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Reviews for XvT-TC 34

 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 2
 I like the INT Shire battles a lot, but this lost several points for bringing some knifes to gun fights... there are a couple of missions that don't have Frodo's signature knack for small conflict balance and just throw too many ships at you. It doesn't add to the challenge, just to the time required
 CM TK-9780
    rating: 3
 Ok some of the mission contain a few niggardly points, like sometimes it hard to workout what's exactly going on, or you get friendly craft just fly around seemingly doing nothing. The battle isn't HS maker too many friendly craft, and with the shortage of radio's, a player can become swamped by friendly craft very quickly. Med - Easy battle - too many friendly craft and no radio.
 GN Wil Striker
    rating: 2
 Buggy, needs some changes, but overall not too bad. I can't give it a higher rating because neither VA Brakka or I would have ever allowed the Rebs to get away with our INT in the first place. :P
 COL TK-7764
    rating: 3
 Wait wait wait. We stink becase we have skill and can "beat" the mission. We know how to win the mission but we choose not to sit around on our butt but to actualy try. That is why mission 2 failed. And that should be changed so one does not have to fly the mission twice to beat it. That is why it can be considered a bug.
 LCM Pheonixus
    rating: 5
 A Fantastic mission, i loved it! What do you mean not enough Y-Wings? If you guys killed all of them, then you deserve to wait for twenty minutes