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Reviews for XWA-free 73

 LC Pete Mitchell
    rating: 4
 A pretty solid mission with some interesting twists like the CORT flying around and mocking you. Not quite sure why the immortal shows up with preybirds and experimental TIES, but it works ok.
 MAJ Genie
    rating: 4
 The mission is well crafted. The theme is down to individual taste, whether you like it or not. I do like the way the CORT tries to sneak out while you are busy inspecting the craft. Good candidate for high score chasing.
 CM Michal Herok
    rating: 4
 Yeah, very nice mission :D
 CT Darksaber
    rating: 5
 Very cool mission ;) Plotline very funny Not too hard
 MAJ Flelm
    rating: 3
 Hmm... interesting is what this battle is. The objectives are alright, but I don't know... I couldn't follow the plotline too well. Fortunately, you didn't need that to complete the mission, but it would have helped.
 GN Abel Malik
    rating: 4
 An interesting mission (especially for us Immortal pilots:P). It has a well balanced set of objectives and isn't just kill, kill, kill (though there's some nice combat opportunities as well).