sturm 2021-10-21
    9 31,395 AD TK-2107 2003-02-22
    10 31,243 CPT Tvan'Oris 2003-07-25

    Battle Completion Statistics

    This battle has been flown by 23 pilots a total of 25 times.

    X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter Free Mission
    Title:		 Wing XVI: Wampa Squadron
    Missions:	 1
    Medal:		 A Hug from the Hoth Wampa
    Author:		 FL-SCOA-TCT-TCS/CM Ender mBind/Echo 2-1/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard
    Game Platform:	 X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (+patches)
    Release Date:    1/jul/2002
    Ships:           TIE Defender, Missileboat
    Difficulty:      Playable.
    Filename:        wxvi5wampa.zip
    File contents:   WINGXVI5.TIE, Mission.lst, Readme.txt, Imperial.lst
    Hardware used:   Celleron 450Mhz, GForce II Ultra, 194Mb
    Software used:   XvTEd, XvT, Notepad
    The Imperial.lst and Mission.lst replace your original files, so back those up!
    - This is a little more complicated. Go to the patch archive of the Science Office at
    http://www.scienceoffice.net/patch/view_cat.php?id=1 and download the TIE Defender and
    Missileboat patches. Read the installation instructions and install them accordingly.
    - Place these files into your /train directory: WINGXVI5.TIE, Imperial.lst, Mission.lst
    - Create a new pilot for the mission based on your name or PIN and the mission number. 
    For example, SL Stele playing Free Mission 80 would make a new pilot file named "StelFM80." 
    or a Pilot with PIN 2883 playing Free Mission 69 would make a new pilot file named "2883fm69" 
    - Begin flying the first training mission.
    This mission is part of a series of free missions about each of the squadrons in the ASF doing 
    missions following their squadron objective in their assigned craft. Each mission tries to give
    a feel and a bit of history of each of the Squadrons. All the storylines of the missions are
    interconnected and have the ASF Squadron join together against a common foe.
    Story Line
    Wampa Squadron, 114th TIE Corps Squadron, of Wing XVI is based upon the ISDII Predator and 
    its objective is Fighter Suppression. Fighter Suppression Squadrons are the dogfight 
    specialists that go after the enemy fighters to either take out a target's fighter defenses 
    or to defend an Emperor's Hammer ship from fighter attack.
    When intercepting a convoy of warheads on their way to a New Republic Spine Security Force 
    Cruiser the ISDII Predator got itself in quite a predicament: it got into a full blown 
    fight with that Cruiser, and its Battle group.
    The convoy was destroyed, but the NR-SSF called in reinforcements and seemed to want to 
    capture the ISDII Predator. Now the Predator has called in the ISDII Vanguard to help - but 
    that ship might be still a while before it arrives...
    You need XvT (or at least all the ships involved there) AND the SCO Patch for the
    TIE Defender and Missileboat.
    Other Information
    This is the First release. Bugs could arrise - please
    mail me if they do - also if you have hints, death threats,
    questions or apraisals.
    FL-SCOA-TCT-TCS/CM Ender mBind/Echo 2-1/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard