XvT-TC 42: More Power Part II

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 4
Release date: 2002-07-05
Last updated: 2009-02-22

CPT Paul

Average rating: 3
Reviews: 10
Bug reports: 2
Times completed: 166
Patches used: None

Battle Medal:
Medal of Power - 2S

Battle Reviews

COL Genie



This is like the 'serious sam' of xvt. That's what it felt like. Hordes after hordes after hordes of Rebel fighters. If you enjoy it, then give it a go. If not, then give it go!

I wanted to throw my computer out of the window on mission 3 when there were endless waves of Y-Wings destroying my VSD and my wingmen and I couldn't manage them. Instead I focused on just killing the X-Wings as fast as I possibly could and it worked. That mission angered me in so many ways, but whatever. In the final mission you have to laser down a Mon Cal Cruiser. Little things like that are frustrating. Otherwise fairly easy missions and worth playing.

CPT Jaxx Nassin



A decent battle. The latter missions are a bit long in the tooth since they devolve into kill a trillion enemy missions. But the first two missions are fun and unique. If you want a quick battle, check this one out.

COL Phalk Sturm



The sequel of previous battle is pretty much with the same condiment. An excellent plotline and briefings, and somehow a repetitive and not-so-good mission crafting. This however does not mean this battle isn't fun to fly, though it feels like the same thing over and over. And last mission could have some overhauling. T/As with magpulses against the enemy's Advanced Missiles which take an instant kill over 200% shields is very much unbalanced. Also, taking down a CRS on mere lasers is not fun at all. And never has been nor will be. Pity, because it ends up like a mediocre, yet another fodder campaign, while wasting the excellent storyline writing behind it.

LCM Marek Ny`Irfa



This battle has an okay plot, quite interesting one. I can only regret I'm doing this one out of the blue for competition so I have no idea what was going on in previous battle. Technically this battle is quite crappy though. I found that both the bugs submitted are still valid in 2020. Although in my case of missions 2 the VSDs never colided but started to fire on one another for no reason. I'm pretty sure I saw some of the R-41s fire on their own Frigates too. Primary objectives of mission 1 to 3 are relatively easy to achieve and you can bail out early. Mission 4 does require you to gun down the Cruiser. Mag pulses help a lot but they have a serious drawback too. Equipping whole squadron with them renders your squad mates pretty much cannon fodder to enemy fighters. Your allies will die like flies in pretty much every mission putting you alone vs the rest. That's one tough battle just for this reason. Given how it seems to suffer some 'trigger' problems, I give it a 'meh' to fly opinion.

GN Mark Schueler



The final mission is rediculous as you are required to destroy a CRS with just lasers

CPT Marenac



Nice Battle, lots to destroy! Good Work.

LCM Danel



Good battle and good argument.Interesant also in the second mission the alternative to flight the A-W.For the details: Mission 1, the enemie is really very rookie and the Imperial:Aces, no so far play for this poor guys.Mission 2: not Concussion Missile system in the VSD,a cronical shortage of Missiles in the Rebel field, absolutly no contremeasures availables(Chaffs or Flares). Mission 3: a lot of Missiles for the T/A Viper, for the Rebels,nothing,(maybe a box of matches why not?) Mission 4:Guauuuu!!! Missiles in the Rebel field!!!,the shortage and supplies come normal endly for this guys. But apart this details, a good Battle, specially the mission 3

LT Elegy of Despond



Very excellent. While the fact that some of the gunships on your side destroy as opposed to disable some of the A-wings you're supposed to capture in that first mission is a bit detracting, this is nevertheless a top-notch battle. By the end of it you learn pretty well how a strip a capital ship of it's weapons one turbolaser at a time and leave it hanging defenseless.

LCM Luca Fett



You want to learn how effective Magpulse warheads can be? Then this is your mission. Here, you will learn that any good pilot can take out a Capital Ship on Hard Mode using magpulse warheads. Great battle, trully enjoyed it.

Battle Bug Reports

GN Dunta Polo


Mission 1: FRG Pirate's flight path causes it to fly straight 'through' the VSD Guardian, it also does not fire once all of the R-41 Starchasers are destroyed. VSD Guardian tries to disable pirate craft instead of destroying them. Rebel STRKC Hazen never arrives due to a lack of arrival conditions set. ATR group Rho stay static in space instead of returning to the VSD Guardian's hangar when their mission is complete.

Mission 2: The Terradoc Victory Star Destroyers fly 'through' each other due to bad pathing, and their TIE Fighter complement begins to launch too early, causing them to be far out of position for attacking the CRS Mon Reloska. Pirate R-41 Starchasers are not considered a threat in the objectives despite 24 of them arriving to attack the Rebel cruiser. Some of the 'friendly' X-Wings defending the Mon Reloska start attacking the player FG (A-Wing Red) when all R-41s are destroyed.

Mission 3: Briefing refers to player's TIE Advanced flightgroup as 'Eta' but it is actually 'Viper' in the mission.

GN Anahorn Dempsey


M2: the two hostile VSDs collide, destroying each other

High Scores

Battle Total: 318,190 COL Brucmack
Mission 1: 59,200 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa 2020-10-17
Mission 2: 80,416 COL Brucmack
Mission 3: 96,620 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa 2020-10-17
Mission 4: 96,428 CM BlackHellKnight

Top Ten

(Submissions since 2010)

1 295,948 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa 2020-10-17
2 186,861 GN Dunta Polo 2009-08-01
3 138,447 MAJ Coremy Jertese 2019-10-13
4 129,743 LT Troy 2019-09-03
5 129,265 MAJ Hermann 2020-10-18
6 117,224 GN Anahorn Dempsey 2013-06-15
7 114,489 CPT Kazraran 2021-03-25
8 104,547 AD Hav Antiel 2018-12-09
9 101,939 MAJ Tuba 2011-08-27
10 96,984 GN Anahorn Dempsey 2010-05-23

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 153 pilots a total of 166 times.